Your PERSONality Keeps You Stuck In The Matrix

Think about it: all us spiritual folks know that multiple personality disorder are merely various entities living in one body, forming “various personalities.” Think about it ?

Scientology calls them thetans but what I now realize they are is your fake personality!

Before the weekend commenced I saw this brilliant message displayed on instagram:

This also applies to what folks call “personality traits.”

See, when our Souls incarnate into these Earthly physical vessels we call “bodies”, the demiurge will have his archons place into you etheric implants called “personality traits” designed to keep you focused and firmly rooted in the matrix. That said, depending on the stuff you decide to do, your life experiences and what you endure – esp. if you do occult/spiritual rituals, activities, you can invite more shit into you……

Case in point – when I was a satanist I performed a ritual to get a missing Soul piece back and what I got was – and I saw this thru my third eye – an ashened, blackened, zombified version of myself that would take over when I would drink (it also contributed to getting me mindlessly lead into some very fucked up situations like what happened the other night)……

I saw Friday a demiurge attack looming……

And this the mofo here that kept biting my nipple (I slapped THE SHIT out of him but I saw thru my cards and ny third eye that he got his ass BEAT. THE SHIT. OUT OF Sunday night)……

That’s him!

You can see more signs – and what happens when I overindulge – here:


Man, I KNEW for the longest that there was something attached to that right side, causing that shit, making it next to impossible to fight em (I would feel excess energy go into my neck/kundalini area as I did this Friday). I used my third eye to see what was the cause and, again, as I explained before, I saw an ashened, blackened, zombified version of myself that looked like those cartoon caricatures of Africans in old cartoons from like the 40s and 50s. The minute I exorcised her out, I FELT A DIFFERENCE like excess dark energy that was NOT MINE leave, evaporate and I felt my Soul push in and get bigger and fill up that area.

See, like as in spell work you have to ask your third eye the right question: the minute I asked it to show the personality causing the urges, that is when I was finally able to get that shit up outta me, hence the term spell work!

It’s all in how you say aka spell it!

That said, when I have seen these personality traits, they look like distorted warped versions of our Souls or physical bodies or something warped, grotesque and distorted altogether.

See, these personality traits are not really us but implants placed into our Souls to keep us stuck in the matrix at birth. They are the grotesque, ugly, nasty things that get locked into us to artifically create a persona at birth as we prepare to venture in this holographic matrix. Our Souls on their own are beautiful, pure, harmonious, overstanding – God, as they are aspects of The Source, the True God that lies outside this realm. Yashuah Ben Pendira fallaciously known as HEY-Zeus aka “Jesus” taught this and so did Guatama aka Buddha and countless others…..

When I exorcised these things from my body I ultimately felt clear, better, with an overstanding of things where I did not get caught up emotionally in the details energetically which is how the demiurge lures people into making contracts with it so you will return to suffer in it’s matrix false kingdom in which it will keep you from remembering the “karmic lessons” that will keep you coming back back and coming back to this matrix and – I mean – the fact it is making you forgot should show it is not about learning lessons……

When I asked my third eye to show me the personalities in charge of making me “learn the karmic lesson of forgiveness” I was shown two ghoulish, demonic heads – one a wizened looking old female and the other a straight ghoul. I called on the Source energy to eradicate em from existence (that is how I phrased it when calling on The Source) and I no longer felt something on my crown chakra, controlling me…..

Like in the film “Groundhog Day” that mofo the demiurge wants you to forget the lessons learned in your past lives deliberately so you will reincarnate and keep unconsciously repeating the cycle again and again so you will not learn the TRUE system at the top that keeps you stuck and you will keep returning back and back to this matrix system over and over again by staying focused on material matrix issues and bullshit, much akin to a giant spiritual hamster wheel…..

That pyramid reminds me of the pyramid worn by this lady in Madonna’s 80s song, “Get Into The Groove”:

I mean, what tf was Egyptian pyramid symbolism along with an all seeing eye doing in a dance music video???? They didn’t hide that bullshit back then…..

That is designed to put spells on folks to keep folks focused on the material realm (overindulgence in carnal desires like singing, dancing and having sex) which is what the demiurge wants so it can feed off of us as explained in John Lerma’s book which chronicles his interviewing and documenting the case of a client who met the demiurge in a near death experience in which it was divulged that said client met the demiurge and how the demiurge feeds by keeping us stuck in misery:

That’s why they brainwash us when we return and cause us to forget our past lives. It ain’t about learning a lesson – it is to keep us dumb and in a state of forgetfulness so we overindulgence and get too over invested in this 3D matrix demiurge prison and keep us coming back for more under the false pretenses of karmic lessons and karmic debt.

It is exactly what I talked about here when I pointed out how I noted entities compelling folks to fuck with me only to have said entities attack those people who they were using to attack me when I would stop said entities from fucking with me. They went back and fed on those people!

Breaking Free of Generational Curses From A Reptilian Bloodline And A Raped Slave Ancestor

Also, one thing I wanna say is….. if you are facing urges – like the demi-URGE – psychic attacks to overindulge in vices designed to keep you stuck in this matrix dimension – ASK YOUR THIRD EYE to show you the entity you will be feeding by indulging and then have the energy from said vice rerouted to you and not give it to said energy to feed off of therefore you are starving it tho you have given into the urge which is why this psychic attack did not have as bad off an effect as the others (and why I got justice this time).

