The Occult Symbolism Behind the 1985 Ridley Scott Film Legend

Let me just take the time to say…

– He sexy ass FUCK right there; hottest pic of him, looking fine as HELL! I’D LIVE THERE RIGHT WITH HIM!

– He OOZES mad sexiness!

BTW Don’t we look like we have similar eyes, like I could pass as the devil’s daughter:

– Funny. It’s been reported that there are ALIENS that look like Satan.

The series, “Stranger Things” revealed this:

THE DEVIL WAS HOT AS A MOFO IN THERE!!! EVER SINCE I WAS A LIL GIRL – I wanted to fuck this nigga: all 8 feet and all 8 inches of his cock! I’M DEAD SERIOUS!! I KNOW I’M GOING TO HELL FOR THAT ONE, HA HA!

LOL – anyways, on a serious note – let me talk about the occult symbolism in it.

– Look at our eyes, how they match! Look like we could be daddy and child with those fucking eyes!

Anyways, I wanted to first note the DUALITY that’s discussed as talked about in the trailer here:

Now note how the DEVIL HIMSELF – and I’ll get into the esoteric implications about him in a min. – says that “There can be no light without dark, no good without evil”… – Favourite line of all time!

That’s why I say these wannabe counterfeit ass witches called “wiccans” (who steal everyone else’s goods which is emblematic of how white folks STEAL – oops, I mean “appropriate” other people’s things – making it the PERFECT white people’s religion) ain’t real!

That said, as I said before, here:

WE LIVE IN A UNIVERSE OF DUALITIES, WHERE LIGHT AND DARK REIGN SIDE BY SIDE! This is the UNIVERSE OF THE DEMIURGE – who is himself a contradiction (he was thrown from a perfect realm created by the Divine Feminine Goddess which we all have that Divine Spark of or as Jesus Christ said, perfectly stated: “The Kingdom of God in us.” which he lacks hence why he is always trying to put us down by telling us we are not perfect and to only worship him cause he’s jealous, blah blah – yes, envious of US!). The Demiurge has the head of a lion (representing the Lyrans who first came into our universe) and the Carian species (who begot the reptilians) with the body of a snake! That said, he represents duality:

Now, that said – our universe, which is controlled by the archons who can be likened to dark matter as they lack the Divine Feminine spark our souls have (we are originally not from the 3D plane but the astral) are the yang to our yin or, in other words… Dark energy, the Darkness that prevades our universe! That said, we are the light in the universe since our souls provide the energy for the Demiurge to thrive! That is why so many mass religions which require worship of the demiurge require that you are not to look within yourselves to find “GOD” which truly lies within us as Jesus Christ TRULY TAUGHT (What you know as the BUY-BULL IS TOTAL BS!) but instead to look exteriorly to a truly powerless and ugly entity – the Demiurge – which TRULY hates your soul but LOOVES YOUR SOUL which is why again these organized religions like HYPOchristianity and Islam are designed to keep you occupied with useless rituals to keep you from knowing yourself spiritually and threatening you with an ominous god so you can feed it that negative loosh energy!

Now, in Legend notice how the Darkness tries to dance with the Light here (the light represented by Lily aka Lilith who transforms into the Deva aka demon Lilith by being transformed into her true Self when she wears the necklace):

– Here is more on Lilith:

– Now, I’ve noticed numerous energy vampires, demonic or reptilian people chasing me for my Light (sometimes DESPITE PROOF OUT WAZOO DENYING I HAVE IT) so they can somehow convince me to let them into their personal space so they can steal from my Light. I know how that works! One guy who had a bunch of shit on him tried to project and say I have shit on me despite evidence to the contrary (how fucking STUPID can you get???).

Now, that said, notice that Darkness – THE MALE (FOLLOW ME) – REPRESENTS THE DARKNESS while the Female (Lily aka Lilith) REPRESENTS LIGHT!

THAT is the Demiurge trying to reunite with it’s Mother: THE DIVINE FEMININE which does not want him and has forsaken him to here! That’s pretty much a parable, an analogy for that. Not only that, but Lily is transforming into her true Self aka Lilith and peep her personality DOES NOT CHANGE – BUT AS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS UNDER SATANISN – I BECAME ENHANCED AND ULTIMATELY EMBRACED ALL ASPECTS OF MYSELF WHICH INCLUDES MY SHADOW SELF of which that dance scene is symbolic of the union of the masculine and the feminine, the ying and the yang.

