Calling Out Nasty Ugly Old Ass White Men Creature Features Trying To Leer At Young Black Women

Calling Out Nasty Ugly Old Ass White Men Creature Features Trying To Leer At Young Black Women

On a side note, before I begin…..

I found Tom Berenger’s Messy-can cousin…..

You know your country FAWKED-UP anytime you gotta take orders from another country to arrest your so-called “defense minister”:

Looka how they had him, uniform all loose fitting – soooo unprofessional…..

LOL looka what this article here is next to:

….How that “defend the police” shit going on, dumbasses…..

….That niqqa tallllll…….

Ya’ll looka his son: you got this dude, looking like Sgt Barnes (probably cause of all the times the cartels kidnapped him) and his son a fabreige egg:

– You can see that military dude was low key uncomfortable lol…..

Get itz girllllll!

That’s Cienfuego’s boi!!!!!

I love gay men. They are like the ying to my yang (I’m so masculine and proud ✊???️‍?).

That said, let me get to the REAL CRUX of why I am doing this article…..


I blocked IT’S ASS!


In Louisiana, when I was growing up, we talked about old ugly nasty ass white men who, when past their prime, trying to leach off of nubile young black women as if they are a prize (I don’t even think this thing ever had a “prime” cause IT don’t even look human).

This creature is but one example. Here is IT’S instagram again:

Let me make something clear: you are an ugly, old white man (in his case a “thing”) who your own women don’t want. What makes you think we are gonna want you?

This applies to the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl otherwise known as wetbacks who think (in their low IQ mind) that all black women are color struck and want light skinned babies:

I kill kids!

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion


….Fucking lil basturds…..

That being said, funny – the other day I saw a young black lady with an old ass crakkka (but he looked human compared to that creature that’s been cyberstalking meh!


I also peep the public ‘wokes truck parking next to my car – needlessly – while doing road work….



Look, if white women don’t want ya, we don’t want your reject azz too ????

So, beat it, literally AND figuratively!

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