As I Fight Off The Archons They Gang Up With Matrix Gods To Hit Me With An Alcohol Urge

As I Fight Off The Archons They Gang Up With Matrix Gods To Hit Me With An Alcohol Urge

….like no other……

I am so pissed off (they feed off of that). I was thriving, doing WELL after cutting off them tricks and then the fucking archons hit me with alcohol urges that were. THE WORST! I ever endured!

On Thursday night – after cutting off the two toxic tricks – I did energy work on myself to remove this entity that seems to have imposed itself – it looks like the king of swords of the tarot deck:

Right after fighting it, I fell asleep (it’s a stubborn mofo to get out)! I was then in a cave and getting gang raped by these archon hooded entities that looked like this:

– Those are archons.

I then felt a hypersexualised energy in my root chakra (many spiritual folks have talked about this with me) – with folks reacting to that energy – when I woke up the next morning. I was able to remove it – they were dragon snake like dark entities…. and felt good. Yet that king of swords lifepath parasitic archon entity still lingered in the peripheries of my crown chakra energy body…..

It controls like my lifepath but down to ruin. If it ain’t alkie-hole urges it’s this weird shit where I be influenced not to friend or respond to those I have close connections with (I think it’s that parasitic tree of life thing talked about here) and even get me to absorb their negative energy to run me away from them. It was why all last week I was in a pissed mood (it had to feed some other way). It explains why I saw alot of red energies around me, including like giant red footsyeps that were HUGE, like a dinosaurs! It is kinda like, it feels like a pin cushion that is settled between the right and left halves of your brain and acts as a parasitic, absorbing mechanism that, like any other mind parasite – takes you over and horrendously influences you which is why this shit be near impossible to fight. I was moving it out of me and when I did (this mofo hard to get out) – I felt clear! I no longer felt something on top of my crown chakra, blocking it (usually I felt electromagnetic energy indicating an entity on top).

That said, I went into the city, did my shopping. Felt clear!


It was in a truck – think for the city – and when I gave it a mean look (nasty basturd was trying to leer) it gave me a subsequent sneer as well!

I then “decided” to hold on to that negative energy instead of getting rid of it and then that set me on the path for the beginning of the end…..

There was an older man from El Salvador that I felt inclined to be platonically friendly towards which I now know was caused by that thing. These things are fucking clever cause they trip your ass up! The dude’s an alcoholic. He gave me a beer which was followed by 8 (8 resonates with ourobouros or entrapping Souls in a karmic wheel aka the wheel of samsara):

This the wheel of samsara folks – ugly evil ass shit huh?

THAT is what you war-ship when you call yourselves war-shipping god!

Imma explain how the baphomet is a major matrix architect and possibly what you all call god as so many folks have seen when they have done lsd!

– Next thing I know I am out buying cheap ass bottles of wine and running thru em like they’re water. It was 5 bottles. It was just like am incessant wheel of drinking that was extremely hard to stop cause something had an insatiable appetite to keep my ass stuck.

I recall on a coupla of occassions getting sexually assaulted cause now that I cut off the two tricks who served as their main source of energy supply for root chakra sexual energy placing me in compromising situations with mofos they influence and possess to do that (I say this cause in the past when I’d get these alcohol urge attacks none of them dudes did that) and, cause you are like in a drone, (LIT) devil don’t care state – you, I was too far gone to care!

They get you in so many ways with this shit – damn they hit me hard. It hits your pride cause tho you know these are strong and powerful entities influencing to where most mofos would not be able to fight back – you feel a sense of disappointment with yourself..

Before the satanic, saturnian shit I got myself into – I would drink but I was in control and did not feel disappointed after a bout of drinking. Now I feel regret and weird shit happens when I drink and I strongly feel it’s cause those same entities inducing the alkie-hole urges then stick you with feelings of guilt and regret to REALLY feed off your suffering.

You feel regret, you feel like shit – you feel suicidal because, you are like, “Why did I let myself down by giving in” but…. let me explain what happens. When I initially rejected ole dude’s offer for a beer (see that’s when nothing’s fucking with me I could pull that) I feel nothing. Then when I was gonna walk away I felt a surge of energy go up my kundalini – mainly in the area on my neck at the base of the head – and it was when that surge occurred that I felt a strong inclination to drink.

Ya’ll see how that shit is hard to stop?

That said, after the drinking attack – call it what it is – I awoke to see a holographic image of the baphomet. Throughout those 2 entire days I saw other matrix avatar gods like Thor who, outta anger cause I wouldn’t war-ship his crakkka azz, turned my brother into a wolf:

This was taken a long time ago…..

It’s fucked up the shit they do to him in the astral to try to get to me…..

It is near the end of the tape…..

Here are more of the entities pulling this shit (it is like the closer I get to fighting this matrix shit off of me and others the more the attacks worsen)…..

We got chuthulu a common octopus parasitic mind virus entity attachment that uses all it’s octopus limbs to attach to many different parts of you to control you (one website said this form of possession hits you when a powerful spirit is after you – they are stupid for showing me this)……

We got of course the eye of ra:

THAT’S what’s fucking Aarona – they put these powerful spirits then lessor entities to attach and then possess you!

We got a mask wearing haunted faced entity:

I think this is it when seen in daylight – look like a slime entity attachment…..

Of course we got the perenial enemies of all time – the reptilians but this thing look more like a sockpuppet chasing and eating a person representing what is spiritually happening with me……

CHECK THIS OUT: this is a three clawed foot impression embedded in concrete meaning a reptilian made this…..

