Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

I look like I’m strategizing on how to kill someone here lol….

I’m so sick of this shit…..


WHY park next to me if you got a “problem” with my being topless….. Nasty projecting bitch!

And this mofo right here, who I had come across before…..



Comes around for round #2 – at one point while I got my cellphone on me (I don’t like fighting with my cellphone on cause I could lose it) starts calling me a “faggot” repeatedly, letting me know his thoughts on me……


When I put that phone down he went into punk mode!

Leave me the fuck alone……


– Just found out his name Ralph Ogarian, a sleazy, perverted (dude seems OBSESSED with taking pics of young women) child molesting chomo looking fucker.

Every morning I wake up and I hear them illegal wetbacks in that food truck talk about, “We gotta get rid of her”, “Leave”, “Let’s call the cops on her” for being shirtless (I ain’t gonna say topless anymore cause of the sexual connotations) etc even though I don’t do shit to em, which puts me in a position where I got to do shit so they know not to fuck with me!

I called ICE on their ass and ICE DID show which I will post in a later video…..

This Is Why Blacks Are Justifiably Beating On These Illegal Mexican Vendors

I hear them and their lil raggedy ass clientele of clickity clack dirty looking ass WETBACKS walking up there, saying, “She a hoe” cause I go shirtless (they wouldn’t say that shit if I were white which is why I be going hard on them wetbacks ?? here) and sometimes calling me a “nigger”, a “mayate”. I hear them mofos. But then I am the problem when I react. I get UNFAIRLY maligned, disrespected, misjudged and projected upon all cause I am a free spirit who doesn’t fit into their box, anybody’s box and it pisses them off……

That’s not my problem. You keep your hell to yourself I always say…..

This is why I can’t deal with people…..

All my life I have dealt with unfairness, inequality, being misjudged cause I am not like the others nor would I wanna be. I don’t wanna fit into anybody’s world nor do I care to be understood. I want to be left alone and I don’t want assholes interrupting, interloping, intruding and imposing themselves in my world.

I am not part of your system! Leave me out your system and the boxes you use to group yourselves with…..

Like that fat mofo in that beemer – nasty looking jabba the hut ass – it’s like these non black mofos wanna lust me and attach themselves to me but can’t accept who I am.

Stay the fuck away. I don’t care how you feel, if you got a problem with my strenght and how I carry myself (I do it as a defense mechanism cause of these mofos in addition to it being me ??) – leave me the fuck alone! They know how I am; they come around to antagonize me like this sob did here:




Then wanna boot up like I’m a man as he sees in his stereotyping man, cause to him to his weak willed punk ass I don’t fit in the box for what it means to be “feminine” so he is gonna antagonize and start shit and, like a punk, call the cops……

– That’s an UGLY bitch, looking like an albino potato…

Here IT’S license plate…..

Talking about he gone beat me up but calls the cops!

Like I say his tune changed when I put my phone down cause then I could focus ??

This is something I have had to contest with all my life. People who don’t belong, who don’t have my best interest at heart, trying to surround themselves around me, push themselves on me, and then get pissed when I fight back ??

I have heard many spiritualists, folks in general who follow me say I get unfairly misjudged. It’s cause the assholes making those ASSumptions are deceivers, liars, fake who I could see coming a mile away, I have no problems calling em out for what they are – they get butthurt (not my problem cause I ain’t kissing your ass ??‍♀️??) and then proceed to tell lies!

This is why I stay to myself and guard my boundaries like a fire breathing dragon ? Inner peace is my goal. I deserve it. I don’t have time for people shit, for their baggage. I am gonna be real with you. I have had clingy needy mofos try to attach themselves to me and I cut them right off ?? before they can go any further and tell them, “Get the fuck up the street!”

If You Are NOT Black, Stay Off My Social Media

I don’t need a friend! As I explained to someone last night my inner voice runs deep and I have conversations with myself:

Remind me of that Billy Idol song “Dancing By Myself” which was a song about masturbation – my dad liked him!

