There Is A Big Difference Between Being Transracial And A Bedwench

There Is A Big Difference Between Being A Transracial White Woman And A Bedwench

This is not me…..

Bedwench Christelyn Karazin BEGS Homeless RACIST White Bum For A Compliment

There is a difference between me and her and I expound on it here…..


These people are like me….


This is what the transracial black gentleman was trying to say (many, including transgenders) can’t put into words what is truly going on with them and why they are the way they are…..

My Soul is white but my outer PHYSICAL appearance is black. I break down what it truly means to be transracial. Here is a flag I came up with representing black to white transracials….

My Soul and, fuck the science shit (science means “to know” which is what transgenders come up with to validate themselves to these organic portals)…. IT IS YOUR SOUL, YOUR SOUL that makes you, US, who we are. The Paul Dienach reveals you all while come into contact with what I already know to be fundamentally true some 3,000 years into the future when humans come into contact with an evolutionary event known as the samith which will spiritually allow us all as a human collective to evolve a consciousness that will directly put us in contact with The Source and from there we will all understand…..

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