The Paul Dienach Diary Predicted The Great Reset AND That It’s A GREAT Idea

The Paul Dienach Diary Predicted The Great Reset AND That It’s A GREAT Idea

Look at this:

Now read this:

The Covid Destruction of Businesses Is Meant To Set Up For The Great Reset Aka Hunger Games

….And look at the date for when this blog was published and when the diary was created:

Here is a link to that blog! Paul Dienach was a gentleman from Austria who, via a coma, astral projected some 3,000 years into the future and was in the body of his future incarnation and was given a relay of all thr events that occurred up until his future incarnation body’s time!


That said, reading that…. and this….

…..I don’t think the Great Reset is a bad thing! Since this man’s diary conveys that the Great Reset will have a positive future impact we have to endure the growing pangs that comes from movement, from change that comes from upheveal, moving on…..

It’s plain as day that the corona virus restrictions and it’s subsequent upheavel of small businesses is designed to push us away from the old exploitative economic system of pushing like crabs to get to the top and a rather healthy system that takes into account human concern and mental health at it’s heart!

The old system should die which is what the Great Reset is designed to do.

Here is the Rand Society’s exposition on the Great Reset and how it will affect policing and I think it’s brilliant!

That said, I bid you all to read the diary, you can look it up and download it off of goodreads from Amazon since I CAN’T find a free version, and, again, check out this blog:

While reading it, it mentioned the elimination of other non white races in which they ONLY stated the black and yellow races……

This makes me wonder if that dream to become the antichrist, Abaddon, will come true and I get to wipe ???? out of existence after all (buahahaha):

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

Why The Wetback Must Be Eliminated From Existence

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