Astral Vision Shows Me The Tiger Bus People Harbors A Pedophile On That Bus

Astral Vision Shows Me The Tiger Bus People Harbors A Pedophile On That Bus




– That ‘woke worked ??‍♀️

Them mofos ain’t came out that motherfucking bus alll day……

That’s cause I ‘woked they ass!

That’s what they get for fucking with me. I was eavesdropping on the convo between them and the sheriffs last night and I overheard them talking about the topless lady and how they will investigate something.

Well, my demons, reptilians got on they ass, drained they ass. That’s what their meth swirling asses get for fucking with me.

I don’t play!

That being said, I saw astrally that the dude here:

– You can look and see he ain’t alright up there….

Is a pedophile! I saw astrally that he came from the midwest. In the vision – because as I have experienced personally – he presented as a thin and handsome white dude but with the same features. It seemed like he was in a home for folks who were sex offenders who were getting paroled. The place, the locale seemed like a pormenteau of my old high school and this boarding house/motel in MacArthur Park where there were nurses on staff to help them.

JUST LIKE IN THE VIDEO it was shown that he was falsely trying to get me in trouble with the cops and he feared me and kept fleeing me.

It is said that pedophilia is a mental illness where the person can’t help their “orientation” where a person was born this way and can’t help it:

….That would explain the medical personnel tending to them!

From what I saw he thought I was “stalking” him which I’m not – I have heard him yell, “leave” though I am not doing shit to him!

– Well, that ‘woke took care of his ass!

That said, I was able to hear in the ether last night after I ‘woked em – when I ‘woke folks it creates etheric ties between me and those individuals so I can feel, hear and even sometimes see what is going on – the druggie girl saying, in an angry manner like I did something to her, “I wish she would leave” etc.

This is why I keep walls up with mofos not because I been hurt but I know what mofos are and so when I call them out they can’t create etheric ties meant to twist what I know aka “emotional” or really etheric manipulation!

Alot of folks, as they do with all empaths, have a tendency to project on me and put their shit on me.

I am honestly not doing shit to them.

I have not done shit to em.

Why the fuck you are picking on me.

I can only extrapolate that it is because they are doing something illegal in there like conducting a meth lab and I have seen their skin up close and, trust, it ain’t the skin of a healthy person.

That said, regardless of their shit going on with them, it ain’t my fucking problem. You wanna bully me? You get these horns.

My demons and reptilians will teach you not to fuck with me – even if it means your death (they already got severly hurt – can’t wait to see what else happens at their expense and for my pleasure ??).

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