How I Defeated Belial The King of The Reptilians

That’s what the fuck he is and when you look at folks saying they are demons, it makes since. A shaman who rescued my brother said that while in the underworld she saw REPTILIAN hellguards governing it!

I myself saw as I will explain later how TRUE satanism is tied to the reptilians!

My best friend said thru his third eye he saw the reptilians messing with me – iguana looking entities – one of whom looked like Darth Maul which Credo Mutwa stated was one of the Chitauri – a reptilian race who decieved his people and overall early humanity:

That is satan aka saturn the black sun!

It took me a LOOONG time to figure out WHAT was the cause of bad shit happening to me like this:

– Damn even my uploader working now which it wasn’t in the past –

Getting stabbed, raped, beaten mainly by DUDES for being topless of all things –

I knew something was up!

Here was the problem:

I didn’t hear my friend speak in his sleep last night, uttering demonic things coming from evil entities! It’s a good sign that – using shamanic abilities – I got rid of his ass and it was ALLL due to spiritual detective work I did yesterday.

I had to trudge thru these messages to figure out who was the cause.

It started when I started OBSESSING over what was holding my money back! I knew it was a reptilian cause the King of Pentacles kept popping up in readings as a powerfull entity who was blocking shit, causing me trouble, chaos:

– EVERYTIME I did a reading I SAW that DISS was the motherfucker causing problems in my lyfe! The King of Pentacles = reptilian for me! From many different readings, many different tarot readers told me that a big reptilian was holding shit back!

Not only that but after obsessing over WHAT was holding me back – esp. financially, trying to figure out the root cause, I saw these messages:

– That “broke down to build people up again” comment was a constant refrain I heard from folks describing my situation. I went from doing financially well to living in my car, which I am cool with.

– The yellow underlined word to me designates that Belial might be that TH samaurai – often in visions partially bald at the top Bill Murray looking – dressed mofo who condemned my brother to a hellish lower astral for whom I had to hire a shaman to do rescue work for which you can hear here:

I’ve seen signs of his ass like what I saw on the license plate of these two that appeared as I was fighting him (wonder if they war-ship him to get their Earthly trinkets aka “wealth”):


– This also makes me think that Belial could be TH cause the shaman told me that the demon known as TH was associated with the water and THAT conveys it!

Prob. another name for Belial!

Here he is and you can see that motherfucking demon behind him:

– You can see he a handsome young man.

When I heard that tape I wanted to go doom on demons.

That being said, there is an old saying: “When you dance with the devil, sooner or later you gotta fuck.”

As this lady said, you choose your astral real estate based on who you war-ship

That said, as I know from experience, when you make deals with demons, you are choosing the hellish underworld as your home after you die. And if the demons can’t get you, they will go after family who done passed on!

They are not fuddly cuddly like them stupid ass crakkkas in that chat are making em!

This guy here states that that mofo likes whiskey. I had a terrible – of all things – whiskey addiction up until I kicked Belial to the curb:

Right after kicking Belial to the curb this troll sent this:

– Peep the name, THE VOID, which is where I coula gone had I not defeated Belial, same place where my baby brother.

That ain’t coincidence, dat was a sign!

Also I started seeing signs meaning I did the right thing (I sense as a warning tho.) im the form of 322 after feeling an intuitive inclination to re-read this story:

– Saw it 3 times there which 33 means the highest level of enlightenment that a human can obtain.

The demiurge is pissed ?

– GOD IS A REPTILIAN! Peep how the demiurge got the body of a snake and the head of a lion, hence why “god” always gets portrayed as a lion:

The *lying of judah alright

– Diss why you can’t fuck with em: looka that end sentence, “Damned and who damns.” He is damned and like crabs in a barrel will pull you down with him!

I can’t get over how many of those dungeons and dragons mofos in that reddit chat are STILL fucking with him!

