Mitrice Richardson 2.0 Calls Malibu Sheriffs On Me For Nothing

…Somebody about to go missing!

Suze Randall, Bonnie Chermak, the people who kidnapped Mitrice Richardson – GO GET THIS BITCH!!!!

Anyways, as an addendum to this bull, bitch calls cops AFTER STARTING SHIT WITH ME for no reason!

Wakanda Trailer Park Resident Starts Some SHIT With Me

Here her license plate (outta state tags – wonder how long she been here since they trailer got Cali plates):

It is Arizona number: BCY9482

Here a cropped pic to show they license plate:

It is Cali license plate number: 6CKT673

That said, after all was said and done, I sipped my magickal period blood juice and chilled, waiting for the cops:


She also I overheard her say (stupidly esp. considering my area of expertise), BASICALLY DROP HER DOX saying she works for a food service transporter named “Portsmouth” (Imma find out more on them later on…)

That said, cause there was no crime, there was no arrest!

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Funny thing is, her car fucked up! Shit gonna get worse for her – my EVIL ASS SPIRITS DON’T. PLAY.

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