Don’t Be Polite When You Know Someone Is Cursed And You Refuse Their Gift

Don’t Be Polite When You Know Someone Is Cursed And You Refuse Their Gift

I hate what I did but it needed to be done because he is a nice kid and all but I can tell possession when I see it and he definitely has something on him and I feel that, him having given me something awhile back…. I could be quite possibly responsible.


And looka the cops showed right up afterwards right after he had left…..


When he took the stuff – it was food stuff – he brought for me and forcefully put it in my minivan, I promptly threw that shit out

I ain’t never going thru that again and I am promptly standing by my guns ? cause I know better…..

That said, I even tried to tell him and as a hallmark of possession, he was in STRONG denial – throwing out the usual organic portal sing song musings that he sages (that won’t do shit against the shit he got on him), drunk Florida water, all that real woo woo bullshit that won’t do shit against the shit he got on him.

He has a reptilian on him, an archon.
To remove those suckers, you need a reiki healer, reiki specialist, someone who will do spiritual surgery – as I have done on myself – to remove this shit bit by bit and then you gotta heal to keep em out! ?

Ain’t no crystals gonna do you shid when dealing with archons.

See, one night, after I had gotten my minivan, I awoke to a bad feeling of someone trying to break down my visors to get in. I awoke and saw it was him and knew he was “okay” but there was something off about him in which I saw thru my third eye, and felt intuitively that he is possessed. He just had this zombified, pale look about him that wasn’t normal and denoted control by another entity.

I talked about him here…..

Fighting Off Severe Right Hip Pain Caused By Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub As I Break Free

And here…..

Fake Reptilian Soul Piece Causing Terrible Hallucinations And Toxic Events Finally Removed

I remember around christmas (when I REALLY had strong entity attachments on me) he came around and gave me some food. I feel that, giving my spiritual battles – whatever been fucking with me may have went to fuck with him (I couldn’t read him cause I was drunk but looking back even then I suspect he had bad shit on him).

In that “hip” entity attachment article I talk of experiencing grueling pain while holding on to some sage he gave me, which only finally went away when I threw that shit away (see I told ya sage don’t work for this shit). I had a dream in which, you can read there, voodoo was being done on me which could be an astral vision set up by the reptilians to ward suspicions off of them…..

Another time he told me of how he had been fighting a reptilian, who said he was tired of fighting.

Another time, he gave me a vial of some health shit and – as soon as he did – my friend who was gonna get me a minivan lost out on a bid of a real nice Dodge Caravan (I ended up getting a more broken down one from a mug with a joker entity attachment which I talked on here).

See how these things create insane synchronicities to keep you miserable so they can feed…..

As they say what to do when you feel you are in danger – throw politeness to the wind and tell that person the truth of what is happening to them and refuse they shit if you know a person cursed!

If they don’t accept it, fine. But you know the truth so you gotta protect you!

Wonder if them cops appearing was a spiritual sign ????

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