Astral Projection Shows Female Reptilian Out of Jealousy Is Holding Me Back

Astral Projection Shows Female Reptilian Out of Jealousy Is Holding Me Back

This shit was crazy….. I saw all sorts of shit.

I astral projected last night. While in the astral realm I saw folks in tuxedos invading the white house and having a “party” by tearing down monuments and statues – including the a statue of Abraham Lincoln. I saw the secret service, military and security guards trying to corral em back. I then was taken to a realm in my old childhood home where I was told a female reptilian that looked like this (surprisingly I could NOT find the dinosaur she resembled):


was jealous of me and holding me back. I looked in a mirror and saw she etherically inserted herself IN my kundalini which is in my back which perfectly explains why I can’t open it and why I feel tension there and why I get spiritually attacked all the time in that area (which leads to the crown). I know this cause when I turned around I saw her attached to my back as if trying to possess me. I then was transported back to the Capitol “party”/riot where the secret service and military were killing them assholes and finally quelled it. I saw a young lady I went to high school with named Dante who was a security guard and seemed super excited to have what may have been her third child I think. I and a coworker of hers were mad excited!

I then wanted to take pictures – including a topless one (thinking it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be there) in front of a secret service sign while a bunch of other folks, I guess rioters, were there!

There was a lady teaching I think history or civics – black lady and seemed like I knew her in real life – who was teaching some adult students. I snuck a topless pic then went on my way.

When I awoke – I used my third eye to check on my baby brother and saw he was being worked on my alien greys to help him heal:

Remember I spoke of how he was taken to hell by the demiurge to be forced into suffering all because of some vendetta that motherfucker has against me.

I also kept hearing that nasal voiced demon – it’s an ugly hooded robed mofo with boils on it’s face, pale ass fuck that looks like Emperor Palpatine right here…..

…..say, “I’m going home (to hell) cause I’m hungry” then reverse that shit and say, “I ain’t leaving you” then try to attach to me!

Say, and peep this weird streak that reminds me of a sword thay extended right by the moon and right over me……


Also, speaking of the jealous female reptilian I peep an image of a dinosaur – I’ve seen these before they are brachiosaurus sky blue, bottom mouth white reptilians who FAKE being good – appear on my seat:

Here they are lightened up!

These are archon holographic projections very similar to what I saw with the all seeing eye meant to deviate you into thinking within the demiurge-archon matrix such as that you are “blessed” or “protected”, lol!

I then had another astral projection that me and a young white girl – we were kids – were the special kids of some military officer who looked like Elias from Platoon (really this sexually predatory pervert out here who has been stalking, watching me – he ain’t done that shit anymore since I made a tape running him up the s(kr)eet):

– Elias look like a very nice man…..

That being said it seemed like they wanted to use us for our abilities of telekinesis and time altering and use us to contact aliens (which I and my family have experienced in physical 3D life) and the guy wanted to get us out of there before they could. We also saw an earthquake occur and got the feeling that the world was falling as well…..

Then I came to.

This was weird! It seems as I get closer to fighting this demiurge, all seeing eye shit the archons in the form of aliens are coming to help (I felt it was insincere and incumbent on making a deal with me when I saw them healing my baby brother):

For much of my life it’s been aliens aka archons manipulating shit in my life. That psychic attack last week….

As I Fight Off The Archons They Gang Up With Matrix Gods To Hit Me With An Alcohol Urge

RIGHT BEFORE that shit happened I kept seeing 133, 133 and the night before it was revealed in a dream where a truck driver I know donated exact $1.33 to me which was supposed to mean breaking free (and I was doing so well)…..

Then via my cards I saw that king of pentacles mofo – an ugly ass reptilian – hijack the spiritual energy of those numbers to turn against me…..

I also had been hearing of via various tarot readers a female entity who wants to come and stand in my way out of jealousy and turns out it was a female rep all along……

If ya’ll saw the shit that was going against me and fucking with me spiritually, see ya’ll would die whereas I can handle it by at least fighting it. When I would inadvertently pass my curse to others in the past by ‘wokeing em I saw those mofos getting lost to drug, alcohol addictions and I at least got the spiritual strenght to fight some. Them mofos – having no wherewithall of what’s happening to em and, let’s not get started on the lack of spiritual strenght – don’t stand a chance.

It’s like the whole demiurge, archon kingdom on my ass.

Last weekend I had matrix avatar gods on my ass, all sorts of etheric parasites – it was a mess!

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

Temptation ain’t shit but when you got the mofos energetically sending surges of energy into your Soul body to increase your desire by creating an urge you don’t – barely – stand a chance. Barely!

The minute I saw this fish in the mud…..

And this mofo sending me a message right after saying, “warning” and war-ship crakkka christ (mark of the beast) and the demiurge aka god I knew what was up:

I knew it was a demiurge hit!

He was bringing his STRONGEST SHIT (some of that shit keeps coming back) to attack!

And that military shit – I said it before – the illuminati makes deals with god the demiurge to keep us down and in a perpetual state of war to feed it (they call it loosh).

Read that book by David Lerma on his near death experience where he met the demiurge:

Then research Report From Iron Mountain to see what I mean:

Before Pizzagate: The Coverup of The Report From Iron Mountain

I’m glad I’m in a position to teach people about this shit cause I been thru it all….. organic vessels sent to act as “friends” only to fuck you off later then tell others not to help you…..

I can tell this mofo controlled by a supernatural force, one of them forced deceivers……

How the fuck you gonna donate…..

Then boast to a person that you gonna download they image and sell they shit on shirts……

Note she got a pic of Gloria Naylor’s book – she the lady who did that 70s disco song “I Will Survive” and she wrote the book you see in Selwyn’s profile called “1966” that talks about gangstalking….

That Selwyn person is someone who gets posited around starseeds, Soulled persons with the sole purpose of befriending then infiltrating them then acting like there is something wrong with the person when said person calls em out!

That’s gangstalking!

This mug here who sent me this shit this morning a fucking scammer:

Mofos must think people are stupid…

Give em a call, lol!

I hate mofos like that!

That’s why I keep my circle small and alot of mofos OUT!

I can read people and don’t tolerate bullshit.

Now that I am in a better place and will solve this shit the backlash from the demiurge kingdom is getting unreal like these mofos are just pulling all the stops on me – I also saw a few people fighting it like Ghostbusters via my third eye yesterday.

Remember! To fight this shit use your third eye to be shown what you need to be shown.

Biggest key is open your widow’s peak top forehead chakra and your third eye to win ??

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