Let Me Introduce You All To A Place Named Saranea

Let Me Introduce You All To A Place Named Saranea

This makes sense WHY I had these visions and still get em!



That connection with the turtle people, the D’voreh, as ancestors makes sense……

Ever since I was a child I used to “fantasize” about a place coexisting in another world but very similar to our timeline in which consisted of bipedal “turtle people” as being the indigenious inhabitants whose name I now know to be the Liamea which is spelled differently in their tongue but no characters in any known languages in our world (closest would be Japanese or Chinese) could depict em! They speak using a series of “whistles” very similar to the sounds turtles in our world make but they can also speak conventional languages as we know them to be. They use various frequencies to differentiate the different characters that they are whistling in their vernacular.

That said they can mix with other beings, including humans as evidenced by this young lady here:

When they do the mixed parentage descendants will have heterochromia resulting in glowing eyes with one part sky blue usually and one part pink as evidenced by this 2nd generation mixed race Saranean woman here with blonde hair (the indigenious Saraneans don’t normally have hair at all and that applies to both genders except for very short body hair used to at times insulate from the cold as an evolutionary trait):

In their world whereas our world is called “Earth” theirs is Celiopia. The main countries are The United States of Sovereignty with large middle part left desolate due to a civil war and there is Europe a few countries – 26 – you all will recognize but it is named Europia and Africa is named Alkebulan which means “motherland” and “garden of Eden” which was it’s original name in our world rendered by indigenious Africans which sounds to me better than “Africa” which was a name given a white man.

Alkebulan is THE RICHEST continent in this timeline as they have the natural resources other countries need and use and plus they have an Alkebulan Co-op Greater Sphere committee comprised of ALL Alkebulan nations to control the trade of their natural resources and ensure fairness and equality (and to avert the exploitation of Africa wlas what is going on in OUR timeline) by non Alkebulan nations…..

You can learn more about the history of the name “Alkebulan” here:


Here is a partial version of the Celiopia world map:

That said Australia exists as New Lysteria and the predominant language in that world is Swedish aka Sverige because their vikings were the ones who went the world all over, conquering lands (think Leif Erikson who “discovered” America before Christopher Columbus supposedly “did”)!

That said, here are the paintings (I was about to slip up and say photos) of what I took of this place. Given the info I am somehow getting, I don’t think this is imagination: I am legit channeling into a different world!

Here is the flag of Saranea:

Here are their prairie lands:

This one here is called The Kiyiako Plains (in indigenious Saranæn tukivioki æ tu) in the middle part of Saranæ is a prairie that extends for a good distance between the states of Iüi and devuorkiatis in the upper mid part of the country. It was settled by an indigenious tribe named the Iüi whom it is named for. The seasons vary and they are primarily winter and a spring like summer. It is a very gorgeous place which, thankfuy, unlike the USS does not have tornados. Dolphins and Casameras live in the waters here!

Right here is a full blooded indigenious Saranean Woman In traditional Saranean garb – basically seeing into what I think, shit, WHAT IS a parallel world, this is a native Saranean woman who descends from a race that evolved from turtles. The world her continent lives on is called Celiopia – much like our world is called “Earth”. Due to many of their natural resources such as trees etc having a shimmering effect, that is how they acquire such beautiful handcrafted wears. There is a glue indigenious to the land that the leaves are thrown on to make em. The color you wear determines your rank.

Here is a traditional quaint indigenious rural village with huts comprised of schick-straw and red mud!

This is an example of a teleportation device used as THE primary means of transportation in Saranea. In their society cars that use fossil fuels or cars of any kind are long gone and extinct! That said the government started employing teleportation devices in ALL areas – even remote areas – to facilitate faster transportation and engagement between people so as to cut down on waste, unnecessary use of resources and to – overall – just improve the quality of life and esp (extra sensory perception) skills of it’s average citizens – even those in remote areas. These devices are outfitted with quartz crystals as well as made of black obsidian which is shown to, as via our own cellphones in our world, increase spiritual abilities hence why more people are seeing “beyond the veil” more than ever as explained here…..

Demons And Smart Phones

That said, while drawing this – I was coincidentally watching a youtube vid on how scientists have discovered the 4th dimension (I don’t think it’s no coincidence) which you can watch here…..

….and, after shrinking the screen to paint, I peeped the streak in the sky “coincidence” with the streak in space in the vid:

That was no coincidence!

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