Cheating Couple Caught In An SUV Leering At Me Plus Keep That Nasty Energy Away From Me

Cheating Couple Caught In An SUV Leering At Me Plus Keep That Nasty Energy Away From Me

This shit – men need to stop this shit and more women need to start speaking up!


And just now I came across a rapist mofo just like this mofo here driving a black van (one of those tall model ones) with the Texas license plate# JIMWYRG who stopped RIGHT behind me then got the fuck when he saw me putting on my shirt. When I got out my vehicle to confront, he pulled out a gun and said he’ll shoot!

– Just like a scared crakkka they gotta pull out a gun.

* These mofos gotta realEYES this ain’t a stand ya ground state ??

It was a crakkka who looked like this:

JUST like him!

I am so TIRED of coming across these entitled esp. crakkka mofos who feel entitled to sexually harass and to fuck with me for no other reason that I am a womban and that mofo – I COULD SEE PERVERT AND PREDATOR WRITTEN ALL OVER HIM (WISH I BROUGHT MY CELLPHONE WITH ME) – it’s like a rapist desire to wanna control is driving those mofos. It’s like I am attracting women hating ass misogynist want women to be submissive, crawl on all fours “submit” to the man type misogynist mofos who see me – a womban just minding her own business, who happens to go shirtless, and they target me not for any sexual reasons but a desire to “prove” to me that I ain’t shit that I am supposed to submit to them because they are male and that is exactly what is going thru their head. EXACTLY!

That said, yesterday I had an astral vision (I say this cause my “dreams” are too vivid to be dreams) in which was filled with gay men ✊??️‍??️‍⚧️ That said a gay couple gave me gold and another gay man, who said he recycles, gave me his will and pet dog…..

I thank the lgbttq community for looking out for me ??

I needed the gay energy to be around me ??‍♀️?️‍??️‍⚧️

That said, I caught these cheating mofos here the other day……


Giggling and laughing at me like I am some sideshow spectacle.

Look, don’t come around here and bring your nasty organic portal energy around me along with trivializing my female shirtless activism down to a sexual spectacle…..

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The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Or else you’re gonna end up on my “Museum of the ‘Woke” post after I put shit on you that’ll land you in a mental home or worse (like that man’s ma in the “exclusive” article up there who died from my ‘woke) just like this man told me I did to someone awhile back sexually harassing me…..


Like I said in this article here I got some real deep demonic dark shit around me that falsely attracts you mofos to me so it can then use my spiritual abilities to turn your asses into sacrifices (I saw one such entity devouring a mofo I just ‘woked the other day):

…..And still they (dumbasses) come……


This mofo’s eyes shapeshifted…..






– That was weird…..

Welp, it ain’t my afterlife soooo ??‍♀️

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