Archons Attack My Soul After Giving In To Archon Induced Alcohol Urge

Archons Attack My Soul After Giving In To Archon Induced Alcohol Urge

That said I did this vid before lsd rescued me from the pit of this demonic cycle….

But before I begin early this morning in the astral realm I got a confirmation that what a Cuban shaman saying how my dad is of a royal, probably even non human (not reptilian) non Earthly heritage was – I was in my childhood home on my old childhood block in New Orleans East and I saw my dad giving me his ring and when I looked closely it had this Egyptian painting on it, at least very similar and I got the sense that the woman was me and I was some Egyptian princess, which aligns with what she said:

I believe I saw either Iblis or Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead (which would make sense given what I saw with the Saturn black hole portal – death – Divine Feminine scheme and how I see alot of shit from the underworld, including dead people) bowing to her and I sensed my dad mighta been a servant.

– After seeing the ring I saw a gold watch (with black handles) with a blue shimmer which I take to mean, “It’s time!”

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

Here are some mind blowing subliminals (intelligence stuff like this doesn’t usually show up on my instagram feed) that showed up, including this which really struck me as relevant to my life right now:

That said, I also cut another astral chord set up by demonic beings that was literally allowing wetbacks to be able to connect to my consciousness, knowledge and thought processes (which explains how those demon seeds were able to effectively gangstalk me – I knew it all alone). THE MINUTE I CUT THAT CHORD, I HEARD A WETBACK ACROSS THE STREET DROP A BUCKET – you could hear a pin drop – like “damn we been caught.”

– Now that I think about it – in my less “aware” years – while driving down Wilshire they had a sneaky wetback BITCH who said she saw my aura and it was strong. She wanted to do a reading. Not into that at the time, I dismissed it.

I wonder if she the wetback using the archons to hook energy off of me to connect to her fellow creatures? I think I saw her during the lsd trip (the back of my neck is “heightening” as I write this)?

That’s why I stay and go hard on those motherfuckers and don’t interact with those demon seeds unless it is absolutely necessary like if I need help in stores, etc.

That being said, when I was in the deep throes of my alcohol addiction I would NEVER keep alcohol bottles in my car for a reason!

One night I did and then when I awoke all my chakras felt “free” – I presume they were feeding off of me – and I saw via my third eye various archon entities ranging from reptilians to hooded beings were tearing at my soul. This shit is real. Listen!

It kills me to think how much those urges fucked things up for me, threw me off my life path, my purpose – what I am here to do. I always knew those urges weren’t mine, they weren’t a result of a desire to escape or boredom – they were designed to keep me totally focused on the material plane and material things and – after the lsd – when that implant was removed – I saw that that artificial part designed to keep me innured in the matrix was removed and I was myself again, able to yearn for meditation as I want to!

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