Averting Knife Attack In The Astral At The Hands of A Gook-Buck

I decided to spend some more time in the woods last night – won’t do that shit again as it is too spooky:


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Here pics to prove my point:

Fuck, the forest is so creep for a place so beauty-full during the daytime:

– Damn, I’m prettay

It’s so funny – while in the forest and after I have been having astral projections involving roaches (Beelzebub a demon: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beelzebub) who used to appear to me as a horde of flies then as a giant bee (which is why I now see bees when they appear to me as portends of danger now) and in one I held the Tree of Life (sephiroth) in my hand while standing next to a tree (when in the forest I have a fav tree I always park next to that I KNOW is demonic). It seems I always somehow defeat the roaches, in one instance having one follow me from my astral childhood home, shedding until a group of Guatamalan kids surround it (spiritual protection from discarnate humans) and I saw that one of the kids – a chief protector (maybe) died from a brain disease. Saw the surgeon, a big Guatamalan dude in green hospital scrubs) and all…. It was sad and now I am just making the correlations….

So let’s talk about what happened in the middle of the night – speaking of which, it’s strange – whereas the other night I heard a cacophony of different entities, including during the day:


– I NOTICE this spirit has a tendency to start shit during – now I get it – the witching hour between 1am to 3am (it even followed me to another parking spot) where it will bang on my car (I know it’s a ghost cause when I tell it to shut up or start chanting “ohm” it stops), tinker with it and do weird shit. I can hear it say that it wants me to move yet when it did IT FOLLOWED ME and that morning after I woke up in the new parking spot my car wouldn’t start whereas when I sleep in the forest overnight it starts, so it’s like what does this nigga want ??‍♀️

Now, onto the vision – I had a strange vision where I was in an alternate version in the astral of LA! It seemed futuristic with high rise circular apartments that look like something from the future where you could fly.

There was a mixed race dude (asian-hispanic) gook-buck hybrid who was thin with a mustache (I may have seen him before) who was with his brother at a coffee shop. Now I wanna say the strange thing is a coupla weeks ago I did kinda get into it with a gook-wetbuck ricer gang where I saw a dude – actually both – who looked ALOT like the assholes I saw in this astral projection. He seemed to have a grudge against me and my brother – largely against me for going topless. He devised a scheme to kill me. Before he could carry it out I toppled his ass off a platform that had a coffee house (which is where I saw him), sending his ass falling down ??

After fucking him up he devised a scheme to get us back by largely getting at our mom. It seemed like he wanted to capture her and put her in a tank full of insects and snakes. I also got the sense reptilians controlled him as well. He tried to carry it out but my mom, being psychic herself, caught on, warned us (later he turned heel to attack my brother) and me and my brother tried industriously to come up with a plan of attack to shut his ass down permanently!

That being said it was realer than real – it was an astral projection!

In the astral realm alot of messages of what may/will happen get conveyed/ take place there!

This represented a possible event and my averting it before it possibly evolved. Based on my third eye this person was planning on coming at me with a knife ? I averted it but this relentless mofo plans on coming up with new methods of coming at me!

Another thing this represented was that I protect myself. So many fools succumb to thinking that this thing that thing is “protecting them” when all they do is suck on your energy. This shows that my, my brother’s and my mom’s oversouls are protecting me!

This is why I don’t work with ANY-THANG! Develop your own Source power! You are God! That’s ME averting shit in the astral cause I am powerfull enough to do it. I have come into my God-Self and tho it is hard (I CONSTANTLY have to keep entities – angels, demons, ancestors ALL OF EM the fuck away from me from feeding off my Divine Source energy) it is rewarding to do it!

– Add the bullshit ancestors and a few others in there for accurate mix ???

That being said, here are more pics of me:

Also the reptilian eye shapeshifts are back

Along with the blue eyed shapeshifts (wish I knew how to consciously do it):

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