Paul Dienach’s Diary Predicts Latinos Will Colonise Africa

Paul Dienach’s Diary Predicts Latinos Will Colonise Africa

I had some the other day, the same ones (or at least part of the gang that ran over my foot here – 99 bloods whatever) trying to impress upon me, antagonistically, black and brown unity and after being nice, with one trying to force me to take a $10, I heard them, the girl, plotting…..

They wouldn’t of came at me like that – or that other night – if I were white!

I ain’t fooled!

This is why I INSTINCTIVELY don’t like nor trust em…..

His diary is dead accurate. For those of you who don’t know him he was a man who was in a coma in 1911 who “reincarnated” into his future body years later.

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His predictions have been dead on accurate.

In this diary he states the whites, who are allies with the wetbacks, try to eliminate and will eliminate blacks, jews and asians.

That’s why I don’t trust nor like both wetbacks and crakkkas……

During that time period they even trained folks of color who derive from the same races the annhilated to forget their race for the sake of universal peace…..

Same shit whites – and wetbacks with the “black and brown unity” card – try to pull today ??????

I blocked one today who came liking my IG named “AlphaMaleBuddhist”…. the type of shit I had a war with here (told ya they act as “carrier pigeons” for demonic spirits…..)…….

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I stay warning ya’ll…..

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