Wakanda Trailer Park Resident Starts Some SHIT With Me

I don’t know what’s wrong with this bitch – you shoulda seen how she acted when sheriff whyte (“gay”) daddy showed up – but trailer park resident and RV ape, gorilla from the mountainz of Wakanda bolted up, lighted up when they showed like they were going to cape (unlike this whyde boi here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/20/the-lost-hills-sheriffs-give-white-guy-a-battery-jump-but-threatened-me-with-warrants-when-i-once-asked-for-one/ they didn’t even call search and rescue to hotwire – oops – that bootleg low key stolen car [we all know how niggerz™ low key STEAL rental carz]. Instead – I mean, she got a fucking phone, called her nigga to jump her car) and instead, nothing happened…

Aside from freedom of speech and rightfully calling her a nigger for fucking with me, no laws were broken. She was threatening to beat my ass, etc.

It started cause she walked past my car with her dogs and said, “I WISH YOU WOULD LEAVE” – then said she was referring to the dogs (Yeah, right!). I stood my ground and this heaux pulled her dumb shit and drama ensued.

The funny thing is, her nice new car was working the night before, she was blaring Tupac, Bone Thugs and Harmony, etc. with no problems (one thing I said to the po po is WHY would she park next to me if she don’t like me – it was to start shit). Make a long story short – my spirits don’t play! They fucked her car (they always do that to people theg forsee fucking with me) and let’s just say… she fucked with the wrong (or is it right) person!

Here the vid:

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