Exposing Undercover LAPD Skid Row Cop R LI AKA Melvin Tisdale AKA R LI As A Sexual Predator

This mofo kept coming for me and coming for me!

Okay, bitch, you about to get that work YOU DEVIANT FUCKING SEXUAL PREDATOR.

That said, there IS A REASON – A SICK, PERVERTED ONE – behind why he is OBSESSED with Jamila Briscoe which you can see here:

I went ahead and downloaded his video and reposted it here just in case he takes that vid down which you can see down below:

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Make a long story short, in the audio tape below, you can hear him basically GROOMING ME while I was in a very vulnerable state (I was living in the shelter at the time) so that he can get sexually close which most predators do:

Here some timestamps:


1:25:25 around there he mentions he got a buddy working the bomb squad CONFIRMING HE LAPD says he says it in the present tense and not past tense!

Let his mostly Jewish employers at LAPD know this at:

That said, notice all throughout the conversation (I believe much of the dirt is on the second audio file) he basically tries to blame me for bad shit that happens much in the same way he fucks with me on Youtube when people go against me then pretend to be sympathetic like by saying that he relates to things that I believe in which is how a true predator – many child molestors, etc. WOMA. BEATERS ACT!

That said, in the audio (I know it’s 2 hours), I believe the second one, YOU CAN HEAR HIM STATE THAT SEX WORKERS CAN’T BE RAPED!

Somebody like that, unfortunately, is representative of the type of minds that work in law enforcement. I say this because Melvin Tisdale (I recall that’s his last name) told me that he work for the LAPD central division (skid row). As stated above, in one of the timestamps, you can hear him confirm this.

I am scared for the womben who live down there, most of whom are vulnerable and don’t have a voice like I do! Many of whom are drug addicted and aren’t in their right state of mind, who can easily fall prey to a predator like R LI.

All throughout the tape, you can hear basically following a sexually predating guideline, kinda like “How To Be A Predator For Dummies” in which you can hear him put me down then pretend to be my friend and build me back up!

Little did he know, I was recording his ass and something told me to save it!


Make a long story short, he is targeting me and Jamila because this pernicious predator feels we are easy prey – we are not the most liked – and he has something against women cause his wife left him – he got three sons I recall and he lives in Orange County, CA (Here his number since he wanna come for me: 714-235-7003). He acts like as you can hear in that audio tape the classic predator: he hates women (he one of those “men going their own way” ie mgtow) and he tries to get close to women he feels are vulnerable. He also lashes out at those he feels are “too strong” with a mind if our own. Regardless of what you think of Jamila, she is very strong and smart. She ain’t no idiot. She is also protected (I sense her grandmother around). There is a reason why CPS ain’t fucked with her. I am the same. Despite all the SHIT that happened, IT NEVER GOT AS WORSE AS IT COULD and I always escaped with my spirit intact – sometimes getting more energy from my enemies.

I warned you, bruh, you a sacrifice! You got sent to us for a reason. Something told me to save those audio files and now I am posting YOUR FUCKERY for all the world to see!

Yeah, I got evil shit around me and you about to get FUCKED UP BY IT, NIGGER!

Here is evidence of him stalking me:

– I see he got that ole saffron bitch, an ole evil bitch who uses a pretty girl’s picture to represent her (Here is her youtube profile: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM5NSHLTvAAIfqt5_RggFEA?app=desktop plus profile https://plus.google.com/+frickingfrickventurer) who stalked me at one time caping for him…


Now, this is bothersome since he works as an LAPD officer on Skid Row so WE CAN ONLY IMAGINE how he treats the people down there he supposed to be a “protecting”…

You see what a cowardly ass BULLY he is!

Also note him fucking with me here:

– Notice in that vid I was talking about xxxtentacion so WHY COME FOR ME AND FUCK WITH ME?

It’s cause he has a RESENTMENT towards women…

Funny, the word count says 1111:

NOTICE in his thumbnail of him stalking Jamila he uses a pic of Jack Nicholson (why he keep popping up in my thoughts, lol?) from “The Shinning”, a movie about a possessed man who murders his whole family – that’s representative of R LI’s black ass (I sense he got a red and black aura with grey and I see entity attachments, numerous EVIL entities around him, real dark shadow like)!

I also recall him sending a pic of himself on my old phone, wanting me to do “facetime” or something which is a video chat – this was right around the time in which I got attacked by the mexican and had numerous low vibratory people try to attach themselves to me cause they wanted my energy!

This DUMB NIGGER thought that cause I walk around topless that, as Donna Martinez, another psychic, said that she senses in the spirit that he feels that cause I walk around like that that I should automatically make myself sexually available to him – wrong location NIGGER, I like white boys:

– I may talk all that shit about them but that is what I am naturally attracted to!

That, cause I am odd, I’m not supposed to be smart in his limited world view – jiggaboo, you fucked up!

NIGGER – YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW I CAN FUCK YOU UP! As an LAPD, I know you all watch my shit so you should know better than to come for me! I ain’t the one! You know what I am capable of…

Again, there is a reason WHY something is POSSESSING YOU to come for spiritual workers.

Yeah, I got something evil and it is about to PROTECT ME FROM YOU!

You gonna learn, NIGGER! ::insert witch laugh::

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