But it goes deep…

See, let me explain: now in Chinese Feng Shui tradition the yin aka ghost energy is associated with the Female energy. That said, AND I HAVE SEEN THIS ENERGY WITH MY OWN EYES ESP. BACK IN MY OLD APARTMENT – is the “dark energy.” The Dark Energy is more in alignment with the chaos or satanic energy – the energy that is needed to awaken your psychic powers (hence the old saying, “DARKNESS before the DAWN)! You must tap into the Divine Feminine energy to reach it hence the term “chaos magick” or in other words feminine energy:

As I have said in other articles like here:

And here:

The woman is full of chaos via our emotions, our central nervous system as evidenced by our moon aka menstrual cycles and how they cause our energy to be outta whack! After all it is said that anxiety and bi polar aka manic depressive disorder leads to schizophrenia aka Spiritual Awakening!

Now here is why I say Wiccans are stupid (since they believe in karma). Look at the case of Christopher Case:

He didn’t do shit to earn where he was sent in the Afterlife. He simply rejected a woman’s advances then she SUCCESSFULLY sacrificed him to a Sumerian Demon. That said, KARMA DOES NOT EXIST! As explained above, we live in an evil ass universe full of dualities. The Demiurge – the ruler of it – recognizes ENERGY, NOT KARMA AND IT IS ENERGY THAT IS NEEDED TO GIVE HIM LIFE AND SO THUS MAINTAIN BALANCE, not no bs “karma!” That is why UNDERSTANDING DUALITY IS IMPORTANT!

That said – and this is WHY in part I brought up Darkness’s HOTTNESS – note HOW SEXY ASS FUCK THEY MADE THE DEVIL:

It is because as the Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt taught, there is POWERFUL MAGICK IN CHAOTIC SEXUALITY (Peep how sexy he is and how it’s driving him crazy he can’t have lilith thus leading to obsession aka insanity which it is meant to symbolize):

– Ladies, that’s why WE GOTTA BE CAREFUL WHO WE FUCK WITH! You got some energy vampires out here (I got plenty) WHO CHASE YOU CAUSE THEY WANT THAT ENERGY!

THERE IS SOME POWERFUL MAGICK TO BE HAD IN SEXUALITY, mostly via your sacral chakra where your sexual energy is stored. Crazy people it’s said are the best fucks. I know this to be true cause I’m crazy!

– Notice I don’t give a fuck about image, or living in a box. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK and that is about the most liberating thing for me – ever!

Crazy = No fucks given! THAT SAID, peep how they portray ya boy Darkness – the bad boy, THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT – as sexy, as a sexy animal! That said, it’s not by mistake. He represents our so called base desires, the sacral chakra energy, that unbridled sexiness that exudes it! He represents that and therefore the Key to Chaos magick!

Another thing: Darkness is an Iconoclast! He’s like me – he confronts people’s attitudes on their long held notions on “darkness” and evil – kinda like what I do with the topless thing (Something I’ve been doing ever since I was a child – confronting people’s attitudes):

That said, the devil or the Darkness figure represents deviation aka deviance and the etymology of the term, “Devi” comes from “Deva” meaning “Goddess” (get where I’m going):

THAT’S WHY HE’S PORTRAYED WITH HIS SHIRT OPEN, LOOKING SEXY (Had to throw that in there just to look at his sexy body again):

Lily (before she changes to Lilith) on the other hand represents tradition. That said, Darkness represented TRUE FREEDOM which he was offering to Lily as represented by her transforming into Lilith ( a Judahic-Sumerian “demon”- demon being a word which also comes from the word “Devas” aka “Devi” meaning GODDESS which you can read here: ) via wearing the black dress AND esp. when she danced with her alter ego, her shadow self…

– This represents the duality of her innocence side by side with her Shadow Self as represented by the black dress wearing aspect of herself:

– This is her innocent Self via open arms symbolically embracing her shadow Self:

It reminds me of the Hellraiser series (which Baba Bobby Hemmitt brokedown) in which Pinhead wanted to kill himself after no longer being a cennobite cause he liked and was addicted to the feeling of not giving a fuck which the cennobite way – by finding pleasure in complete pain and thus abandoning all TRADITIONS AKA INHIBITIONS – offered. That’s why he actually really felt he was gifting mofos by turning them into cennobites, doing them favours!

That’s why hell is portrayed as a place of chaos, like in Event Horizon (I thought Sam Neill was HOTT in this):

Let’s not forget the Ultimate Iconoclast was Jesus Christ, who went against the system, traditions, much as what Darkness did!

Basically, in effect, via chaos or DEVIance you are truly transformed because now you are your own GOD and are not obliging to anyone – obligated to their morals, NONE OF THAT! You are the Captain of Your Own Destiny!

Let’s not forget the subliminal here: look at the features – THE CHOCOLATE LIPS, skin color, DARKNESS alone represents MELANIN AKA BLACK PEOPLE! Baba Bobby Hemmitt did a great vid on how white people see us as the “devil” hence why the entities they fear encompass OUR FEATURES – a fact that as an artist I’ve always noticed:

There’s alot of deep shit to learn. ALWAYS deep occupt knowledge in movies and films – ALWAYS!

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