Reptilians and Archons Changing Your Timelines For Worse and How To Change It BACK

Reptilians and Archons Changing Your Timelines For Worse and How To Change It BACK

It all started when I saw $1.33 being donated to me by a tow truck driver I am cool with in the astral……

Saw it in my list of Youtube subs a week ago…..

SAW IT JUST NOW…. on Youtube again in one of my playlists….

Yesterday I saw all sorts of spiritual numerological signs like 22:02 here:

…..Mofo JUST HAD to be right next to a dinosaur….. with a #6 = material realm in numerology!

What’s crazy is for the experiment I just so happened to pick up a towel with dinosaur patterns……

Along with one showing ghosts in clouds = heaven:

9999 meaning completion…..

Along with an even number $18.00:

….Which means all is “well”, destiny can’t be shifted (cause the reptilians did it) which I promptly shifted back…..

Crazy thing is when it was my turn the register which was #5 (movement in numerology) mysteriously stopped working so I had to be rung up at register #6 (demiurge/material realm)

Also, a viewer peeped this as well – 444 keeps popping up, but this 440 meaning I will overcome trauma via my power……

With that being said, I’ll see fights coming and peep EVERYTIME – WITHOUT FAIL – an archon, a reptilian usually being behind it WITHOUT FAIL when I check my cards and see what is manipulating an event into existence via my third eye…..

I will also see blessings that are supposed to be coming my way instead diverted to someone else……

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

Me and Aarona Got The Same Entities Fucking With Us

I know realEYES ? those are archons doing this shit and not the folks shown in archon manipulated visions which is why I don’t always buy that shit when I sense it ain’t right!


I bring up 133 cause last week after that astral vision when things were going great they went down south as talked on here:

As I Fight Off The Archons They Gang Up With Matrix Gods To Hit Me With An Alcohol Urge

See those entities in there? That was a MAJOR archon attack meant to divert me towards a disasterous timeline of self destruction by manipulating the energies of how that 133 will affect me but I know how to change it back for my good ??

BTW this blog is a MUST READ that really elucidates what’s going on…..

Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?

….And, funny, when visiting his site I kept getting redirected to fake thief pages meaning he spitting truths (he should remove his advertisers perhaps cause they are with the big corps and that’s what’s causing these compromises)…..

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