Wetbacks Racially Attack Asians And Why I Feel Crakkkas Are Putting Them Up To It

Wetbacks Racially Attack Asians And Why I Feel Crakkkas Are Putting Them Up To It

– Notice who helped him….. Very much like who helped this Jewish man (✊???) from an animalistic wetback attack…..

BUT note – who the crakkka controlled media tries to blame (this is why I don’t care for nor trust crakkkas)…..

And looked who helped him Asè ✊???

This is like the second time hearing of an unprovoked attack on an asian by a wetback cause awhile back they did it to a woman while not robbing her (of course the demon seeds will target a woman cause it is in their reptilian dna to hate us hence their culture of machismo)…..

– A thought just occurred to me. This occurred 3 years ago ?? I think wetbacks are trying to run Koreans and other Asians other their neighborhoods just as they ran blacks out of South Central and Compton ??

You can tell this ain’t blacks cause we won’t just randomly attack you and yell racial slurs. Niggaz go 4 duh gold aka your pocketbook ??????? and get gone ?

This the work of demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl aka wetbacks wanting to be accepted by they daddy Quetzalcoatl who shapeshifted into a crakkka…..

I have been saying it for the longest (I am gonna make a compendium of this shit)…..

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Proof That Mexicans and Latins Are Demonic As Displayed By Their Celebration of Mordida

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

6000 hz, a frequency that repels demonic beings, works on ONLY them for a reason…..

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

*I shouldn’t of said satanic as to be a satanist requires out-of-the-box intelligence and those mofos are too stupid to be that……

Look at what they did to this wetback child who is profusely crying…..

Look at how they celebrate their “children’s” birthday ??‍♀️

Proof That Mexicans and Latins Are Demonic As Displayed By Their Celebration of Mordida

Wetbacks operate on an extremely low vibratory, animalistic level! This is the energy signature that I get from them when banally interacting with them. It is like with a robotic mimic gait they can “imitate” what you are projecting, who you are, and follow thru and appear intelligent but there is an empty void there, an emptiness I don’t really pick up with others…..

I Always Knew I Was An Alien

Unlike most people, as explained above ?? I have abilities in which I can tap into the collective energy of a race, an area etc. and I also have the ability to divine and discern – as a natural scientist with a great bent towards anthropology (aced it flawlessly in college ??) a whole group due to my spiritual abilities of hyper-intuition. That is why I am always right and you can’t get shit past me……

That being said, picking up on their collective psyche, they have an innate bent towards cruelty, misogyny, excessive drinking, sex, rape (this is why I say that if there was a rape olympics wetbacks would win the gold everytime ????????). As me and a Cuban shaman a while back noted…. they have extremely low attention spans like toddlers and it manifests in their music…..

He was saying it’s like they operate off of one chord and they do…..

That said, the thing I can’t stand about them is when their low IQ, low vibratory asses project their obsessive sexual tendencies on blacks, esp. black females, and have nerve to project that “Jezebel” stereotype on black females meanwhile those demon seed creatures will literally fuck every and any hole they see as told to me by white surfers out here who have said those low vibratory creatures catcall at the male white blonde surfers…..

Poor girl. They lucky it was her. Had it been me I woulda stopped that car, got out with my MAGA hat, ICE t shirt and told their ass, “la migra, la migra, stop, la migra”……

The Rules of Engagement That Blacks Should Undertake When Interacting With Mexicans

As I said here, I peep that too many black folks in the hood give these mofos permission to disrespect em I sense by giving them a “superiority bump” by seeing them as replacement “whites” (pffftttt lol) who could give em “babieees with gud hair” which inevitably and insufferably allows and enables these low IQ, simple minded ass mofos lacking in the mental faculties to understand something called NUANCES to project this bullshit on me. I recall one thinking he can pull that “I’m close to wide card” – like that matters – and I quickly pulled “my mother lighter than you with a straighter nose” card and that quickly deflated his ego and I enjoyed it. Those dummies are quick to pull the “she a hoochie” card – no I am a free spirit – and rather try to act different, be on the “respectable kneegrow politricks” shyte or suppress my sexuality – that is another way folks try to control you and I am above them to let this happen – I let em know thru my spiritual abilities who they are fucking with while staying true to me cause I love me ?….

