Fat Pervert Crakkka Who Got ‘Woked By Having His Beemer Stolen Drives Slow To Fuck With Me

Fat Pervert Crakkka Who Got ‘Woked By Having His Beemer Stolen Drives Slow To Fuck With Me

It’s the same mofo from here…..


And I talked on his ass here too…..

Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

I don’t like this fucking dude.

He is someone KNEE DEEP in his vices…..

This dude has addictions out the wazoo for all sorts of material, corporeal – just, carnal, straight nasty, low vibratory shit. His energy is fucking terrible, out the wazoo. He reminds me ALOT of Harvey Weinstein:

….ugh you ARE selling your Soul and whole being by fucking THAT!

A fat nasty degenerate who doesn’t respect anyone and inwardly, hates himself…..

People like that are to be avoided at all costs which is why a mofo like me happened to him ???? lol!

Lemme tellz yaz whatz happen-ingz…..

I saw thru my third eye that night after he had got me arrested after antagonizing me that he had taken a lil young girl, an escort – I saw hispanic – way up to the Hellyweird Hills where some sureños (why dese hispanics been doing the Raven’s ‘woke ✊? as of late), robbed his ass, stole his vehicle, and his phone which had the pictures he took of me (which I tried to grab out his hand to delete).

I believe this is his ass, driving a lil shitty vehicle (cause the other one got stolen ???) cause the voice, face, and swarthy skin color (he called me a “bitch” after I…..) match….along with the (white) entitlement!


Here: his license plate number:

Cops showed up afterwards (why they been showing so much)……


That being said, I won’t go into no whole ‘woke celebration ?? cause that is just feeding the demons I am trying to cast off of me…..

That said, don’t be like these people. You hear me on here talk about a Wheel of Samsara, the realm of the demiurge and how, as the old saying goes….. “You play with the devil, sooner or later you gotta fuck”…..

From my experiences these mofos will (or shall I say “wheel” here) experience a ring around the rosy type “karma” in that, by overindulging in vices – which invites bad entities into your energy zone – will merely serve the purpose of bringing more bad experiences into your life – as what happened to ole dude.

I won’t go into detail but I know how to keep bad events from happening without hitting the people direct. With that said, I will say that when I do my lil ‘woke to stop shit – the entities I go after will in turn go after the very people they are influencing to fuck with me to feed on.

That is just how the “circle of life” in the wheel of samsara goes…..

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