2Circles Is A Reptilian As Confirmed By Him Pushing Vegan Death Diet

It’s a fact I hate having to accept! But just like all reptilians he exposed himself by offering the [final] solution like this other rep here I exposed a while ago:

Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

That bitch said don’t eat, peridot! ??

That said, vegan diets will kill you….

The shit still kills animals….

They need to go to jail for forcing that literal SHIT ?? on their fucking kids….

This is what veganism truly does…..

Vegan deterioration is one great channel to watch on this self induced atrocity….


Another one is goatis. His commentary has me death ? lit! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGenreDoesntMatter/videos

He points out how these people eat literal shit that looks like meat cause they really miss it!

sv3rige is another channel he has you all should check out:


Another is Anti-vegan. She real militant about them assholes, plus she talks about mk ultra and other very interesting topics: https://www.youtube.com/c/AntiVegan/videos

That said, let me say how these reps roll…. reptilians will tell you TRUTHS ABOUT A SITUATION BUT OFFER YOU A FUCKED UP SOLUTION THAT IS TO YOUR DETRIMENT (to get you out of the picture) TO SOLVE IT!

That said, this mofo urged a naive ass subbie to go vegan. I told the mofo not to – his body he can do what he want – I then cleverly ask 2circles if he takes b12 vitamins since they are supplements vegans take to compensate for their malnpurishing, as sv3rige would say starvation diet and they are animal derived products!

He just refers me to some Bruce Lipton shit – a dude who doesn’t from what I understand all the way endorse veganism – just says that your mind or really soul can affect your consciousness on a cellular level which is true!

HOWEVER that shit takes your whole fucking auric body, soul, chakras to be open…. case in point. I was doing SERIOUS healing ‘woke on myself. I removed a particular archonic implant aka entity attachment that, when removed, I FUCKING SWEAR I WAS IN A STATE OF FUCKING HEAVEN. When I tell ya heaven, NOTHING could make me feel bad. It was THE HIGH! I can’t explain it. And….. I had no desire to eat.

That being said, your physical vessel needs fucking sustenance! It’s a body. It’s physical. It’s got carnal needs:

You gotta eat meat or else you will end up like Buddha here:

Buddha had to eat esp. meat in order to learn that balance is key ?? and the way….

That said, read the gaslighting shit this nigga wrote:

– At the end is me telling him the EASY way on how to get rid of this shit, those reptilians.

I KNEW 2circles was a fucking reptilian cause he telling people that, in order to get rid of entities plaguing them, do fucking exercises etc.:

Look at what he says to remove the shit. TF you need to do all that for? That’s enough to throw folks off the spiritual path:

He telling folks to run here:

Now he selling no hope!

That’s a typical reptilian tactic!

He wants you to do this ??

Also, we ALLL KNOW the sincerist mofos curse yet he against cursing? Why?

You gotta watch out for polite society! Alotta deception lies behind those picket white fences…..

That said, I am a LIT LEGIT veteran of Youtube!

– How TF the last one spam?

We all know they take down the real ones. 2circles been up for a min. They will take they shit down every so often to make it appear their agent is on the up and up but those who are intuitive know!

That being said here are more of his comments….. he never NOT ONCE addresses the b12 vitamin shit:

Now, let me show you this mofo a deceiver!

We all (who are ‘woke) KNOW the archons control both parties…..


Looka this shit here:

I took screenshots just in case he takes it down….

– Regarding the last vid I called him out on how divisive and how this stance throws people away from the real problem ??? and he sends me some convoluted ass explanation using a cacaphony of HUGE WORDS to simultaneously appear condescending – thinking I wouldn’t understand – and to mockingly throw me off:

That’s EXACTLY what them mofos want is infighting and human divisiveness. That is how in part they have controlled our world for so long. These reps – the wine baby tarot and now, surprisingly, 2circles – NOTE they nevar show they face – are clever mofos. They draw people in who are on the fringe cause we know the truth. It becomes a lil like a cult cause folks like us don’t have any other platforms to go to to discuss this so they low key infiltrate by throwing truths and then lies as the solution. Eye ? sea ??? it as major infiltration. To throw out truthfull messages then shit on it with lies that act to our detriment as a solution!

This is why you gotta be fucking discerning so you don’t fall under these mugs’ spells! Many low self esteem as folk fall for it cause of the understandibly human need to socially fit in somewhere.

I’m an anti social loner who doesn’t like to be bothered so that shit don’t work on me.

You gotta watch these channels! The real mofos like me get taken down. I am a veteran of having my channels assassinated by Youtube. That is why this channel helmed by a black ass nigger mayate ass reptilian living in Chicago, divorced is able to helm this channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zfLP7e5_g4

Flag that shit ?? cause they doing it to fuck with my site!

Mofo Claiming To Be Fired Worker From Google Takes My Youtube Channel Down

Google Allows Google Employee To Steal Copyrighted Material

Fuck Youtube. I don’t need em ????????

Imma do an article on the mayate running it complete with personal info and everything.

They become obsessed! Reptilian and reptilian controlled mofos become OBSESSED!

Never accept friendship or shit from em and I’ll explain why in another blog!

That being said watch out for these mainstream “fringe” mofos! Kinninigan tho. he is mad good he another one….. Looka the eyes…..

Now this could be from having his third eye opened but I sense something controlling him!

He one of the original Youtubers who been revealing real info on this shit.

Also, looka here:

That look STRAIGHT like a bipedal king cobra!

There are alot of deceivers and they are still put on no matter how “fringe” they claim cause they telling lies to fulfill the intentions of their puppet masters, their bosses…..

– Yes, ya’ll do! Yaaaasssss, ya’ll do!

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