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Out Enjoying The Beautiful California Sunshine While Expatriated Californians In Texas Deep Freeze ???❄

– Always stay true to yourself as this man says, nevar (?? that’s Raven spelled backwars) let folks change the true you…..

I am a free spirit so thus I do not confine myself to societal thoughts, beliefs – the collective psyche (cause I am not an organic portal) and due to my being an individualised, immortal Soul – and being able to see the forest for the trees – I live life on my own terms…..

That said, to protect myself from their asses (and ensure bad schitt do occur at their happens) – again, cause I can tap into the collective energy of a group, this is how I roll….

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

That was a beautiful ‘woke ✊???

Looka this from yesterday…. Mofo parks next to me thinking – like a fucking roach on the wall – I won’t recognise what his pos ass is doing….

Oh heaux, Eye sea…. ??? Eye sea and sense everything – you can’t get shit past me, thinking you are gonna pull that bull. Not with me wetbuck esè!

That said, it’s sickening what is happening to the Asians. In many of my past lives I was Asian, predominantly a spiritual Shaolin monk, which is why even now I am on the spiritual path. In my most recent past incarnation I was Vietnamese, got raped and murdered in Vietnam (same with the previous incarnation as a mormon girl). I know this explains why I was born next to a major Vietnamese immigrant stronghold in New Orleans East called “Vietnamese village” in Village D’Les!

That said all in all I want to say I have the utmost respect for Asian culture…..

Here Is Why Asians Are Better Than Wetbacks Tho They Come From A Reptilian Bloodline

The reptilians they derive from were positive, nature spirits who protected the people and humanity.

The wetbacks on the other hand derive from demonic dragon human eating reptilians who live underground like Quetzalcoatl…..

The demonic-ness of their bloodline (it is the blood believe me that is bad with them) evinces with the demonic shit they war-ship…..

Skeletons….. Santa Muerte, la calavera catrina, and even this dude of all things named MAL (latin for bad) verde something…..

Fucking death cult war-ship……

I mean that shit, that energy leads to this……

I mean, that energy got these creatures ripping a whole dude’s heart out…..

Their “spiritual idols” protect this…..

– He look like a fucking chomo…..

In voodoo, which comes from African palo mayombe, they have death idols but the main death idol, Baron Samedi, is a fun loving fool who protects the kids…..

That up there is just fucking demonic….. just fucking pure evil….. and they got nerve to come over here and think they are better than blacks. I would never mix my superior black/jew genes being in a relationship with one of them low vibratory things (they good enough to fuck) ever…… Not even crakkkas either (jew is the way to go for me ????)…..

That said – I just can’t ?? – white folks have these demon seeds wrapped around their finger cause Quetzalcoatl, the demonic reptilian who created em – shapeshifted into a whyte male crakkka. They war-ship whites which is why I keep em under my foot (✊? ‘woke) since we all know what getting chummy, comfortable, familiar with them can wrought……

The Rules of Engagement That Blacks Should Undertake When Interacting With Mexicans

When they call me “mami” which is a “term of endearment” ascribed to a sex worker aka prostitute, which is how they commonly refer to even our elderly, I break that familiarity with that “wetback stay back” attitude by letting them know I ain’t their ma and I pimp em!

Now, with crakkkas – I hate the old ones cause they have a disgusting air of superiority to them like from the 1950s era old Jim Crow days which I like to bust like this one from yesterday……

…..The collective energy I pick up off of them is constant fear…..

It manifests as fear of white genetic annhilation as spoken by the late, great Dr. Francis Cress Welsing…..


