Satanism Only Works For Those Who Do Not Have Light In Them

Satanism Only Works For Those Who Do Not Have Light In Them

… for organic portals and incarnated demons like this mofo here, Toby Bronson, who I saw in the astral early this morning is a rapist murderer who starved to death a 13 year old child he kidnapped…..

Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

The Asshole Who Shot At Me Is A Hellyweird Child Sacrificing Actor Named Toby Bronson

Could Actor Toby Bronson Have Kidnapped Raped And Murdered A Little 13 Year Old Girl?

I was thinking of Lil Nas’ new satanic shoe line……

NOTE how they are barely getting any attention on ig tho a famous hellyweird $ellebrity is endorsing them…..


That’s because, as I learned, demons don’t like people with light.

As I learned as a former satanist…..

Satanism Has Taught Me That You Gotta Go Thru The Darkness To Get To The Light

I learned that if you got a lot of light in you – as I do – demons hate that and will try to steal it from you.

That explains why when I was a satanist I had bad luck, like THE WORST of it like getting shot at and stabbed. I attracted people (thru manipulation of my energy field by demons) evil people who were attracted to my light but wanted to steal it from me as well. Using mofos, predatory mofos that felt entitled to be predators….

Suddenly what I explained here with the battery (NOTE the white aura around it) and attracting creeps (deceptively for their doom) makes sense…..

How Your Living Space’s State Shows Where Your Mind And Soul Are At

That said, when I look at Lil Nas (I won’t mention Lil Uzi Vert cause while I sense he works with like goth dark shit he don’t work with satanic dark shit like this), I see light in him!


That said look at his eyes here….

No matter how “satanic” there he tries to portray himself to be he has light in them – not just literal light but a shine.

When I’ve come across people who were truly satanic and demonic they had no light in their eyes at all, just a dark void where a Soul should be along with a permeating, possessing dark aura.

I can read Lil Nas: he strikes me as a fun loving good natured good guy who is fairly secure with himself – hence why he did that video with him posing like that and looking and dressing as he did…..

That said, again, note on the ig his stuff ain’t getting much publicity….

It’s cause he has light in him ?? and not the fiery pits of hell bursting thru ????

See, when I was a satanist no matter how much I called myself war-shipping satan, I felt like all that darkness from that mofo that enveloped me wanted to snuff out my innate light. When I first started fucking with it and agreed to exchange energy as an offering I felt a darkness take over my crown chakra, suffocating me, making me maddingly angry and not able to concentrate or think. It was LITERALLY like having a cement block on your head was the feeling I got.

All I could focus on were like real base animal shit hence the alcohol addiction and loss of desire for meditation and uplifiting myself, advancing spiritually.

I was doing dumb shit like this here…..

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

Cause of possession. They cause urges for self destructive things like alcohol and then torment you by leading you, really controlling you intuitively to do dumb shit that goes against your own moral code, like this girl who concedes of her Soul being suppressed in hell by a “king tut” demon (I have seen this entity before in blue light with a pyramid hat)……

– At about 0:50, you can hear her say, “My soul is trapped!”

Or this poor guy…..

Idiots in the comment section laughing but this is how true possession looks like…….

You’d be shocked. In some cases the person isn’t on drug or alkie-hole but be doing that shit = possession ??

And here – this lady resonates so much with my fight with this – but hers is a panopoly of drugs…… I kept telling people she in spiritual warfare but as I have constantly said these things enter your auric field and cause folks to blame you for shit they using your energy to do to you…..

This darkness, fusing itself with my energy, caused me to see giant roaches, hooded beings of all sorts (crocodilian, reptilian, glowing eyed shadow beings, humans as I talk about one such here who I witnessed committing child sacrifice in the astral), other insects that looked like cross between a t rex headed pumpkinhead that would make a high pitched insect like noise with a shell that was oval like a ladybug’s but had patterning and color like a roach’s…..

This insect drawing from a Bohemian Grove pamphlet – a place where the illuminati goes to meet – illustrates sorta what I saw:

They call him P.J……

That said, before, even if I did meth the most I saw were shadow beings that were playful with electric blue auras but nothing like that demonic shit.

I now realise that it was an entity attachment made to look like me but it was dark with insect like roach shadow creatures composing it that I acquired in an attempt to retrieve a missing Soul piece lost from when I was a kid.

I peep that when my third eye would open showing either waves of flames (hell) or those shadow like insectoid creatures that was those satanic entity attachments causing that shit, trying to fuck with it.

Though the mofo was stubborn I finally got rid of that demonic false doppleganger version of myself just now.

That bitch was hard to get rid of – causing anger issues, fucking with my money (I saw that thru my third eye), attracting bad people to me.

Having that shit in me was hell and I am happy to have my pure Soul back ??‍♀️

That being said, as I said in yesterday’s blog, as I walked away from that shit it chased THE FUCK outta me – fucking up my cellphone charger in my old Pontiac G5 2008 when I knew damn well no one was in there to sending harassing folks to fuck with me.