– He is a great artist like Stone Temple Pilots. Loved many of his songs…..

I don’t have to be co-dependent, needy and clingy like I was as a teen because my consciousness is programmed where I’m intuned with my Higher Self and she guides me and comforts me!

I don’t need anyone outside of Me!

On top of that I don’t deal with many people so the daily dalliances that gets to many due to frustrations being wrought on em by other folks’ issues in order to survive, make a living doesn’t affect me!

Shit was hell for me when I worked in the regular working world. Being bombarded with people unfairly misjudging me cause – as I have been told even going back to high school, university – my energy signature is different and I have always sensed that which is why I can’t be in the regular world, around regular people cause I am not like them!

Being on an energetic level overwhelmingly sensitive to other people shit – that can get to you if you are bombarded with it 24/7!

And esp. if you are dealing with mofos who are weak and wanna tear you down to build themselves up…..

This has been a theme for me all this week…..

I Finally Freed Myself From Beelzebub Then Fight Ensues

I hear people calling me “crackhead”, the so called “friendly” ones calling me “ugly.” You know what, when I first came out here I SENSED these dumb mofos felt that, cause I am shirtless and am not conventionally pretty to them that I HAVE TO BE DESPERATE for they low count ugly ass – I don’t think those bitches look in mirrors – and am supppsed to grovel for dick. Bitch I used to get paid for my pussy. In addition I love me and that is all the love – and approval – I need. These are the same people who – like some of the bicyclists when I got sexually assaulted – while laugh at my trauma, and feel I deserve and will even say it. I feel these fools got me put into the box, the category of a hypersexualized crazy, supposed to be ditz and moron with no sense! Since I don’t live up to their projected perceptions of me – I’m smart, outsmart mofos daily, have a consciousness not of this world. It pisses em off cause what they once thought was attainable, easy access, easy to manipulate – ain’t it with me! I feel a lack of respect coming from the people I go after hence why I go after them…..

That’s why I STAY hurting mofos feelings, cursing them out when they ask me out, “compliment” – esp. the nasty lurid ones when they speak on my breasts (✊? ‘woke ?) – wake they azzez up. Talking shit about me behind my back like that asshole up above (note he kept calling me “girl”) and I am supposed to be nice to these “people” who don’t like me, don’t respect me, talk about me behind my back and just invite more pain into my life by making them – these people who hate me and don’t have my best interest at heart – think they “won” by getting me, someone they know is smart (er than them), to pretend for the sake of their own ego and that I’ll fall for their okeydoke….

I feel like Oprah from The Color Purple when all them white “males” surrounded her to beat her self esteem by beating her physically down (note the correlation and they do this to black men) till she acquiesce to that white bitch!

Looka how them male crakkkas treated ole girl:

I don’t like how they handled sister!

That’s what’s happening with me: it’s a lynching! And then if I righteously react they call me “crazy”, gaslight me by saying I am hearing things tho they’ll even insult me loudly.

To give you an example of what I have to deal with…..

When I got into a fight with this nigger here who a rapist who sucker punched me cause I didn’t wanna talk to him…..

Black Ass Nigger Rapist Named Tony Punched Me For Not Accepting His Sexual Advances

This bubba spark crakkka was with another crakkka – I think that same crakkka who tried to run over me that night while I was speaking on Beelzebub – was laughing. I saw him. He then a week later try to come up to me and be nice without apologising. I curse his ass out! He denies it then like a weak willed as genetic recessive defective crakkka – waits till he gets back in his rv to curse me out and calls me a nigger!

Here he is:


I ‘woked his ass ✊?? Go to hell mofo, literally!


And that be the same type of people to gaslight everybody else and say you are crazy.

– Plenty of dudes laughed at that, happy to see me “fall” which is why I stay to myself and let noooo one around me (take not of why that basturd punched me then ruminate on what they are truly happy about)!