And, of course, the matrix’s perennial favourite for Soul enslavement, Jeebus otherwise known as crakkka christ aka Cesare Borgia aka HEY-Zeus:

All that shit got sicc’d on me this weekend! ALL THAT SHIT!

See why it’s next to impossible to fight it!

They don’t just hit anyone with this shit. They go after spiritually strong Souls who will fight and perhaps defeat the matrix and help others break out.

There is a guy on reddit named John Lerma who wrote a book saying how he met the demiurge and how him and his cronies feed off of loosh aka negative energy and start world wars to keep us stuck in this number 8 prison loop Soul-matrix milk farm to feed on us cause if we go to far to the positive, it can’t access us (see why all this weird shit happens to me):

That explains why weird synchronicties involving bad shit happens to good Souls as has been happening to me for a very long time since I was a child, designed to cause schisms, rifts between me and people, make folks not like me (one lady at a shelter said that she knew I was a nice person but felt something making her not like me)!

Funny because before all this shit went down I got an email from someone named syndergaardnoah399 who was talking shit on single mothers which turns out to be a Mets player whose nickname is….. Thor……

And ya’ll (organic portals) call me crazy. Looka that evidence…. a Cuban shaman taught me that higher dimensional beings have ways of making themselves known in the 3D realm via light and shadow (as well as via people) and that is EXACT what happened in the images above!

They fucked me up!


Here you can see gangstalking with the lil girl with the camera taking pics of me….


I am a womban of pride strenght and conviction and these mofos be setting the stage to make me look like a royal dumb naive gullible fool with these alcohol urges I swear!

As I speak I can feel something roaming, squirming on the right side of my brain, putting me in some sort of spell where I feel like I am underwater and as part of my “lifepath” and beholding to those urges – making it like as if it is part of my lifepath.

That thing – I think I got it via satanism during a ritual to get back a Soul piece – gotta go!

Let’s talk about the baphomet!

As above so below, good and evil = duality!

This is how the realm of the demiurge rocks! It rocks in a state of imperfection and to keep us Souls entrapped forces us to stay stuck in this cyclical, “8” realm of duality by making us get caught up in esp. negative human experiences by manipulating them and so thus our desire for revenge (or what deceased Souls say, “lack of completion”) to keep us stuck in this wheel of samsara.

The 1985 film “Legend” by Ridley Scott was telling you all something about duality – which the illuminati is big into – and the devil being the main character in the film:

NOTE the devil says, “There is no light without me…. I am darkness!”

Darkness existed before the light. The film is telling you all god IS the devil!

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

God Pazuzu Amun and Satan ARE ALL The Same God

Same shit and I been telling ya’ll that for years……

Same shit. god is the devil and visa versa. From experience, you wanna know how I know? A tarot reader named Tina by Tarot told me that a demon she described as having the front face of a man with no torso – a king’s head – with animal heads flanking both sides of it’s head. It was influencing a white girl to feel jealousy towards me and to spiritually attack me (the white girl – a nurse and I know this cause I saw her in the astral), using her as a vessel (I heard later her ass went thru some shit after it got done using her). Tina said it was a demon that would pose as an angel of light! What Tina don’t know is that is how angels actually look like: like demons, abominations with all seeing eyes all over their bodies (see why I say what I say):

This supposed to be how heaven looks like and the sound someone heard from it:

Shit sound demonic huh!? Still don’t believe god and it’s minions aren’t fucking demons…..

That’s why angels be telling folks in the bible “Be not afraid”. See that shit and you’ll shit in your pants……

Ezekiel 10:12: “And their whole body, their rims, and their spokes, their wings, and the wheels were full of eyes all around—the wheels that the four of them had.” …..them mofos got rims lol!

Ezekiel 1:5-11

King James Version

“5 Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.

6 And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.

7 And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf’s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.

8 And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings.

9 Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.

10 As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.

11 Thus were their faces: and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies.”

– Pretty mofos huh!

They are “arch” angels = archon angels as this article describes and mentions:

See that shit and you’d think it a demon? That’s how angels look. That’s why I don’t fuck with that or none of the demiurge aka god’s shit!

That’s why folks who run to jeebus, demiurge aka “god” will get “spiritual protection” but other bullshit will go down in their lives as a reminder by the matrix to never escape from them.

I believe that this shit is getting worse cause I am on the verge of ending it. That king of swords ANGEL thing is nearly out tho it is hard ass all fuck to get rid of. I really need to get a van cause this car – I saw via my third eye – got a platoon of demons attached to it, as an extension of my occult days when I got it after praying to matrix gods and goddesses during my less then educated days before I became aware of my own spiritual power!

I am also now realizing all this shit is the cause behind why my blessings ge5 stolen and given to others as I talked about here:

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

It makes sense. If I am blessed with material wealth and higher status I could reach alot of folks and help folks break free but that is why I am stuck where I’m at. I even saw someone was gonna donate 3k so I can get out this cursed car (it don’t help) and I was at a fork in the road where if I choose to drink I won’t get it and guess what I got manipulated into!

When looking for a vehicle last week when trying to roll the window down it wouldn’t roll. Only after I got back to the pch and stopped searching for a minivan did it roll down. You can witness it here:


A young lady said a long time ago that I was destined to defeat the illuminati. I think much of this shit lies in defeating the demiurge matrix holographic kingdom – which is what I will do!

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