This Is The Type of Male Bullshit I’m Talking About…..

While filming a video the reptilian eyes appeared again…..

Another thing…..


While taking this video a hand, something weird appears under my chin by my neck…..

…..And while I was filming I heard a demonic voice to my right side…..

YOU KNOW DAMN WELL I don’t like that shit…..

Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

And this fucking fool just sent shit….

These dumb mofos see me as a “challenge”.

That Thomas Murphy mofo is the sick misogynist woman hating mofo who tried to run over me the other night as I had seen thru my third eye….

I Finally Freed Myself From Beelzebub Then Fight Ensues

Well, I hope they can “challenge” these demons (and reptilians) I’m about to set on they asses…….

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Boy I still savour the day I killed his ma with black magick. Saw his ma in hell, locked in a tiny jail cell (3 ft tall by 6 ft wide) old fashioned brick stoned jail cell), with a reptilian hand reaching in ??

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

– My fav was when the reptilians that serve me descended upon this black bitch and got her caught up in two near fatal accidents…..

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

– And these mofos here, damn that ‘woke worked quick ??‍♀️

I saw that I killed someone recently with this shit, saw em with cockroaches crawling all over em and they are in a dark place.

I not only got the power to fuck up your life here but your afterlife as well. Don’t try me.

Yet these dumbasses try me!

I already saw that dude on Monday hollering that misogynist shit had car trouble AND I saw him climbing from up a hillside which apparently conveys to me he had some major type of accident and still this dumb bitch ain’t learned…..

As Tina by Tarot said: “These people are sacrifices.”

And I have no problems taking their souls and sending them to hell.

On a spiritual level, it’s what I low key do which is why I’m always in shit and why the dumb mofos who, like zombies, keep on the keep on don’t learn till it’s too late ?⚰?

They are gonna have to learn that I ain’t no ordinary mofo like them. I am beyond their comprehension. They are not to approach me as I am above them.

They will learn the hard way.

They are gonna have to be made an example out of and end up on my museum of ‘woke.

I already see an “investment” is suffering, can’t sleep at night! ??

That said, I want you all to watch the documentary of the story of Christopher Case:

Step to me. If ?? fail, the ✊? ‘woke ?? will do.

“Christopher Case, Christopher Case, witch’s curse…..”



Like in the Hunger Games, I wish ya’ll the best of luck!

I have some really dark shit around me, and I have no problems sending em to you!

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