Fake Reptilian Soul Piece Causing Terrible Hallucinations And Toxic Events Finally Removed

**Word of advice: if you are an empath and got people attacking you, develop an innerstanding in which you “Don’t take shit personal.” ??**

Another profound tip: if you can not integrate a “soul piece” then it is an entity attachment and not a part of you as I experienced with this invading entity I knew was foreign to my Soul.

– When trying to remember that point this shit on the right side kept making me forget so I won’t teach ya’ll.

See how deep this shit is.

Peep the wetbucks – who will be packed en masse next to this food truck early this morning – is empty with surprisingly mournful music playing…..

It’s cause the reptilian soul piece that was in me, drawing their toxic asses to me – you can see here them unnecessarily parking next to me when there is plenty of room near that food truck (a young lady once said this shit was a spiritual thing)……

…..is gone. They have no energy food to feed off of.

I been saying what I been saying about them…..

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

…..just now some wetbacks pulled up and antagonized me to get some “loosh” but because I am smart I didn’t give in.

As my mama said as long as they don’t touch you or your shit fuck em ???????

And some wetbuck gangmembers who were involved in this……

(I heard them plotting even when they pretended to be nice and tried to offer me beer – demonic shyte)…..

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

had THE NERVE to play that “black and brown” unity card.

No, I see ??? where you come from. Their bloodline derives from this…..

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil


I finally removed a STRONG entity attachment that was literally clamping down on the right side of my teeth (I could literally feel it’s teeth clamped down on mine) that was extremely HARD to remove.

I asked my third eye ??? to show me the soul piece that was causing it and it promptly was removed by me.

I believe it became intergrated as a soul piece in me when I tried to get back a soul piece lost as a result of that chemistry teacher telling me to drop the English accent and I got a reptilian (it had a slit eyes) version of the Gelflings from Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal” which is steeped in occult messages……

Looka what the gelflings’ enemies are…..

It was the cause behind my eyes shapeshifting like here…..

IT WAS THE VERY THING creating some twisted toxic energetic connection (I saw that via the lsd trip) between me and wetbacks, explaining the gangstalking which promptly stopped when I exorcised it as can be seen here…..

I even “liked” those mofos and kinda admired em in some fucked up weird way while having – that shit – in me!

It was lit controlling my thoughts, my words…. fucking with my throat chakra if I spoke my own truth, too much truth. It was scary.

It manifested in the astral early this morning in the form of a toxic nebulous blob that was gonna infect other people cause I broke away from it.

It induced food urges, twitching in my right eye (just felt it go away as I wrote this).

Created toxic narratives and synchronicities in my life such as this wetback who had harassed me before as can be seen here…..

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

Throughout the night I kept hearing someone – it initially sounded like a white boy but it’s inflection kept changing to literally sound demonic – who kept saying, over and over “I hate her, I hate her, I don’t know why (note you heard that before. It is cause an evil entity was making him….).” Because of the shit in me I felt urged to confront and given the energy I inadvertently absorbed from the gangmember after he gave me a $10 (it was another old hag looking “soul piece” causing it) – this happened……

Enduring this shit was hell I don’t wish on anyone (but my worst enemies ? ?).

That said, to think there are folks out here (I have seen them), enduring this and don’t know what to do.

To get rid of this shit I did on my own you’d have to go to a reiki healer (gotta make sure they legit) who’d charge you thousands of bazillion dollars to remove this shit out of you.

It isn’t easy and these things can get tricky on you when you start to remove em.

When removing the fake “soul piece” that was causing me to abosorb other folks’ energies I saw an old hag thing attached to my body so I removed it and when I did I felt a “patch” of red heat right where another entity placed it’s hand to put entity attachments in me a coupla weeks ago as described here…..

Evil Entity Physically Places Implant On The Right Side of My Face

When an entity is attached to you or in you it will cause “urges” which if you try to ignore will cause 360 head turning pain that won’t stop till you give in…..

Makes sense why that possessed girl in “The Exorcist” turned her head 360.

You will also feel what will feel like “fire” in that area and it is cause that mofo is starving, making it easier (if you know how) to remove it…..

This happened yesterday when it created food urges when I was NOT hungry and had just ate yesterday…… It was fucking with my nervous system (sacral chakra) to induce a panicked urge to wanna feed.

In voodoo they call it feeding the spirits…..

That’s why I stay away from that shit. I work with nothing outside the Source energy to do good and bad shit! I won’t be no fucking spirit’s slave, letting it feed on me here AND in the afterlife when it needs MY fucking energy to do shit!

