Fighting Off Sexually Predatory Energy Vampires From Accessing My Energy

Fighting Off Sexually Predatory Energy Vampires From Accessing My Energy

These here are coming from an LAPD cop named Melvin Tisdale who works outta the LAPD Central Division (he also told me he works for SWAT):

Scary huh? Esp. that first email!

Back in 2017 while living in the shelter, he told me over the phone which you can hear here that prostitutes aka sex workers can’t get raped which his predatory black ass told to a young traumatized black lady who got raped by, of course, a wetback demon seed of Quetzalcoatl (this is why I hate them – their behaviour opens my and other folks eyes to what. they. are ?? here):

I know they are long but listen…..

He is the same guy who is named “RL I” on Youtube who goes around making sickening, harassing and very sexually predatory (a Seer named Donna Martinez – not a wetback – stated that she sensed sexual frustration in him a while back) comments regarding a female Youtuber named Jamila Briscoe aka Jamila High Priestess who, while no innocent, she is not fucking with him and her case shows a pattern with him getting off on predating on women, esp. those he deems as vulnerable:

Here is his Youtube channel:

You can tell he a sick mofo by these. He has a black ex wife from what he told me and now he harbours some deep hatred towards black women as a result!

That said, years ago in 2017 I saw in the astral that he has pimped out young black sex slaves as a “side hustle”:

LAPD Officer R LI PIMPS Drug Addict Women To White Dudes Then Steals Their Money And More I Saw In The Astral

This is why I encourage everyone to contact LAPD Chief Michael Moore and get him fired (no one like this should have the power he has) at

[email protected]

Given the current environment of antifa and “defund the police” something should get done…..

That said, let’s talk about sexually predatory energy vampires:





That LSD opens up your eyes and I suggest EVERYONE do it one time – I wanna REALLY try DMT but don’t have a plug and even LSD but, strangely, the plugs won’t show up again!

Aside from the wetbacks connecting and extracting energy from me like a switchboard (I had to remove a chord today from which they used to connect to my consciousness and steal my know-ledge, hence why they knew every thought and every move), my derail into prostitution showed me the guttural and spiritually exploitative and unhealthy side of sex.

I will never forget the client who called himself a “chile” of goddess kali. Everytime I saw him, I felt UNUSUALLY AND EXORBITANTLY DRAINED OF ENERGY, which is why I – like Yashuah Ben Pendira – knew that these “gods and goddesses” of the matrix – really, avatars of em – are not powerful:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

If they have to steal energy from me, a supposed mortal, then how powerful can they be?

That said, during that dark glum and gloomy time I did not know my own worth and who I truly was, tho spiritual signs were showing me:

Saw THIS in the astral early this morning….

That said, I did not know my worth. I had droves of people trying to “connect” to me to use MY energy to propou d their beliefs by getting pissed if I didn’t agree with em all the way and so forth. This energy vampiristic “switchboard” manifested in so many Earthly forms. The sexual energy vampirism was perhaps the worst of all.

Looking back, I strongly feel that the reintroduction to satanism in 2015 was designed to introduce me to my power and help me reclaim my personal power by seeking balance.

Everything happens for a reason.

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