Why I Enjoy Intimidating Men

Why I Enjoy Intimidating Men

I’ve been like this since I was a little girl. It is so nice to have me, my inner child, fully back and embraced ??????‍♀️?

I always liked to sorta start shit so I could control shit as a kid…..

That being said, honest – tho. It is so NICE to be away from that toxic industry:

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

I KNEW a fucking curse was behind it all…..

Breaking Free of The Archonic Curse of Being Chained To Sex Work For Money

Said that shit months ago….. I am never wrong. I KNEW IT!

That being said, as I sat in my car after exercising, more shit started coming back to mind of how these feeble minded, weak mofos took advantage of me!

GRANTED they were not violent like some other tricks were but they were fucked up and perverse and malevolent in their own way, indubitably hampering my spiritual growth (it is SOOO NICE not to be yearning for alcohol due to be parasitically connected to them via toxic synchronicities by very evil beings looking to use them as vehicles to destroy me!)!

One thing that came to mind was….. how the second one – aside from enabling my alcohol addiction – this mofo would – this is just so fucking sick and makes me sick and makes me wanna kill him. This bitch knew I am a feminist. He grew up in a single parent home with the woman as a head. This is why I say keep your hell to yourself and your hell is NOT my problem ??

I feel this mofo, living in a household dominated by strong women (he had some sisters I believe) got off by taking advantage of a strong woman in a financially compromised situation. I will just put it like that! I got so much anger seething in me right now I don’t feel like I am going “deep within” enough to pull out and thus describe with real raw words the real raw feelings I am feeling now…..

This mofo – this some pedophile – would talk to me like I am a fucking CHILD, COOING LIKE I AM A LITTLE GIRL (ladies, watch these niqqas who are insistent on calling women “girls”) and say, “I bet you enjoy it when boys and men lust after you”, “You such a delicate flower” and use his hand to move my hair like dads do their little girls in films (that’s a sick mofo and it was an act to not only reduce me to being a mindless clueless child but sexualize kids), and “You should be so proud cause my dick came for you” and “You did that” – like that is a mark of achievement – and other sick smarmy words – I am almost close ?? to dropping this niqqa dox’s – and other sick shit that, when I think on it, brings to mind a hen cornered by a predator, lurching over her, looking to feed off of her via domination.

Another thing is – them mofos reveled in hurting me (I am getting close to dropping dox) by having me in UNCOMFORTABLE positions where sometimes their penises would be touching my stomach area and then when I say it hurts they’d back off and apologize acting all gentlemanly cause they didn’t wanna tee (aka piss) off their source of energy and – and this hurts me to say – their source for deranged, perverse pleasure. That same mofo would deliberately hold it in and have me boxed with him for hours (taking advantage that I am poor) FOR HOURS! Another enjoyed getting off on seeing me gag while watching FAKE porn stars who go thru more hell then I to get money.

Man, that shit’s degrading. Here is me cutting em off (if I wasn’t in the ambivalent “stockholm syndrome” mental state I was the text woulda been meaner):

Sadistic mofos…..

That’s what that mofo was all about. He was also a fucking know it all like a lotta crakkkas are. That shit – just hearing those words – thinking back on it – makes me sick! This mofo got off on degrading me!

And, you know what – when I first came out here to Malibu – this text here:

This bitch – after I told him I wanted nothing to do with that industry – came looking for me on the beach, calling me, PUBLICLY by my hooker name! That was designed to tell me – now I realise – in a passive aggressive way – that is all I will ever be to him and that is how I should see myself.

The psychology behind it is sick, sick sick the more I think about it……

Prostitution is fucking toxic…..

Looka this from that trick website usasexguide.nl

Just looka this (this ain’t even the most toxic shit I’ve seen on there):

And these mofos are fucking prostitutes – who done been – and let nut in em – other niqqas before – bareback meaning without a condom:

If that second mofo comes up to me again – Imma clock his ass ?? Won’t say shit!

That is just….. I never forgot what a street sex worker told me about how a nasty ass trick told another prostitute not to wash her pussy so he can’t eat her out like that at the end of the night.

How degrading.

They got mental issues for sure, them tricks do. Mental, misogynistic and control issues…..

Now, hear is how I am taking back my power….

LOL that niqqa nearly fell over the edge ??

I was laughing my ass off and so were a bunch of other people when I posted this to Youtube lol!

If I see that second mofo that is. exact. how I will attack him!

So happy to be getting this toxicity off of me. You all have no idea.

That said, it’s nice to have me back ??‍♀️???? My inner child is finally made whole. I have always been a militant, extremist feminist of the cut your dick off variety.

I wasn’t playing when I made that video……

For all of you out there who don’t know The Late Great Aileen Wuornos was a forced who rightfully so killed all the tricks that she saw:


You can read more about her here:


Lorraina Bobbit was an awesome latinX (shit sound like a space program but nice go in the right direction as far as gender relations in their community goes….)

Who cut her husband’s cheating dick off.

Now, I am not one of these womben to give my energy to men by getting upset if they don’t want me (cause now I don’t deal with them period ??) but…. what she did is something rape survivors need to do when a mofo tries to force you to suck his dick. Bite it off! Make the weiner the hotdog and the balls the buns and the blood = ketcup ??

That said, here is why I say I like for males to fear me:

That said, here are the wetbawks looking forlorn cause their POSSIBLE access to my energy supply got CUT OFF (no way esp. for YOUUUU, JOSE):

I think people sorely underestimate the role energy can play in our lives. By me letting those energy attachment, sadistic, personal issue riddled mofos into my life and into me, it allowed a surge of entity attachments to come in to my already energy compromised body and keep me from healing!

Because I was letting their energies come in and enter into me it was fucking up my energies and causing me to see myself as not who I truly am but how THEY saw me thru the mismash of their energies entering my port-hole aka vagina!

1st one shaped like a vagina while the second, you can see what looks to be an egg “fertilizing” the wormhole…..

You have to be careful of the men you let into your port-hole!

As you can see from visting usasexguide many of these men are haunted by demonic energies compelling them to seek out sex workers to prey on for energy, similar to how Ifa, voodoo priests be seeking new adherents to steal energy for their so called dieties as relayed to me by a very spiritually powerful white dude based on what happened to him or that hindu dude who would suck me dry, again, as a sex worker, leaving me energetically drained after seeing him who said he was a child of goddess Kali and using me as a battery to sacrifice energy to (glad I am out of that).

My power is my mine. I am not sharing that shit. That’s why I keep men at bay ??

Here is what I can do when I am in my power. Them two mofos were stealing that from me…..

And that’s not even deliberate; it is the energy I exude which can have an affect over a large swath of space!

That said, here are some photos I took of me yesterday working out (I been wanting to get back into it and now that I am no longer strangled by the thought of having less breasts and thus being cut off from for not appeasing those energy vampires – I don’t care!):

This one was weird……

I looked a lil like Michael Jackson there looool…..

Ya’ll just have no idea how inwardly happy I am to be free of that mess and be away from that ? Ya’ll just have no idea how much their energy was fucking ME up and fucking me up, royally – keeping me from healing, from being my true me! Associating with them thangz put me in a place where I was forced to negotiate my identity just to deal with them! Ya’ll have no idea the mental schadenfraude I had to pull over my eyes just to survive by dealing with that conflict! That was crazy and a toxic situation I don’t wanna go back to ?

I feel like the phoenix, the phoenix rising. Rose out them ashes and now I can be me.

That said, I better not catch a person mistaking my topless activism as advertisement for prostitution. Imma film your ass, drop your dox, get you fired from your job and probably do worse….

I escaped that hell and I am hell bent not to go back!

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