That being said, don’t fuck with demons or gods period! As this gentleman says, even gods feed off your energy in the astral:

That being said I came across him WAYYYY before the satanism: I was forced into it after a reptilian witch ??‍♀️ I now know to be him put ABSOLUTE blocks on my money till I couldn’t get a lil bit! That being said, that is when I started fucking with satanism which really just comprised of me calling out all sorts of deities via mirror magic to help me with my financial situation – including Ra ?

The entity that decided to act as Satan came forth which was a red dragon who governed a lake of fire which I found out was whom I was sacrificing folks to when I would put ‘woke on em! His name was Melfore. That was conveyed to me an via astral vision.

That being said, as I explain here

he used his influence to bring me customers who war-shipped dragons, including an Iranian man whose cult-ure forbids it! In short they will cause you problems then act as the solution aka “tear you down then build you up” so you won’t come into your Source Power!

Reptilians are what you call the archons of the bible! When one becomes spiritually power-FULL, as this article conveys:

They will block. THE SHIT. out your ass! Cause you problems, turn people against you. They have a very deep voice and will play with your mind – take heed gangtalking victims – be speaking and since they got the tech (the origin of electronic harassment) to go in and out of our dimension and fluctuate betweeb the 3D and higher dimensions they will have you hearing “voices” in an attempt to make you go crazy. Via my friend’s third eye he even told me that a full blown reptilian had a youtube account (white dude wearing a red cap) which it used to fuck with me. They will – like spirits do – fuck with your electronics. Use “schizo” esp. homeless folks to fuck with ya (like after they are nice they will proceed to say something disrespectful to me) like right here:


[purchase_link id=”32781″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”blue”]

– It usually takes the form of them saying some passive aggressive dumb shit across the street!

This has been a lifelong thing with me where folks have hated me for no reason. When I became more spiritually powerful a lady I met in a shelter – peep I was living in a shelter – she told me she hated me for no reason and didn’t know why. A serial killer who was posting hateful shit on my youtube channel said the same.

That’s the archon influence or the Belial program as this conveys

They are designed by the demiurge aka “god” (which is dog spelled backwards pointing to the know-ledge that Egyptian underworld dog faced “god” Anubis is “god”) to keep folks from coming into their spiritual power/prowess and remembering our origin from The Source and break free of this matrix system which controls and entraps our Earthly souls in via the reincarnation matrix trap which I elaborate on here:

Here is more on the reincarnation matrix trap here:

I believe that the basis for the pyramid in freemasonry/ the illuminati is designed to describe breaking free of this matrix system after death by reaching the highest levels of enlightenment a human can obtain: 33

– Not quite!

The All Seeing Eye is the demiurge, who keeps watch to make sure that we stay in this prison planet. When folks like myself become cognizant they use organic portals who will call us “crazy” to shut us down and keep us from awakening to our Divinity! The All Seeing Eye reminds me of a reddit story I read where a man entered a parallel world via the forests and got attacked etc and he had to destroy this all seeing eye contraption to break free from that world.

Here is more on organic portals:

Ever wonder why pro lifers and christians in general got glassy eyes? They are under the mind control of the demiurge. On a spiritual level so called “pro lifers” take their stance cause the demiurge feeds off our souls. It entraps us in this game it created called the matrix via imprisoning our souls – our true selves – in Earthly physical bodies. Our bodies are a prison and when we break free and become a Neo and come into this know-ledge, that is why they shut us down:

That’s why the Salem Witch Trials, The Grand Inquistion existed. Peep for a sec the HANGMAN’S outfits:

I explained the demonic derivation of it here:

– And those are supposed to be “christians” wearing that!

That being said that is why mass mind control re-ligions like islam and HYPOchristianity are big on telling you that chakras, doing spiritual things, that witchcraft is a sin cause all those things help you become aware of Your True Divinity, that Your Soul IS God cause It derives from The Source (Soul = Sol = Sun ?).

I also wanna emphasize this: don’t fuck with no demons esp. They asses don’t like you. They are damned and want you to be damned!

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