Is Transracial Just As Legit As Transgender

Is Transracial Just As Legit As Transgender

I was searching for a pic of a transwoman when I came across this article…..

And this pic here…..

Look at the pic to your right…. it’s starting….. ??

That said, just listen:


I notice that as gays rejected the transgenders as they went mainstream, so too are the transgenders doing to the next up and coming rejected and misunderstood – like they themselves still are – group in an effort to maintain the meager acceptance they are now getting from the lamestream (still gotta looong way to go tho. ???️‍⚧️)……

I make some DAMN good points but one great point I wanna emphasize in this debate is the argument that us transracials are claiming another race’s identity, unfairly, yet natural born women make that argument alll the time against transwomen as a way to invalidate their existence……

Can’t throw stones in a glass house (tho I do all the time at nasty lecherous leering passers-by oh let me staph ??)……

Another thing – but this pertains to natural women’s rights…. I was watching ole Pete Burns of Dead or Alive who changed his look to look more stereotypically feminine (LOVE that he maintained such a masculine name while having such a wild feminine look)……

HE still used masculine pronouns to describe himself…..

Now, because of his masculine identification, HE was still able to go shirtless on the UK’s version of Big Brother…….

I have seen how transwomen can get away with being shirtless such as on Youtube like here:

While natural born women like myself can’t as evidenced by their striking my vid down cause I had my breasts out:

Also in tandem tho they claim a feminine identity – which is true to themselves – many still maintain the cock and balls.

I feel society has a lot of owning up to do when it comes to repressed resentment and anger towards the Divine Feminine is all I’m gonna say……

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