I Saw A Real UFO In Malibu On April 29 2018 NO JOKE

Watch Men In Black show up (I’ve seen those bitched before). Last time I got visited by aliens I saw them which you can read – AND SEE – here:


They are all white. Cause they are 4D they have no discernie facial features and they move their heads – due to being hyperdimensional beings – they move their heads with the same fluctuating craziness of the demons from “Jacob’s Ladder.”

That said, here is a screenshot:

Here are the videos….

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YOU CAN SEE IT’S A FUCKING UFO! The lights on planes and even helicopters don’t act that way (even with helicopters there is usually a blinking light).

Also, peep this too: This WEIRD ASS SYMBOL etched in the concrete I saw during the full moon in Malibu:

I also noticed during the full moon some weird RITUAL SHIT:

Also, more weird shit: A CHP car pass me by today (who called em):

– Look, he waved, lol while I was topless, lol!

Also, some more REAL weird shit: after the full moon, I went to the ocean to recharge a crystal and via the power of my mind I did ANOTHER shapeshift:

– That shit don’t look right. You can say it’s a blur but why all the UNUSUAL COLORED BLUE!

Here my eyes shapeshifting into reptilian cat eyes after willfully conjuring it:

– Here a closer look (brightened so you can SEE):

Here more…

And look how BLUE everything is (I’ve been out here for a while and ain’t never seen it. There’s an etheric astral quality to it):

It reminds me of how after astral projecting or deep meditation everything appears to me to be pure blue. It was during the full moon. Even the full moon feels real weird. I just ain’t never experienced a full moon like it. It gives off a weird vibe.

I’ve seen UFOs out here. There’s even talk they have an underwater base off the coast of Malibu:

They gotta lot of strange shit out here!

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