Seeing The Reptilian Symbolism That I Will Use In The Future As The Antichrist

Seeing The Reptilian Symbolism That I Will Use In The Future As The Antichrist

Ya’ll think this shit is a joke but given the spiritual murmurs I am getting I am realising this shit is real!

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

I had a strange astral vision in the middle of the night. To commence on talking about the major gist of it, the first part involved me being by the beach in the lower part of the astral. I was with Clint Eastwood who seemed really poor – like everyone was in this reality – but he adopted me as his girlfriend. It was really depressing: the sky was moody, gloomy, real real dark like it would be in a thunderstorm. I saw homes on stilts. I felt I was in marina del ray! I then saw Harry Belafonte try to get at me by one of the stilts, too. We then went into the home of these indian folks where it showed a young girl “beating” basketball players by making a cure in the future.

I recall starting work as a security guard it seemed at a big mall type style establishment.

There was a black guy who worked there who everyone warned was a sex offender. I recall he tried me and a tall, I sensed black but she appeared tall, husky and blonde, appeared to help me and warn on him. Also, apparently, two dudes working there – a black dude and wetback – were sexual predators.

This harkens back to how when I worked at the Port of New Orleans they had a black security guard who was trying to sexually prey aka sexually harass me and I saw EXACTLY that scene playing out at one point in this!

Then I saw “myself” – I was white, well more like kinda ambiguous mixed race, with short boyish brown hair. It seemed like I was recruited to be in the C.I.A. I was told to go “undercover” on some projects. I recall seeing the “defund the police” shit go on on tv and the world in chaos. I then recall being transferred to my old childhood home. It was garrish looking, depressing and, in it, twice – once while I was in our den with my mother and transitioned brother while watching a story on Nostradamus and him predicting World War III and another where we were in the downstairs bathroom and my brother was telling me not to take a picture while my mother set alongside him – a picture of a snake in the middle of a reptilian eye that looked. just. like this:

– And it said, “Please be with us” ?


Honest though the reptilian looked more like this, but with it’s mouth open…..

And the eye looked more like this but with the iris, which was yellow, being more prominent….

Another interesting thing – when my friend saw me being an activist, he saw me looking just. like that woman I portrayed up there with the short brown hair.

I take it as a sign…. it also represents that I am finally breaking away from their oppression as they have been around, oppressing me for awhile.

I mean as conveyed by there they basically want to force me into going down a certain path and have used all the shit they could throw in their archon kingdom to keep me stuck. There is an article that perfectly explains the process of possession their victims undergo…..

How to Recognize Characteristics of Reptilian Possessed and Hybrids


HOLY SHIT! This confirms that the whole vegan, veganism trend is a push by reps (reptilians) to kill us off cause they gotta eat like that to mask their foul REAL natural body odor and they are pushing it on us cause, as I explain here like as experienced with one of em:

Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

They envy us and the palette of human emotions we can express hence why they want us to ONLY be on that peace love light PROP-A-GANDER bull!

2Circles of youtube was pushing that shit:

2Circles Is A Reptilian As Confirmed By Him Pushing Vegan Death Diet

With that said, returning back to the article I know from experience as I have had a rep possess me (which I am getting rid of as another one came in again – I gotta heal that right side since they are always fucking with it) that they create phantom odors around you which you can’t smell and will have you stinking to other folks – even if you bathed and washed your clothes – like the time on the bus folks stayed away from me and then, after smelling my clothes, a phantom smell of vomit popped up, which is how reptilians are often described as smelling.

The tarot deck was showing a knight of pentacles was the possessing entity (before it was the satanic red dragon that was possessing that side):

I saw thru my third eye a regular ole crocodile and just via mundane visualization – I have seen em before – I saw a hooded crocodile, whom I have seen with my third eye fully open in real time….

Mighta been the same one eating the sheriff I saw via astral vision awhile back!

It’s funny too cause referring to this from yesterday, when I mentioned a darkness in me, it was a green reptilian that popped up!

More Reasons That I Maybe The Antichrist

With that being said I can only infer that their ability to fuck with me is wanning. I could hear an evil entity, I think the Emperor Palpatine looking hooded being, say via white noise “Don’t leave me”, “I miss you”, “Please come back.”

It’s cause they know I am leaving and that I am clever to walk away from em!

My heart chakra opened wide open. I know they create events to get “permission” to close ot but I won’t let them take my will. Now it is time to heal!

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