Black People Need To Watch This POC Ally Bullshit: Introducing Racist Richard Bowie of Vegnews

Black People Need To Watch This POC Ally Bullshit: Introducing Racist Richard Bowie of Vegnews

Fucking idiot!

This is an arrogant, chummy, fat, nasty, FAKE, FAKE FUCKING NEWS, FAKE EVER-FUCKING-THING!

This why I would NEVER fuck with no damn demon seed cause look at what that un-holy union wrought….

This half wetback asshole:

Got called out on making a racist post where he insinuates that black folks can’t have colored eyes as can be seen here…..

After getting his half wetback ass called out, he goes on a flagging flaggot party campaign to remove me, even calling me Miss Thang which we all know is his attempt to mock a phrase often thrown around by black people…..

That said, all the while parading this whole “Black Lives Matter, Save the kneegrows” bullshit on IT’S instagram account which you can view for yourself here:

Here his page if you are interested:

Hear yee hear yeeeee ?

This DEMON SEED works for vegnews whose site you can access here:

Their contact page is here:

Their publisher is this nice white lady here named Colleen Holland whose email you can contact here: [email protected]

There is a page on instagram called @racistandunemployed2 which needs to be contacted here:

I NEED YOU ALL to take a deeper look at something here: his behavior CONFIRMS what I have been saying just as I proved here:

Calling Out Self Hating Kneegroes Who Defend Wetbacks Who Attack Other Blacks

– I peep IT blocked me RIGHT after I started writing this proving them THINGS got some type of telepathy, a strong reptilian intuition in em that is part of that hivemind….

That being said I am never wrong…. He even had demon seed devil emojis at one point….

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Now, note the shallowness in his words…. the contradictions, the bullying and predatory behavior and the standing down when I show teeth…..

I told you what the wetback is:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I recall they had some helping me (cause they wanted some tits) with my mirror – they started gushing on, it was fucking weird and just proves what I say to be true, about how messy-canTs are nice blah blah then started downing Cubans, nevermind it was a CUBAN who helped me when a fucked up kneegrow attacked me, NEVERMIND I BEEN RAPED, STABBED, ATTACKED BY MAINLY WETBACKS:

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

Their focus was on deflecting the bad shit they do – don’t ruminate on it so I call em out. Instead they project (I ESP. hate it when those demon seeds deduce that because I am black they talk shit on whites to deflect from all the bad shit they have done to me and other blacks in modern times).

This is why I keep warning you all about them….

Acid Trip Shows The Truth About Saturn And Divine Feminine Energy And Wetbacks Stealing The Collective Energy of Blacks Thru Spiritual Deal

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

The 4000 to 6000 hz frequency which is only supposed to only work on reptilians and other demonic creatures ONLY works on them, only them – no other group…..

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

Running Wetback Biker Gang Up The Skreet With 6000hz Frequency

People look at me like I am a crazy woman – I feel like the dude (who was also homeless) in they live…..

I see consistencies in their behaviors (I have a natural knack for anthropolgy), other folks have seen the same thing but just can’t articulate it. There is something wrong with. It has to do with theie bloodline, which is reptilian and demonic (look up Quetzalcoatl), their dna as a result and the fact that they are composed of a majority of organic portals which demonic forces of their bloodline use them as physical portals via which to interact with us in the 3D. Think about how folks say that your ancestors express themselves via you cause of your bloodline and you’ll get it:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I have been working astrally to disconnect the chords that the evil beings who helped create them use to siphon energy from the collective souls of other races…..

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

Like I said, I know what they are and they continuously prove me right!

As an aside, I sense that mofo is a bully to the employees there. Karma is a mofo and her name is Raven! ????

That being said, black folks gotta stop this “unite with other folks of color” bullshit! Not only does it allow other races who just wanna use us by allowing them to infiltrate into our collective soul consciousness and tap into our energies (which is why alot of people esp. the hispanic – non wetback but including them – communities can emulate us perfectly) and steal it to advance their own agendas and push their own bull as this, lol, demon seed explains here:

But it allows mofos to disrespect us and see us as fools, desperate fools who need others (who we really don’t need) to vouch and cosign with us which just only merely takes away from us and ya’ll wonder why no one respects us…..

There was this inuit (ie eskimo) heaux I was arguing with on instagram once when she was knocking I think a link I posted – no, wait, it was over my support for President Trump! She then goes on, after I explain to her how wetbacks are the REAL threats to our community, she dismissively says pretty much, “Oh well!”

This brother here talks about how hispanics – like the wetbacks did – infiltrated our neighborhoods in NYC and ultimately turned em into hispanic places:

That’s why I am quick to let mofos know the deal and that they can’t take advantage of me like they can other blacks – that’s why I show no mercy with em!

To quote Hitler: “Close your eyes to pity, act brutality!”

Even if I (fake) smile, I know what the time of day is and it’s elimination time for the wetback:

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

That being said, I got work to do, other articles to do! That said I hope, pray you overstand and innerstand what I am talking about.

It is a spiritual war with us and the name of the game is “energy”. As a collective soul group consciousness black folks must protect it. Immortals (with individualised souls like me) try to do ALL in our power to help ✊? But I can only do so much.

Ya’ll gotta take the lead and listen ??

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