Wanna Offer Ford Mustang 2001 In Exchange For A Minivan

I prefer a minivan because it is more stealth and got more windows and, as a stargazer, I like looking out of windows ??⭐

That being said I am offering my Ford Mustang 2001 up in exchange for a minivan. Here ae the stats:

It is a Ford Mustang 2001 (of course). Automatic. It clocks at 284,444 on the odometer. It has a leak. I think the computer is broken, hence why it can’t pass smog inspection (there is a pick a parts placed named Ford Only in Wilmington where you can get a new computer for I think about $125). I changed the ccrm and all so it gotta be that…. It also leaks oil.

Otherwise IT RUNS GREAT, it’s a trooper. I got a vid to confirm! It makes a rough noise tho.

The license plate # is 6VZA266. The vin is 1FAFP405YF172992

Here are the pics:

Here is a vid of it running:


I think this car would be GREAT for a car club ??

ALL TICKETS ON IT ARE PAID! Exchange it for a minivan (that can pass smog) and we’re good!

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