CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon



I didn’t feel good about his ass. His energy’s an energy of chaos and destruction and, since I was the target of his eye as explained in the vid, a sex energy vampire buy the 6000hz frequency ‘woked his ass ????

You ain’t gonna objectify mofo. He has to know who he dealing with…..

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

He know now…..

Then, predictably, some “fun tyme” energy having type wetbucks showed up (I HATE them too) showed up and after playing the 6000hz frequency – and da ‘woke ✊? – they got the fuck on lol….

The only lil thang I want following me is this seal, who always be following me. It be 3 or 4 of em and they be forming triangles at times too lol!

LOL I love seals but I hate organic portals esp. of the wetback variety!

LOL after posting an anti wetback video saying I got em trembling due to this….

Proud East L.A. Gangbangers Get ‘Woked By The Black Border Patrol Shirt Lady

They started posting….

Peep the sexual commentary. These thangs, these demon seeds are ALWAYS trying to get at black women. I can’t stand them!

And this insta wetback heaux here…..

Block and delete ??

See, as explained here, 6000 hz frequency works to repel reptilians and other evil entities as explained here:

Because as explained below wetbacks come from the reptilians and because they come from demonic beings that is why it works on them proving my theory that they are in fact demonic:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

That being said – I am mean, controlling and domineering for a reason. See, people – you black folks esp. gotta watch out for this – are intimidated by and envy my power which derives from the spiritual realm.

They will do all sorts of lil antagonistic things to belittle you and bring you down to their level so they can “smother” you with their energies.

That said, that’s why I build a wall up around myself as a defence, a deterrent for would be stupid ass motherfuckers who wanna cross into my woods (or shall I say beach, lol)!

I can read people. I know what you are and I have done enough healing to respect myself by following thru with my intuition, acknowledging what you are (if I sense you will be a problem) and shutting you down before we can even speak!

My heart chakra used to be open in a bad way that let all sorts of bad shit in by creating energy chords with mofos who didn’t deserve access to it. I know how to fix that now….

That said, esp. ladies – don’t be afraid to tell a mofo wassup! Dudes will insult you to your face if you ain’t appealing to them. Fuck their ego.  I know many of ya’ll fear telling em what’s on your mind cause they’ll throw down which is why you carry protection and which is why I stay fucking mofos up with black magic in the astral like the mugs in my next vid….

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Peace ✌?

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