How Your Living Space’s State Shows Where Your Mind And Soul Are At

How Your Living Space’s State Shows Where Your Mind And Soul Are At

Whoa that look like a fucking eye…..

This is not a tour of my minivan but a tour into my mental state and my Soul….


….And someone just had to test me and prove my point. Fucking predator.


I’ll make him a sacrifice for sure = fumes of e-vile from him ??‍♀️????? = ??=☠⚰?


I have been in many RVs, minivans ?? (kidding) and I notice a common theme of how the person’s mind state mirrors their living space.

This has been said over and over like on real hoarder videos…..

In these people’s cases, they got literal shit in some cases strewn all around – some just don’t wanna let go of past memories which manifests as their possessions, accrucements they got from past events. Now, me ? Somebody may look and surmise that on the outside I am hoarding junk like one lady who sent me a drawing said lol but in my case looks can be deceiving…… which is why I inadvertently draw so many energy vampires, lecherous thirsty mofos who get a surprise when they see who they are really dealing with in me…..

It kinda reminds me of those films where you got a female vampire openly seducing dudes to their doom.

– This scene kinda low key perfect for what I am describing…..

In my case it is some energy – light, possible childhood innocence still within (which my healing process has been working on intergrating) that draws them – as my battery near the opening door (chakra) represents – only to find I am not what they energetically imposed (projected) on me then got nerve to act pissed when I show them who they fucking with and what they are up against.

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

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Fat Pervert Crakkka Who Got ‘Woked By Having His Beemer Stolen Drives Slow To Fuck With Me

Given my spiritual healing journey, I wonder – esp. given the symbolism of the black rhino ramps (shadow self) behind a more whitish grey seat (myself) – if it is my shadow self I been wrestling with in an unintegrated Soul (I could tell you that for a fact I been wrestling with this) since I have felt “empty” and “dead” for a long time and those energetic pieces I once dismissed as “entity attachments” that give me life may just be long lost aspects of myself representing my creativity since that is what I “lost” when that chemistry teacher told me – in an effort to humiliate me – to “drop the English accent” so long ago…..

Demon Seed of Quetzalcoatl Calls Cops Cause I Won’t Say Hi

Watch the video ??

And, you ain’t taking my light. Light don’t denote happiness, it denotes having a Soul admist organic portals…..

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

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