The Difference Between Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences

Okay, I finally figured out how to do it…

After watching one of these man’s vids here:

There’s a guy who RELIGIOUSLY and ASSIDUOISLY leaves comments named “Unplug the Matrix” who spoke of – and this makes sense – you astral project EVERY NIGHT WHEN YOU SLEEP (I been knew that) and there are ways to make yourself conscious while in it!

Early this morning I had an astral experience – IT WAS SOOO VIVID – where I was seated in chairs I figure with people I knew in real life – one was a former basketball nba player who ran a shelter – and one of the girls who had attacked me at that artist loft. I saw her seated in a chair around me. I sensed with her and the other people there they were grappling with issues like addictions, poverty, etc. etc. and so at one point the scene “changed” to where I was with my mama as she looks here but I was “white” (why I appear as mostly white females in the astral is beyyyond me) with brown hair and was prob. in my early 20s or teens, like late teens such as 18 or at least 16 (when I made that pact with “satan” in this universal timeline). I was in a “high school” that seemed to be underwater in a submarine (the bottom part). I was told that due to “mental issues” (my mom taught me to embrace my spiritual gifts) I had to see a counselor one of who reminded me of City Attorney Keith De La Rosa (the prosecutor who presided over my “artist loft” incident unrighteously). That said, I recall VERY VIVIDLY I went through a school auditorium (NOW THAT I THINK OF IT I don’t know if it was the topless thing which now I remember may have caused folks there to label me as “mental”) and then through a middle school gym. At one point, a black coach who was like a thin version of your boy from “Left For Dead”:

I “woke up” (I had did some crown chakra exercises before) and asked him (it seemed like like a video game glitch I became “stuck” there from behind in the kundalini), “What year was it?” “Where are we?” He said, “240,000 something, I dunno (which sounds like something I would say which almost makes me wonder as new (c)agers would say if they are extensions of us).” I then started asking around and then I recall I took off running (since I was due to meet the counselor). THEN an astral entity, female with brown hair, old white lady who I guess was the principal, “chased” me – she was actually flying – and caught up with me…

Then I “woke” up!

I think the film “Inception” was based on someone’s experiences in the astral.

That said, astral projection is when you go into the astral. Out of body experience is when your soul energy body leaves direct from your physical body, physical tomb here and moves around. Many people get them confused but those are the key differences. In out of body experiences you are closer to the Earthbound realm and I personally think it is harder to go into the astral (since your energy body is more dense) from there. So if you wanna astral project, leave through your dreams..

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