The film Rainbow and The Serpent was an allegory to that in that the South American shaman taught Bill Pullman to call on his inner spirit animal to defeat the evil ass voodoo folks – and their spirits – attacking him!

….And them niggaz wonder why they so poor and all that bad shit be happening to em in Hat-E, making wonderful altars for those (selfish) ass spirits – meanwhile they feast off of dirt cookies lol…..


Dumbasses! To think they had an ifa priest working as security at the 99 Cents store trying to recruit ME of all people into that shit…..

I told him sit the fuck down bitch (I noticed he ain’t there anymore – I didn’t report him – so I wonder where dem spirits he war-ship at lol ??)!

As one white dude who went to a shaman who gave him via ayahuasca powers and then to a voodoo priest who tried to use him as an energy sacrifice – EXACTLY as done in that film Serpent and The Rainbow, those voodoo mofos will try to “invite” you into their “re-ligion” as an energy sacrifice if you are spiritually powerful enough.

I find HatE-ians (and other Caribbeans) to be some mean, HAT-E-ful, ornery, evil mofos – ESP. when I lived in New York I saw it. I’d say if it weren’t for the wetbacks’ savagery they got em beat in the evil and sadistic market but on a day to day “polite society” basis wetbacks actually got em beat.

That being said, when these things are in you they cause you to see EVIL fucked up shit (maybe the shit they see from their actual perspective) like giant cockroaches and other fucked up things so they can feed off the energy of fear and anger aka negative energy aka loosh!

They will create synchronistic events designed to keep you in the fucked up hole of where you at and keep you from getting out. A good example of this is how – as discussed in the vid above – when I tried to get a Dodge Caravan via my friend – a really nice kid who became possessed after giving me something (they create toxic bonds to keep good people away from you while attracting low lives and energy vampires to you) gave me something, an energy drink which by extension was cursed. Moments later my friend at the car later had his keys locked in the car and couldn’t vote on the Dodge Caravan at auction and it was a nice one too, and it was my favourite colour: blue!

These things – as explained before – will create toxic ties between you and folks who got shit on em, bad…. like this joker here…..

Wow…. that last pic REALLY dovetails into what I am about to talk about….

See, joker entities create chaos and confusion and will “act” as a helper before you hit rock bottom so as to fool you into thinking you need them as “spiritual protectors” so they can continue to feed off of you and keep you from removing em.

Good case in point was – tho this was not a joker entity but was joker like – a case involving a woman I knew whose dead uncle stayed around her to use her to feed his heroin addiction (feeding the spirits) which caused her to have insane urges for heroin (she didn’t before she had him in her energy orbit), causing her to lose her freedom, go to jail then “rescuing” her at the last minute before she hit beyond the floor into rock bottom.

When a spiritualist removed it, the urges went away…..

Now, that said, look at his texts and peep the misogyny……

This here ESP. highlights the joker energy in him and the misogyny that exudes from him…..

which is why I highlighted it…..

That said, this guy has a joker spirit around him. Before I cut him off, I kept hearing a joker spirit around me, laughing – which I knew was from him which was shown to me in an astral vision right before his shit tripped me up and got me caught up ⛓???

People were for no reason antagonistic towards me – like at Autozone on La Brea blvd and Jefferson in Miracle Mile (I think the dude who works there, his name was Anthony) was the same asshole who stabbed me)……

….He was openly hostile towards black customers, while being nice to Messy-can ones, calling em “brothers” as we do each other – always copy catting – and when it came time for me he started interrogating me asking “Why am I returning this?” and “Well, it doesn’t say it will accelerate your charging” – it was an energizer portable battery pack I was returning and he didn’t do that shit to the Messycan ones….

At one point he tried to boot up to me after a manager – a black man – stated that he never charged my battery, deliberately letting it just sit there. He was obviously very mentally unstable, crazy, sick mofo!

That being said, getting back to the guy who I brought the minivan from – note his name is “Evil Olive.” He has mother issues stemming from his mother being abusive towarda him – including his mother beating him upside the head with a STILLETTO HEEL – stabbing and drawing blood. Because of this unhealed trauma, he has a joker entity attachment (the minute I just THOUGHT of cutting him off I felt an attachment literally leave my body).

All that day I kept encountering weird fucking energy from people, culminating with my going to jail after some wide bitches – who posted right next to me – started yelling “Go” and “Leave” and I even heard a knock on my minivan.

