Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

When you are as energetically empowered as I am, spiritually, you have to be careful of who you merely associate with.

Looking back – I now realEYES that these two were like, the connecting connectors, still keeping me connected to that old haunted apartment, apartment #5 at 637 Hauser and that neighborhood, which has brown energy grid lines, a colour that resonates with addiction in the astral.

I COULD NOT STAND BEING WITH THESE MOFOS! As proud, brave and strong a womban I am, I could not reconcile the fucking image of catering to these assholes. Tho as nice as they were on the exterior – one, a half “Native” American and half crakkka, would joke: “Wash all the black off of you.” That’s not even the worse. I gave him concessions cause when my car’s gotten booted and when I was first down on my luck, he would give me food and take me in (this should not be my life). I remember waking up one night with him on top, raping me. I know I did not imagine it. The more I write this out – the more I’m like, this should not be my life!

I honest think he is autistic cause when I had my first disaster – car would not start and it took 5 days for the mechanic to figure I need a new key – I placed a calcite stone under his pillow to help him sleep since he said he can’t sleep with anyone around – an autistic trait. During that time I heard horrible things be spoken from his mouth and I believe those were demons using him to speak and perhaps act thru.

I recall hearing him in the ether once say: “Why do I feel compelled to call this crazy chick.” By cutting him off I set him free.

I know what I am doing and it had to be done.

He was also a chronic alcoholic – not a good energy for me to connect to. He also had OCD. Another bad energy trait that I should not connect to, esp. as I heal.

There was another and he disgusted me. These guys who see sex workers are fucking disgusting. You have some delusional mofos out here who really think, I mean, DELUDE themselves into really thinking you like them. You like doing what you do and it’s built on a selfishness, an almost entitled aloofness where, I don’t care how pro woman they may project to be – like the second one I am about to get into – it is still a selfish exploitation of a woman, esp. women in the lower fringes you know need that fucking money. Sex is a very powerful thing. The most powerful energy stored in us is in our sacral chakra which is where sexual energy is stored! It is the selfish extraction of that (I’ll never forget feeling DRAINED everytime I saw this indian who war-shipped goddess Kali, using me as an energy source to feed her). I hate that fucking “occupation” with a passion. Cause my energy body and so thus my mind wasn’t right for years that’s how I ended up in it.

I believe these fucked up ass deluded dudes mistake literal consent for soulful consent, which it is not!

Soulful consent is when you agree with your heart, soul and mind. Many sex workers – mainly the ones who worked online like me – have great spiritual gifts and have their energy body out of whack due to some trauma and so thus fall into the fringes and have to do this just to survive in this, honest, exploitative society (prostitution is THE WORST of all other “professions”). That said they find themselves at the whim of selfish energy vampires in the form of these tricks who got NUMEROUS spiritual stds which these entity parasites that are on these dudes will then proceed to go thru the port-hole of the womban’s/victim’s vagina and reinfect the already traumatised areas in their Souls.

That’s why many sex workers come off as crazy. That is in addition to violence, degradation – even in the simplest form these women face just by the very nature of what they do for a living to survive!

If they need to heal it doesn’t help the healing process.

I mean, just look at this degenerate site usasexguide:

Niqqas saying Santa Monica becoming lil Tijuana (contact @streetpeopleoflosangeles on instagram about this ???):

Damn even in Messy-co their po-lease cars work:

Here, we gotta pick me ??‍♀️ bitch trying to gain favour with loser ass sex addicted tricks who can only pull prostitutes on the street ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Now here is a prime example of how self deluded them tricks are…..

….Like it’s a regular ole profession, reviewing it like the shit is normal.

And this one here…. just terrible!

These mofos delude themselves into thinking that an “industry” where desperate, often drug addicted women, starving for their next meal (I recall back in my copwatching days paying for a young lady’s hotel room cause she couldn’t get the money in a night to afford her own and she needed one cause her pimp was gonna beat her if she went back home empty handed), pimped out – are forced to do this. These mofos are out their minds and their minds are not in this world, not even in the same universe as ours.

Now, the second trick – I mean, just read these messages (I censored him cause he is not a relatively speaking bad dude):

I mean, these text messages are filled with smarminess, co dependency, enabling my addictive behaviour to low key get what he want – referring to me by an ole hooker name I used eons ago – Venus! Just fucking degrading, like that fantasy is me. I recall in “sessions” it’s like he acted like I was there to, and my whole life purpose was to serve him. This is sickening, saying, “Yeah, I want some of your magick.” This bitch would clutch my face like I’m a child and talk to me like I am a child while saying sickening shit like, “I know you get off on knowing men get off on you” and “I get off on the pictures I have taken” FUCKING SLEAZY MOFO and people wonder why folks look down on that shit! Fucking energy vampire. HE DID get off on knowing he could degrade a poor but strong woman to her face cause he held the purse strings. Prostitution is about control, the sexual subjugation of a womban’s body for a male’s sexual pleasure!

