I Always Knew I Was An Alien

I Always Knew I Was An Alien

These vids here in which two reptilian groups: a turtle like bipedal species named the D’voreh and an iguana like bipedal species named the T’chaumpilas saying they are my ancestors (and ancestors to the Rothschilds) makes sense…..



Makes sense why our neighbors called my family “aliens” and why, as a kid, when I would look out the window at night (a habit I have now which is why I NEED WINDOWS), my parents would say I was jokingly looking for home ??

I don’t think they are joking.

That’s why I don’t like most people aka humans and don’t intermix with these mofos cause I know they’re stupid…..

I can’t stand when they think they can gain one over on me (and feel entitled). Bitch, I am more intelligent then you dumb motherfuckers and can control your asses energetically cause I am superior to you, dumbasses (‘woke)…..

Here, look at this compilation of my shapeshifting and tell me I’m lying…..

Also, for all of my fellow starseeds pf various alien heritage….. here I explain how these lowly ass humans take advantage of our empathy (due to our super powers) and how to keep your intuitive abilities while protecting your psychic abilities from they dumbasses…..

Funny cause it was a jealous reptilian BITCH attached to my kundalini causing the envious feelings…..

Astral Projection Shows Female Reptilian Out of Jealousy Is Holding Me Back


Lacerta the reptilian from Orion explains it best why these mofos are dumb (and why you should stay away from em and keep they dumbasses at a distance):

They only good for food ?? = ?

Don’t try to be understood by em, put em in they place ✊? ‘woke ?? = ?

* I ain’t reptilian by the way cause just now when I asked my third eye to show me how my faced looked while on Sirius I look like how I do now but with narrower, caucasian features but dark skin which I sense was green and I saw like branches on it and I wore a crown.

One tarot card reader said that in another life as an alien I was a queen ?? (they need to make a green and red coloured emoji like this) and part of the Great White Brotherhood and, when I played that tape when I said I am from Pleiades in reverse, I said, “I am from Sirius. Obama status!”

I remember also a friend whose third eye is open saying he saw an army of iguanas seeing me as their queen ??? under me and I saw them attacking folks I ‘woked. Here is one example:

You can read more of my ‘wokeings here:

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Also these niggaz here are NSA:


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