Could Actor Toby Bronson Have Kidnapped Raped And Murdered A Little 13 Year Old Girl?

Could Actor Toby Bronson Have Kidnapped Raped And Murdered A Little 13 Year Old Girl?

Full video here:


Best to read the article tho….

I told ya people who fuck with me are deliberately sent to me to become sacrifices…..

HOLY SHIT I just realized something….

The Asshole Who Shot At Me Is A Hellyweird Child Sacrificing Actor Named Toby Bronson

BEFORE I SAW THIS ASTRAL VISION I SAID THIS MOFO WAS A HELLYWEIRD CHILD SACRIFICING OCCULTIST MOFO….. FUCK how right I was! Daaaaammmmmmnnnn……. I said that shit to be facetitious but didn’t know it would be real! Damn….

That being said, this is why that mofo couldn’t hurt me (when I heard the shot I heard bullet casings but nothing happened to me tho I was in his line of fire)……

I tell the story here:

This shit makes sense…..

Anyways, in the astral vision I was in a college auditorium and Toby Bronson was a presenter there. I recall standing up and shouting what he did to me. As I walked to where he was – he got scared – he disappeared as I tried to get his ass, stab him with a pen. I then saw Mitrice Richardson’s dad look up from the higher levels – near the ceiling – at me with a look of gratefulness like I caught one of Mitrice Richardson’s abusers……

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

For all of you out there not familiar Mitrice Richardson was a young black womban released from the Lost Hills sheriffs station out in the middle of the night and let out in the middle of nowhere and turned up dead (raped and murdered) a year later. You can read that article above for more details on her story ??

That being said, let’s go into the astral vision of the little girl this nasty basturd picked up, raped, and kidnapped and imprisoned her somewhere, starving her till she died!

This was sad what I saw.

I saw this crakkka picking up a lil 13 year old girl – I saw her briefly, she wore like a red hood, looked like a lil girl (I say this cause nowadays esp. they look grown!) , with short page boy styled blonde, very round cherub, baby face. She got into his car and they took off. It then turned into the scene of a murder where I saw Morgan Freeman’s detective character from Se7en – which was about a serial killer – and a tall dark haired either white or latina woman who was a big lady wearing a blue suit. She reminded me of the latina host who was big on working on the Mitrice Richardson case:

It seemed like I myself was included as someone investigating the case but on a psychic level.

I then recall wearing a white hoodie with a sorta – I don’t wanna say a Native Patterning but it looked like a Chinese porcelain bowl very similar to this…..

Now, that being said I then proceeded to high school which was a pormenteau of Xavier Prep, the high school I actually attended, and De La Salle, the high school I wish I had attended. As I proceeded down this regal hallway that looked more like something that belonged in a college I went to pick up my booksack at the lost and found, I had a yellow booksack that said something along the lines of “fake” or “not ready for use” that was imprinted in red script on a white rectangular decal on the side of it and a yellow satchel I still carry from high school:

That picture is very interesting and almost look African spiritual occult tradition-esque…..

I then saw a tall reddish blonde haired white woman there, telling us to pick em up.

The feeling that I got was “I did my job.”

Then being said thr vision then flipped back to me being shown scenes of him picking up the girl, like on a car date, at night (I got the sense she was sneaking off) and how he held her in this room and I saw her frightened face (This is just how the spirit world works – symbolically – she then started to look like the girl from Orphan):

….and I saw her in like a regular room with like lil brown minute “floral pattern” designs on it but boarded up and with light coming thru the boards and then I heard a demonic voice say: “You will never leave” then I woke up!

Like I said before in the past I must be Malibu’s curse. I never liked these mofos around here cause I sense an undercurrent of strong satanic energy flowing thru them, from them! That said, cause I am a God due to having an Original Soul – with many of these organic portals lacking that – and as I come into my true power they can’t fuck with me.

I can’t get over how DEAD ? ACCURATE this title was a week before this vision…..

Based on what I saw, cause of the pain and misery he put her thru before death (it seems like he starved her to death which from many stories of pedophiles they do this to their victims) that lil girl is stuck facing the demons that are a manifestation of her fears and angers before she died that are keeping her locked. Her face looking like the demonic Orphan girl is representative of her Soul turning into a demon due to living in torment. By me telling this I hope it frees her Soul.

This mofo – I KNEW he was a special kind of evil, entitled, rapist mofo! I never lie. This mofo backed hos car up thinking he gonna get easy prey – it was really to challenge me – and got the wrong mofo!

If I could get away with it and physically snatch his ass up and kill him, esp. after seeing this – I would in a NYC.

This mofo gotta go. We can’t have no child raping pedos walking the planet.

Remember this incarnated demon’s face when you see him!

You know what? Now that I think of it, that’s why that mofo be going around with a fake badge a gun, to lure women AND girls into his car by pretending to be a cop cause that’s what serial killers do as can be seen here and in the video below……

Here his vehicle AND his license plate number:


Also, now that I think about it more, just like a predator, when I got up in his face and he faced a real opponent, punk ass mofo had to shoot. Predators chose easy targets!

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