It was also causing me to unwittingly absorb folks energies – and thus misfortunes – making it hard for me to make friends or even talk to people or even get followers on ig!

As I have said before, it would cause my ‘woke to backfire and affect me too (this happens alot in voodoo and santeria where someone cursing someone else gets a pushback) in a way where nothing really would happen to the person and in some cases they would get rewarded as in the case of ole dude here…..

Chasing My Rapist

And the fucked up thing is I saw all the people I ‘woked being attached to a rope in which was bounding me all over my body as they – and I – dangled over a pit of fire.

The fucked up thing is I now know they were energetically and thus intuitively manipulating me not to be able to go after those who hurt me the worst!

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

I knew this fucker wanted to extinguish my light cause it would intuitively tell me to do dark shit since it was attached to the crown chakra (I saw a bunch of entities attached to it yesterday when I worked to remove shit).

That said, I’ll never forget while at the 99 Cents store (I saw a kid with the sigil of Lucifer another time when I was knee deep in that shit) there was a kid with the sigil of satan as a tattoo on his forearm:

He was a nice kid but I noticed that folks were staying away from him like he was a leper. I brought his stuff for him (even the cashier snubbed him and was irritated by his presence) and pondered on how similar folks’ reactions to him were very similar to how folks treated me when I was a satanist…..

Let me tell you about the true satanic energy and how all that works in the spiritual plane……

I respect Bobby Hemmitt but he is wrong on this based on my experience!

Afrocentrist like to make shit philosophical and put an afrocentric metaphysical ring on things but he is gonna get alot of those black ass niggas fucked up.

No, it don’t mean melanin.

From my experience and not philosophical bullshit gleaned from second hand unempirical sources (ps Bobby Hemmitt became obese, an alcoholic and got a stroke war-shipping all that bullshit):

– You can hear him cussing all that shit he once war-shipped cause it did not protect him!

That’s why they say those who can’t teach amd those who can, do!

Satanism is an abscence of light. Mofo is like vantablack – it absorbs in an absolute light energy. That is what it tried to do when I fucked with it. That is why darkness was taking me over.

The movie Legend from 1985 which has a devil looking character portraying darkness breaks it down…..

Notice how envious Darkness gets of that young lady’s light.

That said, demons you gotta understand live in the lower realms of the astral and they have been living in dark, cavernous, torturous (possibly derived from Tartarus, which was the realm of hell in Greek culture) for so long that they haven’t seen light and come to hate the light…. and any goodness in it.

Some demons were created to only know hell.

That said, they see you, with your innocent light, coming forth asking you for shit. They already hate you, that you ain’t bonded to hell, and so they seek to make your life hell in order to snuff your light out.

When I was a satanist I would have all sorts of demonic entity attachments attaching to me on top of already dark shit. It’s because this shit actively wanna quells your light.

This is why folks in voodoo, santeria don’t even fuck with that.

I remember going into this dim light (means it’s filled with bad spirits) voodoo like place in south central off of Broadway while I was staying in the shelter and I asked for satanic shit and the dude – who had a bad violent aura about him – was like mofo we don’t sell that shit here!

That’s how bad it is. True occultist stay away from that cause they know it brings you bad luck.

Look at the life history of Anton LaVey: died poor, had all sorts of money issues though he was surrounded by $ellebrities like Jayne Mansfield (who died in a car crash which he tried to claim he did), nigga had alkie-hole addictions – as I did – and it changed his whole personality and made him an evil mofo:

That said, same with ole boy Aleister Crowley:

Same demonic shit, on repeat (well he was before LaVey)….

Surrounded by $ellebrities but died a poor, addicted bum.

See a cycle here?

Their fucking with that demonic shit only caused them to be inundated with demonic shit, entity attachments that fed on their light via addictions till they snuffed it out of them by devouring every bit of light in em and, once they got that last bit of light, took em OUT ?? ?⚰?

I saw Anton LaVey is being held in a cave with a viking hat wearing skull like this ☠ at the top of a cave and it looks like Aleister Crowley is in a realm controlled by a king headed (alot like the Burger King mascot) “King of Swords” spirit in which I see him in the middle of a ring full of people and they are letting out animals that turn big (higher dimensional shit) and devour people.

They both in hell that’s for sure.

That’s why you don’t fuck with that.

I am a gnostic now and I endorse opening your crown chakra, your chakras to manifest whatever you want – be it wealth, money, success, revenge – don’t go looking to a “god” to help you.

As this young lady on reddit says…..

When you war-ship shit you better be careful who you pick to war-ship cause who you war-ship determines where you go in the astral aka “aftelife.”

That is why it is best to follow what I plan to do: break free of this wheel of samsara, make your own place in the astral and make your own throne cause otherwise you will become energy fodder for whoever you war-shipping when you get there and end up in whatever abode they rule……

I don’t care what cosplay wearing ass crakkka ‘aintanists say or what low self esteem having ass afrocentrist say.

They gotta problem with the truth they can take they asses back to their mom’s basement or back to africa with that bullshit…..

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