It is a very palpable and real fear brought on by the fact that white people genetically speaking are inferior cause they are recessive and thus defective and when they left their caves of Europe and they saw the abundance of colorful folks beyond – they became scared and rightfully so…..

According to this study at the University of Washington, white males have the LEAST testosterone of any race while blacks of both genders got the highest…..


– lol fucking John Basedow lol – I rem. him…..

More like John Kerry…..

This is why white boys innately fear black men AND black women (and there is nothing bedwench Christelyn Karazin can do about it) and why they are quick to shoot black men and black women as police officers…..

This woman’s death haunts me….. she is in a demonic realm it seems getting chased by a giant t rex dinosaur aka archon and I see a black door leading to a “Silent Hill” low vibratory, muted colored version of the astral realm aka lower astral……

– AND LOOK WHO IS QUICK to kill black folks, a demon seed beaner bag named, Jeronimo Yanez……

This is why even their “biggest” are quick to attack small black women like me…..

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

Just as they did to Breonna Taylor…..

She was very pretty. She had a REAL cherub face ???

And even beaner bags trying to be “wide” try to prove themselves to the crakkka by attacking black women with their bad built shaped beaner bag bean bag asses, looking like something the cops would deploy from their guns……

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

This was from said attack…. ??

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

Just as they did to Philandro Castile……

Look at his wide wife…..

Just like with George Zimmerman (Imma tell you all the agenda behind their intermixing with and trying to whiten wetbacks while demonizing China, etc.)…..

– One, fuck it, ANOTHER thing I respect about the Asian community is that ole boy woulda been gone but yet this mofo thrives off of media attention after shooting an innocent black kid and getting away with it scott free…..

This South Park episode lampooning his ma is HI-LARIOUS!

….You know what, I can find that video (cause it IS too true) so you can watch his wetback ma and his crakkka daddy here…..

Wetbacks war-ship caucks witch ??‍♀️ I will explain the significance of later….

This is why I let them know THE TIME AND THE DAY AND THAT THEY AREN’T WHYTE…..

Low Vibratory Wetback Comes To Perv And White Man Saves The Day

….Yes they are….

Cause I am transracial I tend to get placed into the “bedwench” box of which is not true of me…..

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Now, let me tell you what is happening…..

According to the Paul Dienach diary there will be a race war around 2300 in which will result in the elimination of both the Asian and black races….

This diary is based on a man who astral projected and incarnated into his future self some 3,000 years into the future…..

The stuff he said of our time is coming true…..

….Look at the date when THIS blog documenting it was written and tell me I am lying…..

For the longest period of time…. Asians have been seen as a “model minority” but because you all believe in your own racial superiority…..

– They call em gaijin in Japan…..

And because China is becoming a superpower…..

These crakkkas wanna take you all down. It is all being made worse by you all investing in Nigeria, thus strenghting the African nation Nigeria – something The Great Omar Qaddafi tried to do……

….I hate white people…..

When the corona virus first came out I sensed it was white folks’ attempt to ruin the Chinese government…..


That said, these crakkkas are already plotting a eugenics program against India AND China as spoken at a Centre For International Governance symposium here…..


That said, white people’s insecurities are showing more and more as they die out. Just like during the George Floyd riots when wetbacks sealed deals with the po-po to serve as a buffer of defense (pretty much a collateral shield) against blacks so they can be accepted by their white master…..

They are releasing their wetback hound dogs to do their dirty work of creating chaos and confusion and discord amongst other people of color – trying to trick you all into thinking it is “blacks” to create discord between us and Asians who as can be seen in the Nigerian oil video, are helping us cause they are not insecure, genetically esp., like crakkkas.

This is why they hate the jew: jews see what’s up and they are gonna put a stop to it ✊?✊???

I am proud to be part Ashkenazi jewish. Fuck any crakkka (or possible wetback) that flows thru me ??…..

BTW I love Jewish men cause they are cutee and got big dicks.


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