I Gotta Get Rid of This Car

I Gotta Get Rid of This Car

This mofo – as seen thru my third eye – got beaucoup spirits on it!

I believe this happened cause in my less cognizant days before I knew my power I prayed to some gods in desperation for this pos and…. note the three 6’s……

I think it makes sense with all the shit I been enduring and saw in the astral as explained here:


These mofos create extraordinary toxic synchronicities and can infect you so deeply that it’ll have your ass running to crakkka christ aka cesare borgia aka the image of the beast, which is exactly what they want!

Pope Alexander VI & Son Cesare Borgia the Face as Jesus Christ…

All this shit started back in 2014 whennI was exposing reptilians on my biggest Youtube channel to date with 3000 subs and the reptilians got involved and squished my money flow.

You can hear the mofo hissing in here at certain points:

Confrontation With the Shushing Hissing Reptilian Entity and Other Psychic Experiences

Stalked And Raped By A “Shushing” Entity That Hangs Outside My Window

– Reptilians feed off of acts of cruelty with their fav being energy pulled from sexual violence which they can perpetrate against you since those ugly thangs are just outside our line of sight (you have to have hetrochromacy or just see above a certain light spectrum like on the ultraviolet or infrared levels to see em) and can do what they do and go undetected to the normal unaided human eye (cellphone cameras aka black scrying mirrors aka witch’s tools can catch em if you are sensitive enough).

This forced me into satanism (based on biblical precepts down to the red dragon who I was inadvertently sacrificing folks to), causing me to lose focus on my spiritual development (when I got into it I kept having these incredible urges forcing me to focus on the material realm aka 666) and down a downward spiral of just bad fucking luck, the worst synchronicities conspired to keep me under their control, creating utter and complete futile situations that lead to me preying to these same evil entities (Ra and other matrix avatars) to get this car to get out the shelter (I peep as I preyed to them those alcohol urges grew again). The three 6’s in the license plate is a clue of where they come from. I saw thru my third eye this shit got all sorts of bad spirits attached to it.

This motherfucker gotta go! When I get a minivan I ain’t selling this; I am destroying it! I want no money.

This mofo NEGATIVELY spiritually driven! To prove my point – when looking for a minivan in miracle mile the other day – peep the windows won’t roll down when I was going to talk with a gentleman who said he spotted a minivan for $1500 – however, as you will see in the remaining vids – it starts working inexplicably when I get back. That shit ain’t no coincidence:


Here is my not being allowed to respond via email to a craigslist ad for a new minivan despite getting the captchas right:

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together I now realise that this created some karmic debt with em which entitles them to hound me and fuck with my brother – all of which I explain in the video!

That said, speaking of karmic debt – these mofos are sneaky – word of caution: I saw in my tarot cards that an evil vile reptilian that just keeps coming back – this King of Pentacles reptilian – will compel someone to donate $3,000 today, thereby creating another karmic debt with em! If you feel an evil entity making you donate (they can pretend to be good to so watch out), REFUSE IT! Don’t do it! I’ll just wait out my shit if need be and get that stimmy and save till I get that minivan!

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