LAPD Officer R LI PIMPS Drug Addict Women To White Dudes Then Steals Their Money And More I Saw In The Astral

LAPD Officer R LI PIMPS Drug Addict Women To White Dudes Then Steals Their Money And More I Saw In The Astral

The astral realm aka spirit realm shows me alot, ALOT!

The first notable one was a situation I have found myself in numerous times while my consciousness was in the astral in which – this place is almost like a juxtaposition between New Orleans and L.A. in which their is kinda a Jackson Square/Audubon Park area but it is like it is in the City of L.A. somehow.

Anyways, there is a place I go which I can NOT recall off the top of my head when I visit the astral – not all the time but sometimes – and EVERYTIME I leave a backpack with my keys and stuff in it.

That said, and this ain’t the gist of what I wanna talk about – I went back to get my backpack. I guess me and the group that do that are homeless here (how that happens in the astral is BEYYYONDDDD me!). That said, at some point, “someone” took it from our usual spot and placed it somewhere else, in this lil park like place with a bench, etc.

I recall getting in my car and driving off on these mountainous, circular roads that reminds me of New England, Massachusetts (where I once resided)! Even the town I left looked like someplace in Vermont (I sense it’s that), one of those New England places.

While driving on this road which on the side has forests, etc. I saw two CHP officers (at one point there looks were accentuated as if the spirit realm was trying to point something): one was kinda fat, middle aged, wearing sunglasses with fuzz where a full beard would be and the other was fat, older (at least looking) bald and just old looking. I recall them telling me to “Pull over” in an ominous manner like they were deliberately targeting me and in a sexually predatory way say at one point, “Pull over before we arrest you” while laughing and from what I can recall (YOU KNOW you went to the astral when you can say, “recall”) in a sexually predatory, racially targeting way!

I felt that it may correlate to a future event somehow. I also think that mighta been the first part of my vision in which I was in New England via way of L.A. which I always go.

…At one point, in the middle of the night, I woke and when I closed my eyes I “saw” via my third eye, astral vision that what appeared to be the arm of a white robed being hit my window (at around 5am – and it’s not the first tkme I heard this… I heard a loud “thud” on the driver’s side of my car as if something real strong and powerful hit it with no marks).

Now, getting back to the backpack part, etc. I recall there was a REALLY TALL 6ft tall black man with dreads, very handsome, who wanted to “be with me” and walked me somewhere. He walked me over to R LI’s home which seemed to be in a row house not unlike you would see in New England, very colonial, I remember it vividly! That said, I went in and I was met by a white dude with dark hair, 40s (I felt mad young) and it seemed like R LI wanted me to come there for prostitution purposes. I go in, do the do, and once done – R LI says he will pay me. He prints the number “$80” ON A NAPKIN trying to mislead me into thinking it is the money. The tall dude wants to fight him. I believed this happened in real life.

See, Melvin Tisdale aka R LI is this creepy mofo with THE LAPD who likes to stalk women in real life! He works with the bomb squad and out of the LAPD Central Division. He has stalked me and others in real life as can be seen here:

Exposing Undercover LAPD Skid Row Cop R LI AKA Melvin Tisdale AKA R LI As A Sexual Predator

And just yesterday, here:

In one of his vids, he even used a pic of Jack Nicholson from, “The Shinning” a movie about a man who murders his family (he’s divorced and is bitter towards women and had become a mgtow):

This guy got serial killer vibes and in the astral – and as psychic Donna Martinez PHROPHESIZED – he got this calm demeanor that can put someone at ease but is deceptive with regards to how he handle things as shown by him handing the napkins with the money symbol and numbers drawn on it. I can TELL I was in the astral cause at first it appeared as money but then turned out to be fake. For those wanting to know how the 4D looks, just refer to this book and film – really – “A Scanner Darkly”:

– Look at how Keanu keeps changing faces – THAT is the astral!

THAT SAID, I believe I may have been in the body of quite possibly a dead womban (my intuition just told me she still alive), a young black lady who possibly has either lived down there on Skid Row but I am sensing she worked as a sex worker on Figueroa and THIS EXACT SAME SCENARIO HAPPENED TO HER AT THE HANDS OF R LI! I believe he uses his power as an LAPD officer to take advantage of esp. vulnerable young women and pimps them out and then doesn’t give them money and I saw a glimpse of it via this vision.

I also had a vision where that same black guy with the dreads I spoke of earlier (I believe it may be ole dude I met in real life) “did” my hair and permed it, making my natural hair curlier and brown and much more conformed. I remember thinking, “What happened to my dreads” and the shop was closed till I pay! I DID meet a dude from Jamaica in “real life” and he was into hair styling. HE HAS A TRICKY NATURE and I knew it! This revealed his intentions: Take away my power and make me conform (I wasn’t interested in him anyways cause he ain’t my type and only gave the number to him cause I was drunk).

It is funny how the dreamworld, the astralland reveals alot of things about people’s true intentions, what they all about! I heed them to a T! Here one of em where some disturbing stuff was revealed to me:

Seeing Spirit Guide And Someone’s Snuff Film Fantasy For Me

You can see alot and no one can lie to me as I put more stock in my visions than what assholes say!

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