If You Are NOT Black, Stay Off My Social Media

ESP. if you are a wetback and this goes for crakkkas, too!

I can read from a mile away…. I saw this bitch coming with her low key white supremacist headlights in the distance…..

This is a bitch who sees black people as pets – meaning IT has a tendency to fetishize us, sexually, and is the type to act like this white bitch here in The Color Purple by getting indignant when black folks won’t allow her into even our personal spaces…..

….Scene reminds me of what was done to that poor sister at the Capitol when she defended herself from that neandeRAPE wide BITCH when that faggot ass white bois grabbed her like she a man cause them cowards (of other races) fear our strenght ??:


Note this BITCH’S obsessive tendencies. You ain’t stealing my energy motherfucker!

That said, as I said before, black folks gotta drop this “people of color” shit!

Black People Need To Watch This POC Ally Bullshit: Introducing Racist Richard Bowie of Vegnews

Looka how VIOLENT THIS DEMON SEED CREATURE REACTS when a black woman speaks her mind….

This IT’S instagram…..


…..Let me tell you something – the minute some asshole say, “Focus on the new world order” as that DEMON SEED was saying, it’s a form of deflection, of saying fuck Black Lives Matter.

Many folks can’t read between the lines like I can like that brother did…..

That said – lol – as I always say, the demon seed SHOWS it’s true colors:

Here IT is on IT’S instagram page talking about the new world order (or shall I say new world borderrrrr in this border hopper’s case ???????):

Instead of focusing on the new world order the beener anchor baby needs to focus on hopping back over the borderrrr back to the country it belongs ?????

Fucking beener baby basturd ?? = ?

You can see all throughout that convo that that demon seed wants to be white so bad when IT ain’t even human:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Here more examples of the wetbacks CRYING TO BE ACCEPTED BY WIDES BY PUTTING US DOWN:

That’s why I keep them THINGS at sword (and gun’s) lenght no matter how I feel…. cause I know their true nature:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

I advised that brother not to argue with that THING cause they will use it to siphon energy off of us as I explain here…..

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

….Which is why nobody can tell me SHIT! After all 6000 hz frequency – a frequency used to repel reptilians and other demonic entities – only works on them (hence why I accurately call those creatures the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl):

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

Ya’ll say I’m crazy but we all know I’m not lying – including them ???

That said I did a Great Cleansing on my instagram……

I never liked that “cerebral musings” mofo! He strikes as a nasty ole lecherous ole CRAKKKA no different then this Quasimodo “Snik” from Lil Monsters BEAST over here……

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

That’s an OOGLAY mofo!

Now my instagram account is right where I want it to be: 0 (I don’t know why that Markeitha lady unfollowed – she looked like Deniece Williams – so adorable)!

Anyways, it is probs for the best!

That said….. oh, looka this:

Another crakkka energy vampire talking shit on blacks but wanna drain us of our energy…..

That said, if you black, stay back (off my social media or else)……

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Good day!

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