Why Many Californians Don’t Wanna Leave California And Why We Californicate Your State

Why Many Californians Don’t Wanna Leave California And Why We Californicate Your State


And this just in….. Demon seed and pecker pair attack black woman and guess where it happened…..


I hate when I hear mofos say, “Move to my state cause I like it!”

Here are the Hills Have Eyes Wrong Turn mofos you run into when you leave here:

Single minded, narrow minded, dumb (lacking in common sense) mofos who won’t leave you alone and gotta be in your business (and enforce conformity if you don’t see the same way they do and get upset such as the crakkkas in my parents neighborhood who turned on my parents and even made fun of my baby brother’s death after my parents said they don’t get involved in social events with them crakkkas – my word not theirs – after them crakkkas felt ENTITLED to push my parents around after they donated $1,000 to my parents – unsolicited – after the death of my baby brother)!

Crakkkas like that honkkkey up there who threatened to pull a gun on me over a difference of opinion, can’t accept a difference of LOGICAL opinion and lack the mental faculties aka intelligence ? to even COMPREHEND something called “difference of opinion” and nuances…..

Go troll his page since he flagged me cause I, a black female, dared call his racist sister fucking honkkkey-crakkka ass OUT!


– Send his ass messages….

That’s why I got the fuck up out the deep south aka New Orleans, Loser-ana!

Dumbass mofos…..

Anyways, I break down why a good number of Californians don’t wanna leave California and why those who leave HAVE TO Californicate your area (which you don’t fucking own so stop saying mofos gotta vote a certain way and think a certain way with your slooow mentally deficient backwards ass selves)…..



Here the shortened (sweet) version in which I explained how a visit to North Dakota during the oil boom – and a Lost In Translation moment with a fellow Californian up there – made me realise California is the ONLY place for me….

Sure we got some fucked up laws based on fucked up reasoning as can be seen by the choice of deeming what vanity license plates are acceptable by the dmv and what are not as seen by these choices deemed not worthy by the dmv (and what are seen as worthy-able by the dmv here) acquired from this IG post:

I personally think this might be a grand scheme designed to lower real estate rates out here but I could be wrong.

Also, regarding the current homeless crisis it’s not the politrickians at fault to be fair but it’s a nice lady and attorney by the name of Carol Sobel who had nobel intentions to help the homeless due to cops taking their stuff, running them off etc.




And it’s not really her fault either since, after reading those, she been helping the homeless since 2000 but only recently it’s done snow balled into a monster with mainly out of state mofos coming in who hear of free resources and food, etc and free needle exchanges ?? esp. that – leniency on drug use (it’s a nuanced issue tho and I don’t think folks should be punished for it but like with dui’s – which is a drug – they should be forced into rehab. Really they should be forced into see shamans as I KNOW ALL TOO WELL it is a spiritual issue) – and decide they wanna come to California!

I have talked about the agenda behind this whole thing of unchecked homelessness and all the societal chaos going around and why it’s happening……

The Covid Destruction of Businesses Is Meant To Set Up For The Great Reset Aka Hunger Games

The society that we have loooong had is broken, diseased and needs to fall! I have been researching The Great Reset and Paul Dienach’s diary (I will do my next blog on that) and the intentions of it are not that bad.

We live in a society of inequalities, exploitative laboring (that’s why I HATE when I hear Mexicans with their low expectations having ass selves pat themselves on the back – and take pride in whytes patting them on the head like they are good dogs – when they brag about how hard they work ??‍♀️ You low expectations having mofo! So you take pride in being a system slave and breaking your back to work for survival and not to thrive, to own, to be at the top but just be a slave worker bee? Fucking imbecile! At least own your own SHIT!) – this should not be our society. If our society were noble and folks like Tesla ran things – we wouldn’t even need flying cars or even teleportation centers….

We would be able to astral project using technologies that sync with spiritual frequencies that can be used to facilitate interactions between us and other beings.

The way we are living now shoulda BEEN a thing of the past!

We need a Great Reset!

Oh yeah, that creepy ass stalking ass wetback fled ?????? (wish it was back to Messy-co) after he saw the 25lbs dumbbell!


Bye heaux ????

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