Breaking Free of The Demiurge Contract To Be The Angel of Death And How You Can Do It Too

Breaking Free of The Demiurge Contract To Be The Angel of Death And How You Can Do It Too

Actually, I liked more like this as the angel of death…..

The crazy thing is….. I been working on something now and guess who popped up to disract from my great work…..

Also, 888 popped up while making this video:

…..Cause I’m smart, I put two and two together and it all makes sense….


All these visions I had of being Abaddon made perfect sense…..

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

Spiritual Confirmation That I Am Abaddon

I wasn’t even thinking of it…..

Makes sense why even going back to when I was a little child shit around me, that I’d touch, would shrivel up and die ?

That’s why while under the influence of lsd my cards was showing me the death and judgement cards as being somehow related to me.

Also, while in the shelter a young Seer said an entity that first appeared as Jesus Christ then Ra (that’s why I don’t trust that shit) then showed her an ankh in a message meant for me meaning, “Will you choose life or death?”

It all makes sense and putting the pieces of that puzzle allowed me to break free of the contract and remove all the demons plaguing me – and my family’s lives – and now I feel free!

Break your “divine life contracts” really demiurge realm incarnation contracts by opening your widow’s peak chakra in conjunction with your third eye and asking your third eye to show you your Soul before you incarnated here and ask it to show you WHEN you signed it and call on The Source energy to get rid of it ??

This is for folks being haunted by demons and bad luck and have tried everything and don’t know why you are still be haunted by shit!

Oh, there was a beautiful rainbow around the moon situated RIGHT OVER my car (disappeared right away after seeing it):


Just like how I saw this weird streak that then disappeared last night……

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