The Return of Swamp Thing Exposes The Genetic Experiments On Missing People At Dulce Base

This is a pic of an actual experiment the US government conducted involving genetic experiments where the people look like the genetically altered former humans below

This fucked up!


Peep they said Betty Ford clinic. That’s where alot of MK ultra mind control experiments go down (and where sellebs go when their mk ultra programming breaks down). You can read more here:

I actually touched on this a looong time ago (2017) here:

That said, I believe as I said in that article that Patricia Piccinini’s art low key reveals what happens at Dulce regarding genetic experiments done on unfortunate people they kidnap in various ways witch ??‍♀️ I will explain later:

– Smdh they fawking up babieeees

The demiurge aka god made diss. It’s called a blobfish. Wonder if it’s edible?

She showing how it’s done!

Naw, the description for this poor thang really got to me. You can tell this “sculpture” was based off of a poor soul who was unfortunate enough to get kidnapped and get used like this:

– That article sounds like they see him as a real human. Maybe he is and ALL them sculptures are once former people deformed via genetic experiments then frozen – like when animals get taxidermied – to be shown as scultpures. I wonder what would show if they were to be taken apart?

Here is the article:

Even this article by a mainstream news source calls the works “organic” and the artist herself states that the subjects stand still ?

– She don’t even do ha own ‘woke

Note she look like she in her EARLY 20s tho. she 50. Must be all that adrenochrome off kids she drinks:

She also friends with John Podesta who was involved in all that pizzagate shit where politrickians were found to be raping and sacrificing kids in occult ceremonies:

– She a podesta protege

Here more on pizzagate (I peep they done SUPPRESSED. THE HELL. out of sites like sott that really expose dat shit):

Here is more on Dulce Base:

The Phil Schneider story also got alotta tea ?

It fucks with my mind – to think – that you actually got people underground, being treated this way. It is mad fucked up to realize this. I mean these are missing fucking people – people who were actually once alive, had kids, fucked, reproduced, went to schools.

How they get em there?

I been saying this for a VERY looong time what I am about to say: the reason why the government don’t want you to acknowledge the existence of UFOs is because they use em as tools to kidnap people and bring em to deep underground military bases (DUMBS) like Dulce so that they can do experiments like this in fucking “peace” and not allow humans to get their loved ones back from there. They also hide advanced technology so we can’t bust in and reclaim our loved ones who are being held captive in places like this. Hell, they have concocted “protection shields” in the astral so folks can’t astral project there (they also often take the souls of folks who have broken into those places via astral projection).

See, if you say a white van stole someone you love, you can track that mofo. A UFO using advanced technology – nah ah ☝?

That said, they even harvest people for food and will – worse yet – keep the souls in black boxes: They call it human multilations

– The pics were taken from a victim in what is known as the Guarapiranga incident.

They take the victims and chop em up and put em in these large vats with a yellow liquid designed to allow the grey aliens to feed by absorbing them via their skin in those deep underground military bases. They do that at Dulce. Read here:

– I’m about to read it. I SWEAR they been taking all the good shit off the internet.

Butch Witkowski, an FBI agent – spoke on this:

Shit in films they letting ya’ll asses know bad shit be going on down there in those underground military bases like illegal genetic experiments. Look at the Incredible Hulk:

Funny thing is the hellish realms in the astral are also located underground, too:

– And reptilians tend to be the hellguards!

Now, with that said these aliens get away with doing this cause the US – well shadow government sold us out for tech back in the 50s in a treaty with the aliens known as the Granada Treaty:

In exchange for alien technoology they were allowed to abduct a limited number of humans per year, give the list to the shadow government, then return said missing humans. Shit didn’t work out like that and now you got the bullshit like Dulce Base nightmare hall that you see today!

My brother Kerry was abducted by aliens when he was 2. I believe they took out a piece of his soul which was his personality and replaced it with an alien grey matrix soul.

Coming into my own spiritual powers later in life I was able to get that soul piece of his back again so he can get back his life = personality! He a funny dude!

Anways this is just some sick shit. I can’t get over that it IS happening to a human RIGHT NOW!

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