Seeing Spirit Guide And Someone’s Snuff Film Fantasy For Me

This spooked the shit out of me. Seriously! I saw someone’s snuff film fantasy for me. I don’t know if it was alien/spirit manipulated (Fuck spirits! I KNOW aliens play a BIG role in my giving all the abductions, visitations I’ve experienced – including one (I KNOW it is an energy vampire) who has wires sticking out the back of his head like these entities here from Hellraiser:

It had a one eye, tried to portray itself as a cyclops as seen here:

But I saw how it REALLY LOOKED, TWICE. Without the mask it looks like a black cobra with red eyes. With the mask on it looks like this:

– THE ABOVE IS THE ACTUAL PHOTO! Here is my drawing of how he looked:

That said, this “spirit guide” (I am not trusting of the sincerity of anything that appears before me) appeared to me before, back in my old apartment. He looks like this dude from “The Simpsons”:

The one with the Duff can and a penchant for drinking – like me (BUT NOT AS BAD)!

EXACTLY! In human form he reminds me more of Bono from U2 or Bill Murray (he looked more like him). Once in the astral I saw his mouth stretched wide open over my crown chakra (possibly keeping me from astral projecting) while lying limp all over my body, like a sheet hanging over it. I’ve been told people have seen entities by or on the crown chakra. That said, in my old apartment, right before I left – I saw that said spirit guide in church, sitting in a pew. He said to me I felt in a snappy way – “I see angels around her.” Then it split to me seeing a scene of an old black lady at the beach, suntanning and being happy. I don’t know what to make of it.

Anyways, in the vision I had today (I meditated to see my spirit guide and what is around) he mainfested in this hospital that I’ve been to in the astral (he’s visited me there before, too!). That said, I was in this place which seemed like a conglomeration of an apartment building (kinda reminded me of the William Penn in my old neighborhood) and I saw someone left there 15lbs dumbbell (Which I have). I thought it mighta been mine and I had left it but I felt though it might belong to me – more logically, it belonged to the gym. I entered a workout room where I wanted to work out (I wanted to build my strenght but knowing my strenght in my convictions I didn’t want to since I know they wouldn’t allow me to get topless) so I said fuck it and went to another room since I felt I could not deposit it there.

It was in a baby sitting room where I saw one baby with orange brown hair, white – that I saw the spirit guide. He lifted me up and said that he is here to help (he gave off an angelic vibe but I felt something was hidden down beneath) and said that he is there to do whatecer I need done and I don’t need to worry about anything. He lifted me up – guided me around – and that is when I ended up outside the hospital I think after I requested it. He was asking staff for what I want. It was interesting. I don’t know what to make of it THEN I found myself in a sea filled with dolphins, carrying me. In the back of my mind I heard an intuitive voice say, “Yeah, you (humans) wanna live with whales and dolphins till you get swallowed by the whale – or was it the dolphins get swallowed by them – and then you see they ain’t human.”

Then flash forward to the more disturbing second half…

This shit was spooky.

I was on a ship with a dude I’ve seen in real life. I was on a boat, in the middle of the ocean. He said he was from Manhattan Beach. His hair was similar to the child I saw earlier. It felt like it was either night or stormy. I wasn’t too far from the coast – I sensed Malibu. He asked me who set up some unusual dunes that were shaped like the burqa wearing entities I’ve seen.


That was when I was on the ship. While on the boat – it was made of baroque wood – I was in bed. He seemed ashamed I don’t shave or take baths in regular water (I prefer ocean baths as they clean you better and don’t cause skin problems while, like evil entities, that munincipal water you all bathe in DRAINS YOU and causes health problems – hell, after visiting a friend and bathing in that regular water, I ALWAYS jump back into the ocean.). He was tall, white with an orange hairy chest (the chest HAIRS were orange). Make a long story short – I asked if he wanted me to take a bath. He said, “No! I wanna live my stinky bitch fantasy.” I recall I hadn’t brushed my teeth which I DID NOT DO early this morning (I ALWAYS brush my teeth tho. but this morning I didn’t cause I know I wouldn’t be active and wanted to keep that sense so I can induce myself to fall asleep and hopefully astral project). Anyways, I was on a bed or was it a table, and I recall him placing a mask on me saying, “I (he) want to get a hard on and I don’t want to see your ugly face.” He was filming. I remember he was talking shit about me while I was hugged up against him and he laughed it off). He placed rhino clamps on my nipples in similar style to what serial killers do. Then placed one on my vagina. I just went along with it cause I thought he liked rough sex. Then he put on a mask similar to this here:

– It was a half of a mask like that except it looked more expensive and more red with the American flag colors and had a “purge” vibe.

– It was some “Purge” shit.

I saw him coming back then it ended.

Man, I don’t know what the fuck to think about that shite. That shite was CRAZY! HE WAS CRAZY (If that’s how he truly is based on my vision). IT WAS AS VIVID AS WHEN VOODOO LOA BARON SAMEDI visited me next to the altar I had in my old apartment (I even saw a purple lint in my car one time after making contacg with him – HIS SHADE OF PURPLE AND I HAD NOTHING LIKE THAT IN MY CAR TO CAUSE THAT! Nothing!!). This shit was real and spooky. I don’t know nor did I get the feeling the dude was gonna kill me. But he was crazy, demented, psycho. It seemed he had no respect for certain women and did shit like that to women who he didn’t care to be seen with. Again, I don’t know what to make of it. It was scary!

Man, but I wanna explore more on that spirit guide. As I described above about him being at my crown chakra, seemingly feeding off the energy – I wonder about my ancestors who in a similar low vibratory astral place (but it seemed manipulated by low count entities so go figure) I saw something similar where they were attached to me and a black female spirit in this low vibratory place said, “Girl, your ancestors got you looking fucked up” and sure enough I saw them LITERALLY ATTACHED TO ME IN SPIRIT FORM like translucent gobs of spirits similar to this:

– They distorted the way I looked there.

I don’t know whose telling the truth. I need to find out more.

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