The Attack By The Nigger Reveals The Psychotic JEALOUSY Men Have Towards Me

This why unlike most of you organic portals I don’t base my self worth on societal references of self worth as instituted on popularity (my parents would call me the “people repellent” while it was my younger brother Kristen who could boast of all the friends he made), I base mine on how I feel about me! If I fail, I could be hard on myself – but it’s me I am letting down cause I care about me (just thought of something: NOTE I ain’t trying to explain myself but rather tell you about myself ???‍♀️).

All in all: don’t fuck with me! I ain’t part of your system, let me be!

And I’m supposed to tolerate that shit? Hell no! For my mental health I am calling that shit out!

It’s like a psychotic tendency to wanna see me be weak and need a man as a crutch like most folks do to build myself up. It’s envy of my strenght cause I emotionally don’t need any fucking body. I am very self actualised and spiritually evolved.

No, bitch, stop trying to tear me down to build you up!

Even when I stayed in the forest – by myself – assholes were coming around…..

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

I Finally Found The Elmer Fudd Looking And Sounding Mofo Using Electronic Harassment To Run Me Out of Malibu

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

– Peep it is PRIMARILY wetbacks and crakkkas, not one black!

I could go on…..

So you see it ain’t a case of me seeking out issues…..

Like ya boi in the Big Lebowski, I just wanna be me, be free, and you got mofos who constantly wanna attack you and steal that sense of contentment and freedom away from you by constantly interloping in your shit, wanting to FORCE themselves in your space, raping you off it…..

When plan A fails ?? the ‘woke ✊? will do…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

I have actually killed two people to date with it and saw that they are in hell (I saw one had bugs, roaches ? crawling all over him and another in a 3 ft tall and 6 ft wide jail cell where a reptilian hand creeped in to touch her).

I don’t play and I am merciless with that shit.

This shit of weak willed ass dudes wanting to dominate – that’s what it really is – and fight me has been a theme all this week and note, they alll non black!


These mofos are not as strong as black men and women (white bois got THE LEAST amount of testosterone of every race with their genetic defective asses….). It’s like a psychotic overwhelming desire and frustration to put this “black bitch in her place” like this weak ass crakkka here tried to do…..

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

Turns out his ass a rapist!


– Talking about he with a black woman but wanna fight one.

Like the young black lady with that wetback who wanted to fight me over him after I called his ass out for cat calling while with her (she has NO respect for herself if she is gonna consort somebody who openly cat calls at another lady – she claimed it was towards the dog with her slow ass but he was looking dead ? at me the entire time), these dudes seem to pick real good bedwenches who hate themselves.

I would never throw a black man under the bus like that since for the majority of my life black men have shown me love and respect without wanting something back like these other thieving races of degenerate energy vampires who will help, but prey on you!

That’s why I put my site up instead of the “ICE”, “Border Patrol” shirts (cause then you get goofy ass crakkkas who think you a bedwench and you – on a servile, obsequoius level – are allll for them and they are gonna try to come in and try to take cracks at you like the crakkkas they are. Nope. I’m just trolling wetbacks who fuck with me with my ICE shirt and MAGA hat lol:

I had to snuff that shit cause I need to train these dumb mofos on something called “nuances” so they know who the fuck they are dealing with!

Now I hear insane epithets of “she crazy” and this insane desires by again these non black males to put me in my place, having a personal vendetta against me having a strong sense of self, a strong spirit, and are trying to psychotically snuff that out.

Well, we can dance playboi:


I saw thru my third eye this punk mofo choked nearly to death his ex-wife (hence why he out on the s[kr]eets)……

And this punk ass hoe here can’t dance cause he built like an albino potato ??

By “dance” I mean fight! Learned that lingo from a Mexican dude who chill around here. I hope he alright!

I have always had to rely on my own self strenght to survive. I ain’t letting no one drain me. Don’t force yourself in my world cause Imma fuck you up in defending it ??

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