Fucking sleazebag I should put him on front street!

That’s why he would help me when I need it cause of guilt. He grew up with a single mother and I sense he simultaneously feared yet admired her, thus his “gentlemanly” nice dualistic meteing of misogyny.

Another thing: These sickos got off on hurting me! The first one like to push for deep throating. The second one could only get off by inserting himself in me in uncomfortable positions where their thing was close to my stomach and could HURT me then act fake gentlemanly and apologise tho I’ve complained about that! Make matters worse he would elongate the torture by holding it in!

Another thing: you go on those sites – usasexguide, ter – and you will hear guys literally say women should not have tattoos just for them! I remember them two tricks would do the same shit, with trick #1 saying that he hates that I got hair while the other telling you to keep it!

That says right there they see women as objects and not as full fledged human beings with our own right to bodily autonomous self determination!

Those were some sick selfishing energy draining – the second one condescending – mofos! I HATED IT! I HATED EVERY SECOND!

I HATE that industry. That was NEVER ME, NOT EVEN A PART! I remember growing up being a stauch (to some degree man hating) feminist! A warrior. I would protect my younger brothers when they would get bullied in school. THAT’S ME! Not this empty vessel that was bourne from Soul loss due to some shit – in part – said in high school (really it all goes back to archon manipulation but I don’t wanna get into it). I am deep! TF was I doing doing that.

To this day you get these skeezy mofos who I identify me with that shit in their deluded mind. This is why – and I may just start choking niggas – I go off and threaten skeezy mofos who associate my topless activism. Don’t do that cause I will make you regret it.

That was soooo not me! I was under a spell, a toxic one.

I am free now. I knew that by maintaining ties with those last two vestiges of that malevolent, toxic, low vibratory industry – it was keeping embonded and chained to old patterns and old toxic behaviours that woulda sloughed off had I cut em off earlier. No 2nd dui, etc. I recall when I would get better and not drink a self destructive, INTRUSIVE voice would come in and say, “Life can’t be perfect all the time.” I know that’s not me. Even during my worse days in satanism where I had urges to drink (had to be Jack Daniels) every 3 days it was NOT TOO BAD and I could control it. Being that I am so energetically sensitive, being connected to them made the addiction WORSE! Like unable to break away. There was no way in hell that I could do it by being connected to them! That was some shit that was around one of them old toxic tricks…..

I am happy to have me back ??‍♀️ Evil spirits were using those mofos to reinfest me. They would – in the past (they are fleeing cause I healed tremendously) – cause insane financially devastating synchronicities to happen to my car that would pull me into being forced to see those guys cause they would contact me right after.

I’m tired of that. I am free now – free to be the strong warrior and not some ole fucking nasty, sexually objectified fantasy for mofos that are consciousness wise inferior to me.

Ladies, do what you gotta do, but get out that toxic shit. There is a reason why it is not deemed as respectable, EVER ?? You are in a “business” that typically involves nasty shady husbands cheating on their wives and treating you as a piece of meat to do it!

I see many correlations between me and Aileen Wournos. She was a strong energetically speaking POWER-FULL WOMBAN ??✊? WHO DID NOT TAKE NO SHIT FROM MEN (she used to beat her brothers and other boys’ asses growing up)! She was smart. Yet these dudes failed to see that in her, those personality and Soul traits. Instead, they just saw a piece of meat to selfishly get off on and sucked her dry!

I aim to be the womban I was born to be: I enjoy intimidating males and ruling with an iron hand. I won’t lie! That is on par with my energy. Not some “sensuous” dick sucker. Dropping those toxic two, that image I would feel, that would be inserted into me when I would let them “into me” has been casted off and rebuked. I am whole.

This is me.

And to dudes, let me make it clear: Don’t project that nasty image on me. That was never me! Stay outta my fucking way!

Also – ladies – stopping letting men call you a “girl.” I correct mofos – I have even had lil young mofos call me that! We are WOMBEN! NOT FUCKING CHILDREN! My dad grew up in the deep south where black men were called “boys”. How you think these mofos would feel if we condescendingly called em “boys” aka children? That’s what I thought!

“The next day after”….. the wetbawks are salivating, hoping to feed at the trough of my energy since I cut off their POSSIBLE access to my energy supply by cutting myself off from prostitution:


And you call me crazy for me calling these mofos the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl….

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Energy vampiring like they daddy!

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