I Hate White Liberals

I Hate White Liberals

There was this girl who was around here staying with the Syrians (my home star system) and she was bringing some weird fucking energy….. cops were circling me, crakkkas – but the liberal variety (which brings me to why I am writing this article here) filling up the beach, commenting all snobbishly about my Make America Great Again hat (just wait till they see the ICE shirt with my website on it ?)…..

I hate liberal crakkkas. Let me preface by saying I am not in any way endorsing or caping for conservative crakkkas cause as I explained assiduously here:

This Why I Keep Crakkkas And Non Blacks Off My Page

Putting ‘Woke On Crakkkas With White Entitlement Issues

Racist Inbred Crakkka Named Aron ‘O Muireagan Reveals White People’s Fears of Black Self Confidence

They have programmed into (at least the organic portal hivemind’s psyche) a tendency to think they know every fucking thing, to be know it alls, to think the world revolves around them and their thoughts and words…. like they’re god – it is an all around arrogance that precludes other people’s thoughts, etc. A superiority mentality. They also – as my parents – have a tendency not to mind they own business and wanna monitor shit.

What I’m getting at is that liberal whites are the less violent as opposed to their conservative counterparts (I am from the deep south and I know how honkkkies can get when they feel they are not in control which is why I pimp from the gate and let em know in ways they don’t even understand ??‍♀️). My personality perfectly suits me for pimping folks. ….However, the liberal crakkka is imposing nontheless……


Oh yes, I had to play some 6000 hz frequency cause I overheard some WETBACKS calling blacks niggers – these mugs here:


White folks, cause they think they know it all – will tell you what to eat (I am some lamb chops I bought for 4.99 yesterday)…..


That’s for the crakkka vegans.

See, I am not an organic portal. I have a Soul, a powerful one! I don’t have to run with gangs, categories – I ain’t gotta based my entire identity around an ideology, re-ligion, belief systems cause I know the power of my Soul.

I got a Soul. Most folks who run with that shit are organic portals who need a hivemind ideology to give them an identity.

I am deeper and I am better than them.

Before I knew what was up I used to say I am an individual while folks were under a hivemind. Taking into account what I know now, I was right ?

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

The other day I had to kick off a black dude who wanted to follow me who I could tell has anger, violent tendencies (I HAVE to be careful who I befriend because, with him, I literally felt as if a paint scraper was going up the right side of my face). I sensed he was an organic portal who steals from the sacral chakra. I immediately (for my spiritual health), blocked him!

He though I would accept him for his political beliefs. I didn’t want his energy or the energy of whoever is following him on my page. It is too chaotic for me right now energetically. I can’t handle it.

The shit I mentioned above is organic portal shit. Needing to be part of a group, a team (hence sports fans, WHO I FUCKING ABHOR). I’m above that and I know better. I got my reasons for wearing the MAGA hat and border patrol shirt and it’s not cause of political ideology:

There was both a brother and a young I think either Italian or hispanic lady who talked of how organic portals get PISSED when they can’t categorize you into a box:

They can’t handle depth. They call people like me “crazy” cause my personality, aura, energy, and – most of all – Soul – is wayyyy beyond their comprehension due to their lack of depth in terms of perception.

That said – I don’t rep that shit! I am not 1 dimensional so that’s why I didn’t focus on “liberal whites” but all mofos (organic portals) who are part of the matrix hivemind.

If you don’t comprehend, this isn’t for you (and I am talking about YOU ??)!

*To note, redneck is NOT synonymous with “conservative”. I love rednecks. I grew up in a redneck state (Louisiana) and they tend to be the most down to Earth, non judgemental, welcoming people ??‍♀️??‍♀️ I recall there was a place called David Duke country – named after the famed Louisiana KKK leader who looks like Michael Jackson…..

And I used to go over there all the time and have drinks!

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