Why Organic Portals Are Attracted To Us

Why Organic Portals Are Attracted To Us

Before I begin…. right after writing this article here:

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

I notice “super wetbacks” who somehow – for a while longer – could withstand the 6000 hz frequency and even ‘woke (this ain’t funny). I saw a powerful demon – Beelzebub – who is often times represented as the king of swords in my tarot deck – show! He was influencing they ass and giving them a bit of umph to show:

– That mofo in the red, I saw him on the phone after getting back into IT’S car as soon as I came out to talk with another JEWISH gangstalking victim (two I met so far and, like me – I am part Jewish – they get what’s going on) and then strangely leave when IT thinks I am about to get back in…..

I know that neighborhood watch gangstalking shit is real and it is no irony that two homeless wetbacks that day were monitoring me!

Bet that phone call resulted in this which I would not be surprised:

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

The Jewish dude was saying how red cars follow him, just like in the 2nd vid up there!

Red in the astral denotes power and protection.

That said, here are some more organic portal comments coming from, strangely, my people (well not really cause these blacks ain’t got souls): Here is their instagrams:



LOL that exchange was funny!

Now I want you to look at what this wetback – out of the whole group – wrote:

IT says IT wants my energy practically (look at it in reverse). OF ALL THE OTHER COMMENTATORS – it mentions energy! I warn you all about these demon seeds:

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

Folks think I’m crazy but I see things with regards to them. I know what they are:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

That said here are some more examples of organic portals, including one wanting me to use my energy to worship Hecate:

That said, why do folks like myself draw organic portals esp. ones I ‘woked:


I don’t know what was going on with this – either it was some undercover shit cause a car would roll up in the SAME SPOT as another or just like, neighborhood gangstalking – with the exception of that one wetback in the grey they were ALL WHITE – not that I have a problem with it but just noting synchronicities…..


Organic portals feast on our higher chakra energies. For instance when I underwent the lsd trip I saw the wetbacks connecting to my crown, third eye chakras. They lack those higher chakras hence why, like a blackened moth to a flame, they flock to us to feed off of us…..

In the past they would pull shit like knocking you down, trying to get you at the ego to knock your self esteem, belittle you for being intelligent by calling you crazy while envying you for being smart. These are all methods they use to lower you down to their level so they can access your powerful spiritual chakras. The key is is to work on healing yourself, understand your energy body, remove archons which make you speciay susceptible to this type of abuse so they can’t lower you and most of all learn to use YOUR energy to control the energy flow.

You can do miraculous things this way!

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