The Way To Finally Defeat Your Demons and Message To Doug Um No Thanks Hutton

Alll from the Book of Raven, lol ?

Them knew Age Hippie people weren’t lying when they said: peace and love is the key to keeping demons off your ass!

First off you gotta recognise when attacks are being done by them thru people vs just some random asshole. Discernment is important when interacting with the spirit realm!

Second, when you recognise folks are being influenced by them to fuck with you, RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and you do this by cleaning your underworld witch ??‍♀️ the shaman Sakti explains here:

For years I have had folks say that they don’t know WHY they hate me but they just do! Heard this from an otherwise nice lady in a shelter who attacked me but didn’t understand why ??‍♀️ – Also recently heard it from a possible serial killer named Richard Wachowski!


– You can sea this motherfucker sick!

Anyways, when your light shines bright, demons are gonna want to get at ya as evidenced by TWICE – portals opening next to me from the underworld as a means to snatch me (this is REALLY how people vanish “into thin air.”):

They are gonna use people who are easily susceptible to spiritual influence and possession to get at ya!

They do this to stack more negativity on ya so that ultimately you will end up a hallowed husk like them – like shadow people, demons who started off originally as human (or non human) but full fleshed out souls who after being in the hellish underworld for so long lose it and become shadow people are demons due to the torment!

That’s why it is IMPORTANT TO CLEANSE YOUR UNDERWORLD using your THIRD EYE ?? as I found out yesterday: I stopped getting harassing messages except during the night (for me) when spiritual attacks are most easily launched due to you being asleep and dreams can be manipulated (in my case which I will go into detail in the next vlog I had a disturbing dream about a hispanic part asian mixed breed and next thing you know I ‘woke up with messages – lol – from people looking similar to him) and my dealings with people got better cause I felt better. I also personally sense based on experience that the more spiritually evolved you are ie psychic you are the more you gotta watch what energy, thoughts you put out cause I noticed a difference RIGHT AWAY after cleansing my underworld and giving off a positive vibe! It helps to kill those demons around you – get rid of em in your underworld and from around you.

The less negativity you have the less they have to feed on!

Also as a last message I wanna say to Doug Um No Thanks Hutton:

I saw this bitch leave this comment yesterday:

She has to be a government agent cause when I responded Youtube kept deleting my comment. That said….

You have to understand that the most “successful” – fucking shame that activism is all about profit – 1st amendment auditors or frauditors to be more accurate are government agents who get their money via fake donaters who also work for the government along with folks who are being spiritually influenced by the entities, including the demiurge, who the government aka shadow government (shadow realm) war-ship to get their power and control and dominion over folks on Earth. I explain how that works here:

That being said I KNOW your recent breakdowns like here:

are due cause you feel you can’t be – but want to be – on the level of Furry, etc.

That being said, I’ll further elaborate in a future article but many of those folks got government ties as ex military and Furry is not here with us – that’s a clone!

That being said, watch my videos:




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– Gotta nice present at the end ?? lol!

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