Fool Colton Wood’s Pro Vaccine Video ONLY CONFIRMS The Covid 19 Vaccine Produces Corona Virus Symptoms IN PEOPLE

Fool Colton Wood’s Pro Vaccine Video ONLY CONFIRMS The Covid 19 Vaccine Produces Corona Virus Symptoms IN PEOPLE

This guy’s an idiot……

Fool ironically made that video to disprove my article here I sense…..

Don’t Take That Covid Shot: Man DIES After Taking Covid 19 Flu Shot

Let me tell you about Colton Wood…..

Colton Wood got mistreated by some rich, hypo-christian adopted parents who mighta stole him (he said that there was no trace of him in the system when he went to apply for services as an adult).

They wouldn’t as rich as they were give him new shoes as he says here…..

These people were also conspiratards as he calls em…..

That said Colton is a primary and perfect example of a grown man child who has not quite healed from his childhood pain.

Because his “parents” (the abusive mofos who raised him) were re-ligious he has decided to narrow mindedly dismiss spirituality (which is NOT re-ligion).

Because the “parents” pos’s who raised him were big into conspiracy theories he don’t entertain em while ironically calling folks stalking him “gangstalkers” and everyone who speaks against him, contradicts him, his views as being part of the “Richard Crowell Stalking Brigade” (lol)……

Yet if I or anyone else speaks on gangstalking he calls us “crazy” (very narcissistic selfish mentality he has – but I understand cause he wounded):

Here the dude he referring to…..

I don’t believe that mofo (dude Colton is arguing with) for one minute. In another video here…..

Here he is dumping on his “friend” Colton after Colton got defeated in a fight…..

And here, he being Colton’s “friend” again…..

That dude strikes me as a weak minded “follow the crowd” fairweather (really never) friend mofo who will turn his back on his “friend” if alot of people turn against his “friend” or if his “friend” is in peril.

You gotta dump mofos like that! I ran a rat mofo up the street recently (saw he had a rat around him). I don’t tolerate bullshit.

That being said, on Colton – his entire life revolves around his childhood wounds – and festering in em.

His channel is sadly a testament to it:

Themes of bullying keeps popping up for him cause he hasn’t healed and refuses to heal and, unlike myself, he refuses to start the process of breaking down shit within and looking at things from a more objective point of view. In many of his vids you can tell he invites abuse by deliberately fucking with people over stupid shit like differences of opinion which causes fights to start – as uf that fills his wounds for him!

It’s a form of self immolation.

It’s like he lives his life for others, letting others define and confine his life for him.

He is literally the 8 of swords in the tarot deck, living his life as a reaction to his enemies.

POS “parents” who neglected him, cause they were into conspiracies, big into religion, he rejects anything remotely resembling those things.

He runs folks away trying to help him as he did me one time which you can read here:

And here he is, ironically, calling me a gabgstalker after knocking folks for using that term….

I had to pimp his ass.

He is in a prison that is partially of his own making.

He can free himself of the chains of his past cause that is defining him.

Given that he has a bad alkie-hole addiction (meaning evil spirits abound around him) and his lack of belief in the spirit world, astral plane, breaking free from thus toxic rut cycle he is won’t be happening anytime soon……

Also, on the covid 19 vaccine, someone – a coupla folks – died and/ or got terribly sick on it:

Don’t Take That Covid Shot: Man DIES After Taking Covid 19 Flu Shot


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