That said, returning to the John dude, the whole time I was with him – let me make it clear he is innately a very nice guy who will go out of his way to help you but, because he is influenced by that joker entity, he runs people away and he can’t see it and it’s tragic.

While in the car with him to get some paperwork on this he kept impressing that it is wrong with women to wanna be independent, obviously taking out his issues with his mother on strong women, while saying he is attracted to strong women (cause of his ma), including a butch lesbian who, like ke, had to run him away cause he was hitting on her, trying to impose himself on her as he tried to do to me (narcissistic codependency and energy vampirism). When I tried to tell him the spiritual root cause of why he enduring what he enduring, he did not NOT only want to not hear it, but wanted to play “devil’s advocate”, saying he likes playing the devil’s advocate ?? note that – when discussing shit, instantly shooting what I had to say down, projecting what he does on me, saying I am too emotional yet going off on tangents and – as you can see in that text – trying to be controlling, when it’s him that’s like that.

He was asking me in an almost like “You’re stupid” way why I don’t indulge in sex, alcohol (you just KNOW this mofo….). That’s why I FINALLY (after being provoked by him) YELLED, “BITCH! I JUST WANT MY FUCKING MINIVAN! JUST GIVE ME MY FUCKING PAPERWORK! I AM NOT HERE TO BE YOUR FUCKIMG GIRLFRIEND! I AM JUST HEAR TO GET MINIVAN AND THAT’S IT! CONTINUE WITH THIS SHIT AND I WILL KILL YOUR AZZ WITH ‘WOKE!”

This mofo had nerve to say at one point when I told him of how I stood up to some Messy-can gangbangers, as if he was talking about himself…. “See, it’s your mouth that gets you in trouble” and “What if I cared about you?” ?? That bitch is crazy and when I pointed out why you pushing this shit on someone you fucking just met….. he was denying it wasn’t deep, while hooping and hollering that shit!

That mofo was toxic. You let a person like that wallow in their self induced misery.

Too many female empaths get emotionally involved with broken mofos like that. I cut fuckers off like water drops from rain. I don’t have time for the shit, weird ass mofo…..

I ain’t gonna be no asshole’s sacrifice and crakkka christ and carry their cross. Fuck that! That mofo – just as shown here it’s like he gets off on controlling two groups he fears – blacks and women – by saying shit that is offensive like when he was calling me a black girl as he told a story of how he tried to help a “black boy” GROWN ASS MAN OUT and was just throwing that shit out:

I almost wanna put dem dox out there…..

TOXIC ass mofo…..

I don’t have time for that shit.

Anyways, I escaped, got rid of that car finally and got what I want…….

Looks JUST LIKE my old apartment. I just need a wicker basket for my canned goods with a lid and I’ll be goodt ??

I forgot to mention that having his energy joker shit around me caused me to go to jail, lose my minivan (after sheriffs said they wouldn’t take it), and, again, via fucked up synchronicity, call them tricks – the worst being this organic portal mofo RIDDLED with entity addictive spirits (while having….. don’t even wanna say it – like ole boy he was in denial by saying that my alcohol urges musta been bad – bitch, I HAVE TO DRINK to be around your organic portal ass – and was wondering why his shit couldn’t get up – cause I wasn’t in the mood).

Gotta do what you gotta do but I hate it!

At least that cursed car gone…..

I Gotta Get Rid of This Car

That said, when that shit is in you, it will cause a sorta brain fog where, like for instance – you try to remind yourself that alcohol is bad it will literally blot out your logical reasoning, ESP. when you try to recall the terrible hangovers (which I am now able to do after releasing that one afro haired “PERSONality” spirit that was in me, causing it) because that shit is literally in you and suppressing it won’t help!

People don’t need AA’s or meds ya’ll need real fucking shamans who can help exorcise that shit out.

Cause I got rid of that shid I can karate kick now without feeling a sharp pain cause before I would feel like a “string” like damn near come out when kicking…. that is also a sign of another entity living in you….


That’s why folks “all of a sudden” develop ailments they didn’t have before cause it is something living in you, draining your energy and thus the vitality in your body…..

I’ll never forget years ago this demon, beelzebub, appearing in an astral vision and saying, “We are gonna get you addicted to something to feed us be it meth or alcohol” – which they saw as the next best thing.

I’m glad I got this shit out of me cause, if you don’t, the demons causing your addictions will manifest before you when you die and snatch your Soul up, hence why that bitch was clamped to my teeth etherically…..

That is exact how tormented Souls look, too.

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