That entity tried to cause me to nearly get into a car wreck which thankfully my Higher Self saved me from.

I can’t wait to get rid of this car. It is an extension of a fake false karmic debt and contract with some very malevolent demiurge matrix “gods and goddesses” created in my less self aware days before I became more cognizant of my own spiritual power who I preyed to to render me this car out of desperation to be able to move on and get out the shelter I was at!

My friend sent me pics of the minivan I wanna get…..

The license plate numbers are perfect…..

I gotta get up outta this car. As can be seen here….. the windows stopped working again…..

It was due to the fuse thing for it falling out (the fact the windows kept working even after the fuse fell out says alot) but I recall while in the process of looking for another vehicle (I got $1049 already saved up and my friend wants $3,000 for the minivan) the window stopped working as can be seen here…..

It’s like this car doesn’t wanna release me and wants to keep me stuck in it’s trapping maw (via my third eye I saw a zombified woman along with a shapeshifting skeleton AND restless, intranquil spirits attached to it). I notice too that if I go a long time without drinking, the car will start “drying out” and not acting right for instance requiring that I have to turn the engine on sometimes 4 times a day AND night but – the minute I drink – it starts to work PERFECT with the engine sounding brand new. This car I believe is part of some karmic contract in which I have to feed the entities I preyed to to get it to keep it running which is why I plan to trash it – I want no money, nothing, when I get the minivan! It just brings me bad luck due to the karmic contract established with those entities in which this acts as a continuation of……

That said, you gotta ask your third eye the right questions and phrase things a certain way (spell work) so you can get what you want done!

Early this morning I felt a profound sense of release just after asking my third eye to show me the “personalities” rather than “entity attachments” causing me certain ills. For instance! Remember how I would for the longest talk of an entity attachment on the right side of my mouth? After asking my third eye to show me the personality causing it (when I would ask entity attachment it was elusive ass fuck), I felt the lil connector implant like thing on the right side of my mouth suddenly disappear – it too was causing the alcohol urges….

Not only that, but I astral projected thru my third eye and entered a cave with flying demons and folks being able to leave and go freely!

It was built like that part in The Golden Child where Eddie Murphy had to carry that small glass of water and step over those wooden steps…..

Except there were big circular, table shaped outcrops extending from the ground.

I left thru there and then was in my old childhood home. There was a creepy old white dude with a beard and mustache – white – and he was old and pudgy with a beer belly and wearing one of those Hawaiian tropic tourist shirts. It was blue. I then came across a woman who could teleport. She had weird eyes that were a glowing orange red with a black pupil. At first she spoke Spanish then she presented herself as a mixed race, Louisiana darker skinned sorta, swarthy white woman! HER EYES WOULD NOT BLINK! I asked her as she went thru my parents old closet how she teleported. She said to follow her and that she was going to Las Tunas.

Did is why you have to have spiritual discernment and not mindlessly follow spiritual “dream” messages….

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

That is the site where the homeless are held hostage and have illegal experiments done on them on…..

Not only that these were the beings who were projecting themselves as the woman in my astral vision…..

It was three of em…..

They looked more like the “Who” creatures from the Dr Seuss books but they were that colr with eyes like that but more piercing, like they are designed to put folks under mind control but they couldn’t with me!

I saw how they really looked thru my widow’s peak chakra…. that is a VERY POWERFUL chakra to have open if you can’t open up the crown chakra.

I also had a dream this morning in which I saw a black dude who I believe to be this dude who I long knew was controlled by very powerful forces, I got the sense he a freemason (another bad sign and the sense I got of this figure in the dream) and he was wearing a grey business suit, was thin and I am guessing tall. I didn’t see his face but I got these sense that he has short cropped hair, was fairly young (maybe this is a younger version of himself). He snatched a book that was in a sorta binder with ringlets, actually two, with one titled, “How to sense entities.” When I asked him to give my books back he lied and said no!

I believe this is the dude who has been stalking me (he displays obsessive tendencies representative of those organic portals – I sense a strong empty energy – under heavy archon “use”) who tries to attach to me as he tried to do to another spiritually powerful worker awhile back.

It is important to cut ties with folks like that no matter how much they “smile” to gain your trust as your instincts are always on point and no amount of gaslighting should fool you. Think of the diginity you lose giving in to the tom foolery.

That said, I hope my blog helps those in a similar predicament. Last week I happened upon a nice man suffering EVEN WORSE than I – alcohol, sex urges – that shit gotta be worse than what I endure – which almost caused him to near rape a lady who was giving him drugs and who he got high with. I removed two entities living in him (but I know from experience the programming runs deeper).

This is why I put my fails and flaws on front street. I don’t believe in coming at folks “perfect” but show how shit is done by being deep in the trenches and overcoming it, just as I am actively doing right now.

I’ll never forget how that dude said he hated himself. That’s how I feel when giving into mine. Don’t blame yourself cause entities feed off that negative energy just as they feed off forcing them urges on you.

Idiots got it wrong; it ain’t no fucking shadow self – they are energy implants implanted in our Souls from birth mainly by the demiurge designed to keep us stuck in the matrix. When you innerstand this, the better you will be able to fight this!

Here is someone who, right before all the bull went down – was taking a spiritual bath before me…..

I now realise that the urges are designed to make me think I Am not as powerful as the demiurge, but I Am!

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